Danielle Bernstein Net Worth 2024: Know How She Became So Wealthy!

Have you ever heard about brand WeWoreWhat? Do you know that Danielle Bernstein, a young and ambitious woman, found herself on the Forbes list at the age of 25, which is a major success.

She started her own blog in 2010 under the name We Wore What, while she was still in New York college. However, shouldn’t imagine her hobby would turn into her profession and a high-paying career.

Danielle is a face behind the world-renowned fashion blog and the above-mentioned brand. Her line of overalls under the name Second Skin Overalls from 2016 and her swim line with Onia from 2018 brought her even more fame.

In less than a decade, Danielle launched a couple of her lines, collaborated with numerous brands, celebrities, and her name is yet to be heard in the following years.

Early Years

Most people don’t know Danielle Bernstein’s real name is Danielle marita Doueihy Bernstein. She was born in Great Neck, NY, on May 28 in 1992.

Danielle was brought up by her parents in a typical middle-class family. Her parents brought her up with a lot of love and care, and Danielle simply radiates with positive energy. They supported her on her way and were there to encourage her decisions.

What is more, her determination to achieve success dates from her childhood. Even though she didn’t know what she would want to be in the future, she knew she would be very successful.

She has always dressed fancy and her outfits draw attention, which turned out to be the right way for Danielle.

How Much Wealth Does She Have?

According to source, the estimated net worth of Danielle Bernstein is $25 million as of march 2024.

Bernstein’s wealth extends beyond her fashion endeavors. She has strategically invested in real estate, owning a luxury apartment in New York City and a vacation home in the Hamptons, both of which add considerable value to her net worth.

Instagram Account

As of this writing, she has over 3.2 million followers on Instagram. Check out her latest post below.

Career Development

Danielle Bernstein Net Worth 2024

Danielle started her blog in 2010, but she was involved in several activities and writing even before that. Seems that, somehow, her talents found their way to the audience.

Something made her write her own thoughts on paper, as that was the only way to express herself. Later on, it clicked in her head that she could share her thoughts with the world, and that is when she stared We Wore What.

She wrote about different topics, not only fashion – her life journey, experiences, travels, self-care, and, of course, fashion. Danielle also surprised her fans with the section about skin care and her DIY products for hair care, teeth whitening, and similar topics.

Her weight loss journey was particularly interesting for her fans, as they knew she had a couple of pounds more. Danielle has never had a problem with talking about how she lost weight, about her diet routine, and workout schedule.

Now, regarding the fact Danielle were only 18 and a sophomore in college, we must notice she achieved a lot since her young age. What actually turned her into that direction was a transfer from the University of Wisconsin-Madison to FIT in New York.

Danielle was planning to become an event planner after she graduates. Another option was anything related to nightlife.

What is more, looking back then, when Danielle started her blog, there were no professional bloggers. Today most professional bloggers make millions, sit front rows at fashion shows, have the status of celebrity, etc.

In 2010, when Danielle got the idea of blogging, Instagram has just appeared on the market, which made things even more challenging for her.

Danielle was amazed by different style girls in her new school had, which inspired her to start her blog. Danielle wanted to share what she was seeing on a daily basis with her friends from Wisconsin.

Shortly after, Danielle left school. She had an agreement with her dad that she would go back if her plan wouldn’t turn out as she was planning to.

That is when she bought her first camera and started taking photos of street style outfits of her college friends.

She actually took photos of girls from the street. Danielle would approach them after class and ask for a few photos. Then, she would edit those pictures for hours before uploading – but it was all worth it.

What is more, 6 months from starting her new hobby, Danielle found herself outside New York Fashion Week to take photos of other people. Suddenly, she noticed other people were taking pictures of her, which gave her additional impulse to keep on fighting for her dream.

Also, this was the moment Danielle started considering herself a brand and decided to start up own blog.

It took a year for Danielle to turn her blog into a job, as she started making money after that time. That is when she also realized that blogging could become her business.

After that time, brands started reaching her out so that she could promote their products. Her agent, Jennifer Powell, helped Danielle turn her blog into a legitimate business.

In 2015, Danielle spoke openly about a blogger’s income per post, mentioning $5,000 to $15,000 per one Instagram post. She has less than a million followers back then, while she achieved about 2 million recently.

That means Danielle earns from $8,000 to $20,000 per post about travel, event hosting, products – basically anything.

The tagline of We Wore What was the inspiration for Second Skin Overalls. Danielle has already been working with numerous retailers, and she saw an opportunity to pop up a collection on her own.

Her original idea was to design a line that is inspired by vintage styles, yet modern one. Seems like she played the cards right, as Danielle was everything she needed on disposal at that time – knowledge, resources, tools, and she has the right business partners as well.

When speaking about perks of being a blogger and having your own fashion line, Danielle says it is awesome to be your own boss. On the other hand, you yourself are the only one responsible for the success you make, as well for your failures.

Danielle hired her first employee four years ago, and she has 5 people working for her on Archive Shoes and Second Skin Overalls lines.

She launched her app a few months ago as well. The app has 20,000 downloads until now. Danielle is publishing vlogs on her blog and YouTube channel, which gives her fans the opportunity to see what she is doing in private.

In the end, Danielle has plans on writing a book in the next few months.

Personal Life

There are no data about Danielle’s love life. Seems like she is deeply devoted to her career at the moment. Even Danielle herself says she works 24/7.

Having such a busy life makes it very hard to have a boyfriend, so Danielle wants to wait just a little bit more to get married or to have kids.

She hasn’t been rumored for dating any guys in the past. However, it is impossible to ignore the fact her audience is 30% male, which tells us a lot about how attractive she is among men.

As we mentioned above, her weight loss journey has been a matter of concern for 2 million of her fans. She had a slight problem with her weight, but Danielle managed to control it and brought her body into perfect shape.

The key is in long gym sessions, yoga, and meditation in the first place. On the other side, she follows a strict diet routine and counts her calories carefully.

We must say Danielle looked absolutely stunning even before her weight loss but is definitely gorgeous right now as well.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Danielle marita Doueihy Bernstein

Date of Birth: May 28, 1992

Birthplace: Great Neck, New York

Age: 27

Profession: Blogger, designer, and influencer

Height: 1,7m

Weight: 55kg

Net Worth: $25 million

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