Monica Beets Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Monica Beets is a Canadian gold digger that came to prominence by starring alongside her father and her family in the famous Canadian TV show Gold Rush.

Gold Rush first started out on Discovery Channel and soon became one of Discovery Channel’s most popular shows.

Monica Beets and her family became one of the most recognizable families in Canada. She won over the hearts of Gold Rush’s viewers by her expertise in gold digging. That expertise came as a surprise since she started out very young.

Monica is now alongside her father one of the most famous gold diggers in Canada. She is often in charge of projects that would be challenging for more experienced gold diggers than herself.

Monica is very active on social media and has gained a huge fan base from all around the world. Since the start of the show she has successfully made a name of herself, and won over the hearts of the whole nation.

Early life:

Monica Beets was born on November the 7th 1993, in a small town of Dawson City, in Canada. She was born to father Tony and mother Minnie Beets.

She and her siblings spent a happy childhood in Dawson City, surrounded by their family and childhood friends. The Beets are a very harmonious family. Monica is not an only child.

She is very close with her brothers Mike and Kevin Beets, and especially close with her sister Bianca Beets.

Monica grew up watching her father Tony Beets, and learning everything she could about the gold mining business. She knew what she wanted to be from an early age. It was very clear to her family that she will be the heiress of her father’s empire.

As soon as she turned 21 she started working alongside her father.

Monica is loved by the whole community, and she is very active on social media too. She loves posting pretty selfies and pictures of her friends. The star of her Instagram profile is her dog Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein.  

Career development:

Monica grew up following her father Tony Beets on many gold digging adventures. She took every opportunity she could to absorb as much knowledge as she could.

As soon as she turned 21 she joined her father in the gold mining business.

Her primary field of interest was gold mining surveillance. She was very young when she started assisting in gold mining surveillance. When she turned 18 she became the “Supervisor on Paradise Hill”.

Monica is known as the favorite member of the Beets crew. She is very competent in spite of her age. The most interesting is the fact that much older men, experienced gold diggers listen to Monica’s orders, and recognize her as a fellow expert.

Monica isn’t a stranger to dealing with very heavy equipment. What she lacks in experience she makes up in energy and intelligence. She is definitely destined to be very successful in the gold mining business.

Her other professional interests include becoming a paramedic.

Personal Life

Monica is very active on social media. She shares details from her private life with her fans, and enjoys a very big fan base. Although being in the spotlight, Monica likes to keep her private life very private.

Her romantic status remains unknown, and she is supposedly single. There were rumors of her and a fellow gold digger Parker Schnabel having a romantic relationship, but Monica remains silent about these rumors.

She is mostly focused on her job and learning as much as she can about gold mining from her father. Monica shares a very close relationship with her family members, especially her siblings, brothers Mike and Kevin and sister Bianca. Even though the two sisters share no common interests they support each other and are very close.

There is no doubt in the fact that the ambitious and hardworking Monica is destined to have a great career in the gold mining business.

Net worth

Being very hardworking and a fast learner, the fact that Monica has a net worth of $ 1 000 000 dollars comes as no surprise. She has earned this money by working very hard in the gold mining business.

Quick summary:

Full name: Monica Beets

Nickname: Unknown

Date of Birth: 7th November 1993

Birth Nation: Canada

Nationality: Canadian

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Birth Place: Dawson City, Canada

Age: 25

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 63kg

Net worth: $ 1 000 000

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