Tom Segura Net Worth in 2024: How Rich is this American Stand up comedian?

If you love stand-up comedy and enjoy hearing creative and genius jokes, then you must have heard about Tom Segura. This talented actor, producer and writer became a household name among stand-up comedians, and his time is yet to come.

In today’s article we are going to talk about the net worth of Tom Segura and the assets he possesses.

Tom Segura’s career began in 2007 and since then he has been an active member of the stand-up community. After his college years, Tom participated in various competitions and shows, where comedians showcased their talent for stand-up comedy.

He tried his luck in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, The Comedy Festival and many more. In San Francisco he was a finalist on an NBC talent show called Last Comic Standing 2.


Even though it is hard to determine the exact number, we will give our best to disclose everything that this popular stand-up comedian owns and inform you about the juicy details you want to know.

Make sure you remember that the total net worth of most stars consists out of everything they own, so houses cars, salaries etc. so let us dive right into the biography of Tom Segura and find out what this popular stand-up comedian is actually worth.

Tom Segura Early Years

Tom Segura is an American stand-up comedian who became known in recent years for his involvement in popular comedy movies.  Before he was known by the public eye, Tom worked as a stand-up comedian for a long time. He was born on April 16, 1979 in Ohio. He grew up with his parents and two sisters.

His mother was Peruvian and raised her children in a traditional family. His descent is actually French, Peruvian, Irish and Spanish. Tom was never a quiet kid and was always seeking attention.

Tom’s father was mentioned several times during his podcast. Tom told his listeners that his father was a war veteran in Vietnam. Tom often mentioned that his father is very pleased that he became a grandfather of two beautiful boys, and also that his father contributes to the show quite often.

In his teenage years, he experienced the dark side of partying by overdosing on GHB, ecstasy and alcohol. This caused him to fall into a short coma, but luckily he had no permanent damage or consequences. Tom attended the Lenoir Rhyne University and right after his studies he decided to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. Something in this branches always attracted him, so he decided to give it a shot.

Another interesting thing about Tom is that he speaks Spanish fluently and he often jokes about his weight. He even made a joke about it on his podcast, when he mentioned that he wants to lose weight, so that his kids don’t get teased in school for having a fat dad.

Even though he jokes about his weight, this was something that helped him during his overdose when he was 16 years old. So if he wasn’t a bit heavier, he probably wouldn’t survive the overdose.


Tom Segura Career

Tom Segura’s career began in 2007 and since then he has been an active member of the stand-up community. After his college years, Tom participated in various competitions and shows, where comedians showcased their talent for stand-up comedy.

He tried his luck in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, The Comedy Festival and many more. In San Francisco he was a finalist on an NBC talent show called Last Comic Standing 2.

After trying his talent out as a stand-up comedian, Tom Segura decided to try the radio as his platform for comedy. His first job on radio was The Bob and Tom Show.

The show is dedicated to comedy and satire. The creators of this program are Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold. The two of them started this project in Indianapolis in Indiana in 1983 and have been quite successful up to this day. Many rewards only speak about the popularity and quality of this radio program, that focuses on satire and mostly talk and frequent guests.

Besides this popular show, Tom Segura was also in the Ron and Fez Show. This show is similar to the Tom and Bob Show, but it is more of a talk show than anything else. This program was created by Ron Bennington and Fez Whatley and the show aired from 1998 to 2015.

Being inspired by radio, Tom decided to do something on his own and start his own podcast together with his wife Christina, who is also a stand-up comedian. The name of their podcast is Your Mom’s House. The podcast mainly focused on comedy and was meant to entertain the audience.

They started their podcast in 2010 and it is still pretty active. Most of the program focuses on conversations and discussions of burning topics but with a comedic tone.


The couple started their podcast through Deathsquad Network with Brian Redban. When asked how they came up with a name for their podcast, they told that there is no special significance to the name and they came up with it together.

