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Trisha Paytas is American YouTuber, vlogger, singer, actress and internet sensation. She became popular by posting video tutorials about beauty, style and similar themes on her YouTube channel.

In 2018 she gained 4.4 millions of subscribers on her channel and even 1.3 billion of views.

She played a role in American reality show Celebrity Big Brother. She is talking loudly and very quickly and people recognize her by her specific speech. It is presumed she can pronounce more than 700 words in less than a minute and she was the contestant of “Guiness World Record” because of that but she didn’t won.

Early years

The initial (born) name of Trisha Paytas is Trisha Key Paytas. She was born on May 8th in 1988 in Riverside, California. Trisha has Hungarian origin because her family moved from Hungary to America.

According to her words, she rarely visits her homeland because she only has bad memories on that country and she can’t face it with that.

Trisha’s parents divorced in 1991 when she was just three years old. After their divorce Trisha stayed with her mother which name is Lenna. Soon after that Trisha and her mother moved from Riverside to Freeport, nearby Rockford, Illinois hoping that both of them would live better in on the other place.

When she was 13 years old she started to learn dancing in her house with dance trainer.

When she was teenage girl she decided to move to her father’s house in California because she had a feel that she is apart from her dad Frank and she started to live with him and her brother Nick. She attended a Catholic school online program but only year later she had returned to her mom and she went to Prectacoinica High School.

Although she doesn’t want to admit Trisha has a problem in her love relationships because she has a fear of emotional connection and the main cause of that is a lack of father’s love in her childhood.

Career development

When Trisha finished Prectacoinica High School (she was 18 years old) she moved to Los Angeles because she have an intention to become an actress. In the beginning she was striper, escort lady and model for lingerie and underwear and after some period of time she started to get the major roles in the very popular TV shows.

She appeared for the first time on the TV in “The Greg Behrenoit Show” in 2006 but this show was cancelled after only one season (13 episodes) so Trisha was unemployed after that.

Only year later, in 2007, she was playing a role of “Ms. Limelight” in TV show “ Who Wants to Be a Superhero” but unfortunately she was eliminated in third episode and she stayed again without job. She was completely disappointed  because of that and couldn’t see the way out from difficult situation.

Same year she came on idea to create her own YouTube channel under the name “blndsundoll4mj” and she was posting a video clips about Queatin Tarantino who was her role model and idol. Audience realize that she knows many other interesting things except stripping by watching Trisha’s videos.

A few months later she started to upload videos about beauty and fashion such as make-up tutorials and she gained a huge number of followers. She has more than billion views on her channel.

In 2008 Trisha was acting for the first time in the theatre comedy romance called “Yes Man”.

She appeared in 2011 in “The Millionaire Matchmaker” but they didn’t accept her in this TV show.

Same year she had her first credit role in action movie by Dave Sherridan named “Sex, Drugs and Randy Van Stone”.

Trisha was guest of many talk  and TV shows such as “Dr Phil”, “My Strange Addiction”, “Modern Family”, “America’s Got Talent”, “Jane by Design”, “The Price is right”, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and others. TV stations was inviting her in their shows because she leaves no one indifferent. The second reason is she makes great atmosphere.

She appeared in more than 45 TV shows in a few years. In TV show “Modern Family” she played a role called Plastic Surgery Girl. In 2012 she played a role of Davidson wife in the film of Jennifer Aniston under name “Wanderlust” and as she claimed than it was a dream come true for her to meet so popular and big actress.

In 2013 in “Dr Phil” show she stated that no one has right to shame girl or woman no regardless what she looks like (for example, if she is she fat) or what clothes she wear because as she explained than people can not hate any person but they can have their own bad or nice opinion about woman or anyone else.

Trisha also have a several musical engagements.

In 2009 she was playing a role of Jessica Simpson in Eminem’s music video for song “We Made You”. As she stated than it was big thing and great chance to her to meet Eminem because she thought that she could be a good rapper.

After that she played roles in music videos of Amy Winehouse, Barbwire and Jamey Johnson.

She also was acting in tour video of famous music group “Guns N’Roses” and she played a role of Marilyn Monroe in music video “Sleepless in Silverlake” of American indie rock bany “Les Savy Fav”.

In 2010 she was a dance performer at the Scream Awards.

In 2013 she made her own cosmetic line and the first product in her collection was a perfume named “Trish”. Next year she released a collection called “Feel like trish” which contains products such as tanning and shimmer body lotions and similar things.

In 2014 she created her other  her other YouTube channel “TishasLife” later called “Tisha Paytas” where she uploads her videos and vlogs and this year reached over one billion views. Same year she made her first music single.

