Nengo Flow Net Worth 2024: Wealth of Puerto Rican hip-hop artist Revealed!

“Nengo Flow” is the stage name of Puerto Rican hip-hop artist Edwin Rosa. It has been called the “Real G” urban-type because its letters move quickly and are hard to read. 

Ñengo Flow’s Net Worth in 2024

Engo Flow is a singer and songwriter from Puerto Rico who is worth $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Engo Flow is known as “The Real G of Urban Music,” and he plays hip-hop and reggaeton. “Flow Callejero,” his first studio record, came out in 2005.

It was followed by “Real G 4 Life” (2011), “Real G 4 Life 2” (2012), “Real G 4 Life 2.5” (2012), “Real G 4 Life 3” (2017), and “The Goat” (2020). The album “Real G4 Life 2” got to #7 on the “Billboard” Latin Rhythm Albums chart.  His “Real G4 Life” show was nominated for a Tu Música Urban Award as Show of the Year in 2019.  

Nengo Flow

Ñengo Flow’s Early Years

His name is Edwin Rosa Vázquez Ortiz, and he was born on October 15, 1981, in Río Piedras, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Vicky is the name of his mother, and Maricely is the name of his sister. He started in the music business in his hometown of Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

Ñengo Flow became interested in urban music at a young age. He played his first show in his neighborhood when he was 14. Career: Engo Flow’s first release was a mixtape he made with coworkers and friends in 2004. Univision Music heard the mixtape and signed him to their label. Ñengo Flow’s first record, “Flow Callejero,” came out in 2005.

It had the songs “Hasta Que Te Lo Hunda” and “Aunque No Estemos Juntos.” After that, he put out several mixtapes, including “La Verdadera Calle” in 2010 and “El Combo Que No Se Deja” in 2007. Also, Ñengo Flow sang on the reggaeton albums “Los Anormales” (2004) and “Sangre Nueva” (2005).

He put out the record “Real G 4 Life” on Millones Records in 2011. It had collaborations with De La Ghetto, Randy Glock, and Jory, among others. The band Engo Flow put out two songs in 2012, called “Real G 4 Life 2” and “Real G 4 Life 2.5.” There were duets on “Real G 4 Life 2” with Arcángel, Tego Calderón, Yomo, and Voltio.

It got to #75 on the “Billboard” Latin Albums chart and #7 on the Latin Rhythm Albums chart. On “Real G 4 Life 2.5,” he worked with J. Alvarez, Jenay, Jory, Yomo, Gotay “El Autentiko,” Alexis, and Zion. The record got to #61 on the Latin Albums chart and #19 on the Latin Rhythm Albums chart. In the same year, Engo Flow also sang on the Ivy Queen album Musa,” on the songs “La Killer” and “Real G4 Life.” 

Nengo Flow

It was 2015 when Engo Flow started his record label called Real G 4 Life Records. He put out the album “Los Reyes del Rap” with Los G4 and the song “Moving Kilos,” which featured French Montana. He put out the album “Real G 4 Life 3” in 2017 and was on the Kiubbah Malon record “El Final.”

Ñengo Flow put out the album “The Goat” and several songs in 2020, such as “Gatita Gangster” (with Cazzu), “Universitaria,” and “Vive y Deja Vivir” (with Alejandra Guzmán). He worked with Farruko, Dvice, Myke Towers, and Gaona on songs in 2021. In 2022, he put out the tracks “Delincuente” (with Tokischa and Anuel AA), “Chukiteo” (with Kiko El Crazy), and “Gato de Noche” (with Bad Bunny).

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Sources of Income

Even though Engo Flow is best known for his successful YouTube job, he has also made money in other ways. Let’s take a better look at some of the other ways he makes money.

Music career

Engo Flow is a great singer and songwriter, and he has put out many studio albums and mixtapes throughout his career. His records, like “Flow Callejero,” “Real G 4 Life,” and “The Goat,” have gotten a lot of attention and success in the music business. These albums not only make him more well-  known, but they also bring in money through record sales, streaming services, and concerts.

Record Label

Ifego Flow made a big move in his business in 2015 when he started his record label called Real G 4 Life Records. He can put out his music and also sign and support other talented artists through this business. With the help of his record company, Engo Flow makes money from album sales, streaming royalties, and working with other artists.

Nengo Flow


Ñengo Flow has worked with many acts throughout his career, such as De La Ghetto, Randy Glock, Jory, and French Montana, to name a few. These partnerships not only show how versatile he is as an artist, but they also bring him more money through song royalties and more attention. 


Engo Flow has taken advantage of his fame by selling things to his fans, just like many other popular YouTubers. His merchandise line has everything from clothes to trinkets that fans can use to show their support and connect with his brand. Some of his total income comes from the sales of these goods.

Sponsorships for brands

Many brands and businesses are interested in Ñengo Flow because he is well-known in the music business. He not only sells their goods or services but also makes a lot of money through brand sponsorships and endorsements. These partnerships can be anything from working together with clothing brands to endorsing music gear or other goods for everyday life.

Overall, Engo Flow’s other income sources besides YouTube show that he is an enterprising person who can find different ways to make money. Along with his YouTube channel, he has built a strong and long-lasting business model around his music career, record company, collaborations, merchandise, and brand sponsorships. 

Nengo Flow

How much does Ñengo Flow make?

It is thought that Ezoic Engo Flow makes $993,050.00 a year. You may want to know how much Ñengo Flow makes. More than 16.55 million people watch “Engo Flow” on YouTube every month, or about 551,69 thousand people every day. 

For every thousand times a video is watched, the station that makes money from ads gets paid. YouTubers can make around $3 to $7 for every thousand views of their videos. Based on these figures, we can say that Engo Flow makes $62,000 a month, or $93,05,000. a year. $993,050.00 a year may be too low.

Video ads could bring in as much as $1.79 million a year for Engo Flow if they make a lot of money. Engo Flow probably has other ways to make money. Sponsorships, affiliate fees, product sales, and speaking engagements are some other ways to make money that may bring in a lot more than ads.

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