Wayne Lineker Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

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Wayne Lineker is one of the most famous world millionaires. This businessman is a club owner and owner of numerous restaurants and bars located all over Europe.

You may know him from The Only Way Is Essex, as Wayne appeared on the reality show in 2013. His attempt to date Lauren Pope, but this was a fail for him. However, Wayne has a reputation of a playboy and a womanizer.

Wayne likes to party hard and you can see some amazing pictures on his Instagram profile.

More than 300,000 people follow his profile, as Wayne is constantly publishing pictures from Ibiza parties and young, gorgeous women.

Let’s see what more this businessman has to offer.

Early Years

Wayne was born on April 25, 1963 in Leicester, England.

Just as things go with many of worldwide known millionaires, Wayne actually wasn’t that interested into school. He decided to leave school when he was 14.

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Graduating and passing exams seemed too boring at that age. Seems like Wayne always thought life was a party.

Wayne has an older brother, Gary Lineker (November 30, 1960), who is a famous former soccer player.

If this name sounds familiar, let us remind you Gary set a record of 10 goals for the country in FIFA World Cup Finals.

Interestingly, Wayne played football even better than Gary when he was in his junior days.

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Still, the passion for football faded away as Wayne was finding out other opportunities in life.

Their parents, Barry and Margaret, were raising their children in a peaceful hood.

Barry, who was a greengrocer, taught his sons to be motivated and achieve success.

Father figure was important to Wayne, who used to sell vegetables as a teenager to earn some pocket money.

Career Development

Just as we said in the introduction, Wayne is a millionaire and a successful entrepreneur.

Have you ever heard of Linekers Bar, Ocean Beach Ibiza, The Skinny Kitchen, or Itacaibiza?

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These are the names of Wayne’s most famous restaurants, in which the best food and best drinks are served.

Wayne opened the first Lineker’s Bar on Tenerife in 1988 and reached enormous success instantly. This gave him many new opportunities to move into bigger premises.

Wayne always had the sense for music, sports, and bars, and people loved it about him.

Very soon after opening the first bar, Wayne opened a couple of new bars on Tenerife.

The fact Gary Lineker was a part of the England football team captain created perfect conditions for Wayne and his bars, bringing more and more guests night after night.

Ten years later, in 1998, at the time of the World Cup, people were fighting over getting inside Wayne’s bars.

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He simply knew how to make that perfect atmosphere for watching England World Cup game.

Yet, even though Wayne seems like he is interested in party lifestyle only, he is truly devoted to his job and his ventures.

You can see him often in San Antonio at Ocean Beach.

Wayne is a hedonist, and he tries to apply this to all of his restaurants and bars.

He is the owner of the Skinny Kitchen, a restaurant in San Antonio, where they are serving healthy, yet tasty meals.

Skinny Kitchen is situated right beside the marina, which makes you even more excited when visiting. As the business went on very well, Wayne decided to expand it all over Europe.

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You can find Linekers Bar in many countries throughout Europe, as this is Wayne’s internationally recognized brand. For example, you can visit Linekers Bar if you go to Marbella in Spain.

From the moment Wayne opened his bar in Puerto Banus, near Marbella, many other businessmen got the idea to open their own bars around Marbella. This tells you enough about the innovative Wayne Lineker.

Seems like Spanish people and Spanish tourists recognized the potential and good vibes Wayne’s bars have, so he opened Itacaibiza in Sant Antoni de Portmany.

Even though Wayne is not so famous in other countries in Europe, even though he has his bars there, seems like there is no man in Spain or its islands who don’t know about him.

Speaking of Ocean Beach, it has been 7 years since Wayne set up this beautiful place with his business partner, Tony Truman.

Wayne, his son Duane, and Tony decided to turn this place into a paradise on earth.

Ocean Beach is a great place to socialize, as you can dance, drink, swim, sunbathe, chat, and look at gorgeous eye candies here.

Wayne is constantly improving this place according to the trends, as he wants to keep things fresh when it comes to business.

He is investing more and more money into the business every year, which results in a fancy, attractive appearance of this place.

Yet, Wayne didn’t restrain himself to organizing and setting up fun for adults only, as he introduced Ocean Mania in 2014.

Ocean mania is a great way to have some fun on the water, and it is suitable both for adults, as well for children.

Actually, a lot of families were coming to visit Ocean Beach, and Wayne wanted to give them a reason more to bring their kids as well.

Even though Wayne made a great success through the course of the years, he became famous for a couple of affairs, escudos, and smuggling pesetas.

However, seems like he was the mastermind of the operation, which actually brought him even more fame.

Wayne was in jail for two and a half years and had to pay £220,000 additionally.

His restaurants brought him an enormous fortune.

As Wayne was interested in entrepreneurship from his early age, he started amassing capital in his twenties.

It’s clear that he is making money from his lap-dancing bars, as well as his cafes and bars which are family-oriented.

Wayne has more than $1 million on his bank account.

Yet, his brother, Gary Lineker is even richer and holds about £30 million.

Personal Life

Wayne, besides being a successful and independent owner of numerous clubs, restaurants, and bars, has a very interesting life story.

He was married once but divorced. From his first wife, Wayne has four children – two daughters and two sons.

Duane (the oldest of four is 34), Tia, Sean, and Freddie are his biggest fortune according to Wayne’s words.

He even has grandchildren and posts cute pictures of them on his Instagram profile.

Wayne was engaged to a 30 years younger model, Danielle Sandhu.

Despite the age gap, the couple seemed to be made for each other.

Their Instagram photos draw much attention.

Some loved them together, others didn’t like the fact Wayne was 30 years older than Danielle.

As Danielle was very young when they started dating, Wayne helped her on her way to achieving a successful modeling career.

After one Italian couple shared their dancing video on Instagram, everybody was comparing the couple to Wayne and Danielle, as there was a significant age gap between the lovers, even though they seemed very synchronized.

Still, the couple separated after 4 years of their relationship.

Wayne posted a picture of them together, as he was feeling like he should announce the news to their followers.

He said he and Danielle spend beautiful time together, but it was time for them to move on separate ways.

Danielle commented on this post with a heart, which means former lovers stayed on friendly terms even after break up. Still, this didn’t break Wayne, as he continued partying hard.

One of his pictures that triggered an avalanche of comments was a picture of him and a couple of Veuve Clicquot champagne bottles.

Wayne wrote in the captions he was ready for parting in O Beach Club.

As he likes to keep his fans updated about his life, Wayne sometimes posts funny pictures as well.

One of these pictures was a tattoo one of his female fans tattooed on her bottom.

Yet, even though Wayne would post it either way, the thing is – the artist tattooed his name wrong. Instead of Wayne, it said Wanye, which reminded him of Kanye.

Even though Wayne and his brother Gary used to be very close in their younger age, their ways separated at one point.

Wayne said it was because of a clash of personalities.

He is not ashamed to say he prefers drinking alcohol than reading or studying, which was completely opposite with Gary.

Brothers re-established contact in 2017, and speak more since then.

Their children are very close and don’t care about elderly issues.

Duane, the eldest Wayne’s son, married his long-term girlfriend, Megan Cole.

The couple celebrated the wedding on Ibiza at Ocean Beach Club, and both Wayne and Gary attended the party.

Duane and Megan have a daughter, Myla who is 2 years old.

Love birds changed their vows and everybody enjoyed the ceremony as well as the whole event.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Wayne Lineker

Date of Birth: April 25, 1963

Birthplace: Leicester, England

Age: 56

Profession: Entrepreneur, Club Owner, Restaurant Owner

Height: 1,7 m

Weight: 75kg

Net Worth: $1 million

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