The podcast started as an experiment, but soon the couple noticed a rise of interest in the podcast, so they continued producing the show themselves.  Your Mom’s House is a part of the All Things Comedy Network and it airs there continuously since 2010. Some of the guest appearances on the podcast have been by Joe Rogan, Nick Youssef, Bill Burr, Peter Caine and many more.

Tom Segura also appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience and WTF with Marc Maron. Besides being on the radio, Tom Segura appeared in plenty of television projects. Some of these appearances were in stand up specials some in documentaries where he played himself. TV series in which he appeared are 9 Inches, Cutman, Mash Up, 30 Seconds over Washington, This is not Happening and many more.

Being a stand-up comedian, Tom Segura has many stand up specials. Thrilled is a comedy special that Tom performed in 2010. In 2012 he performed a comedy special White Girls with Cornrows. Completely Normal, Mostly Stories a Disgraceful comedy specials followed in 2014, 2016 and 2018. The last three comedy specials are actually Netflix specials, which brought Tom even more money.

Tom Segura’s net worth is currently 3$ million and most of the money comes from his appearances in TV series, from his comedy specials and the podcast he runs together with his wife. The two of them have been pretty successful so far, so their combined net worth is around 5$ million.

Besides earning money from his comedy and TV appearances, Tom is also an excellent writer. His biggest hit was the storyline for the TV documentary Disgraceful. Worth mentioning are also the Funny as Hell, Mash Up and This is Not Happening.

His wife Christine works in the same branches as Tom, so she brings in a lot of money as well. Her first appearance was in the animated movie DIC Entertainment The Movie. She also participated in Road Rules: Down Under and plenty other stand up gigs.

Her first comedy performance happened in 2001 in L.A. so far she has performed all over the world, and together with her husband , she has a solid net worth of 2$ million. In 2014, Christine started her first solo podcast called That’s Deep Bro. as she says, the podcast talks about the topics that we often don’t talk about in everyday life, but should.


Another big portion of their wealth comes from the deal that Tom and Christine signed with CBS in 2018 for the show “The Little Things”. The pilot of their new show should come out in the following period.

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Tom Segura’s Net Worth in 2024

Celebrity Net Worth says that Tom Segura is an American comedian and actress, and he’s worth $14 million. Many people know Tom Segura from his work as the host of the famous podcast “Your Mom’s House” with his wife Christina Pazsitzky.

He is also co-host of the show “2 Bears, 1 Cave” with actor Bert Kreischer. Tom is known for his stand-up comedy, movies, and TV parts when he’s not making podcasts.

People have said that his brand of comedy is dark, sarcastic, serious, and based on observations. He is also very good at trash comedy.


Tom Segura Real Estate

Over the years, Tom Segura and his wife Christina have done a lot of work in the real estate market and built up a nice collection. They bought a house in Woodland Hills, California, for $1.6 million in 2016. This house has a classic look, a gated enclosure, hardwood floors, and a pool that looks like a lagoon.

Five bedrooms and 4,619 square feet of living space are also big pluses. This house was for sale for $1.875 million in 2020, after being put on the market for $2 million. They moved up to a big house in the Pacific Palisades in January 2020 and paid $6.65 million for it.

This house has seven bedrooms, three full floors, 5,779 square feet of living space, marble countertops, and a rooftop deck with views in all directions. There is a kitchen outside and a swimming pool outside. After only a year, though, the couple chose to leave L.A. for Austin, Texas.

After that, they put their home in Pacific Palisades on the market for $6.85 million, trying to just break even before moving down south.ConclusionFinally, Tom Segura’s $12 million net worth in 2024 shows how talented, hardworking, and willing to take risks he is.

Segura has stayed true to his vision while always pushing the limits of his craft, from his early days in comedy clubs to his current job as a digital entertainer. One thing is for sure: Tom Segura’s comedic impact will last as long as people laugh at him on stage, in movies, or on the radio.

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