She also was a co-producer of short horror films (in a duration of 15 minutes) in cooperation with American actor Richard Grieco.

She played a guest roles in two short films under names “Viral Video” and “Santa Baby music”.

In 2015 she based on her music career. In spring same year she released music video named “A Little Less Conversation” and soon after that  song called “Fat Chiks”. After that it followed album with Christmas songs.

Same year she signed a contract with Line Play about promoting and advertising their new mobile games via unique music videos and songs.

In 2016 she continue to develop her music career and she released song “Daddy Issues” and then “Leonardo Di Caprio”, “Superficial Bitch”; “Billboard Charts” and “Showtime”.

Last year she released song “Chicken, Fingers and Lipo” and she also take a role in the Celebrity Big Brother.

She expose in public her political commitment. She is Republican and gave support to Donald Trump. This caused some negative reactions but she didn’t care too much about that.

It’s interesting that she finished a course for a massage therapist and she got certificate for that education but she never do that job. As she once stated she always knew that she want to work with  audience on the internet.

Personal life

Trisha’s father Frank is actor and this has impact on her to become famous person. Her mother Lenna is also YouTuber while her brother Nick isn’t in public sphere like the rest of family. Trisha also has half-sister Kalli Metz who is YouTube star.

Trisha’s favourite color is pink and she often use this color for her make up.

She is big fun of Hello Kitty and also TV show “Game of Thrones”.

She had a plastic surgeries on her lips and breasts. She enlarged this parts of her body and face and she is very proud on her look.

Many people don’t like Trisha’s looks and personality and they often criticized her weight, and also loud, fast talking that annoyed them but she never cared for critics.

Trisha have more than 10 relationships from 2006 to 2016.

In 2006 Trisha hooked up with American actor David Lipper but they broked up in 2007. They were together about one year.

In 2007 she was spoted with lyrics writer and drummer Phil Varone who is a member of music group “Skid Row”.

She was dating for five years (from 2008 to 2013) with actor Anthony Michael Hall. Their relationship was very turbulent  and she often accused him for cheating. They had a few short broke ups before they finally had separated.

In 2009, while she was in relationship with Anthony Michael Hall, she was spoted up in night clubs with Dale DaBone who is actor in adult movies. Tabloids wrote about her dating with him and she had to explain to her boyfriend Anthony why she is going out with DaBone.

Same year (2013) after her broke up with Anthony Trisha started dating with actor and singer Roger Bart. They were together about two and half years and they broke up in 2015 because Trisha found out that he cheated her with other women.

In December 2013 Trisha shortly dated with recording artist Crispin Glover who is also known for roles movies “Charlie’s Angels” and “Alice in the Wonderland”. Trisha confirmed the rumors about his dating with him on her official Twitter account.

At the end of 2015 Trisha hooked up with choreographer Sean van der Wilt but they broke up in March 2016 and a just a few weeks later they decided to give another chance to their relationship. This new attempt also didn’t take too long and they broke up in the last months of 2016. She said that she had loved him but that he didn’t have same feelings for her. She posted a lot of ugly comments about Sean and more than 15 videos where she is crying because of their broke up. The audience advised her to move on because it was obvious that she is in deep depression.

In 2017 Trisha again faced it with health problems. Her mental illness was come back and she tried suicide because as she claimed she was depressed for a long time although she looked happy.

After she broke up with Sean for the first time Trisha spent one night with problematic American singer Aaron Carter.

In 2017 WWE wrestler Dolph Ziggler, with who Trisha have sex in 2016, invited her on a date but he didn’t show up.

In 2018 media and audience connected her with comedian and YouTouber Jason Nash who is 44 years old. The reason for this was their several together vlogs. Jason is divorced and he have two children.

Net worth

Trisha’s net worth is estimated between two and $4 millions. She earns about $50.000 monthly via her vlogs. She lives in big villa in LA which worth about 1.5 million. She drives two cars – pink G-vagon and Chevrolet Corvette Z06.

Quick summary

Full name: Trisha Paytas

Nickname: Trishi

Date of birth: May 8th 1988

Age: currently 30

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Birthplace: Riverside, California, United States

Profession: YouTuber, socail media star and influencer, lingerie model, dancer, actress.

Net worth and salary: In total about $4 millions

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 86 kg

Body Measurement: 37-31-37 inches

Marital status: single

Residence: Los Angeles

Religion: Christian

Nationality: American

Origin: Hungarian

Ethnicity: white

Social media accounts:

YouTube: and




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