Joe Santagato Net Worth in 2024: Wealth of the Popular Youtube Vlogger Revealed

Joe Santagato is popular YouTuber and vlogger who posts a daily videos on his own two YouTube channels under names “Joe Santagato” and “ExtraJoe”. Before these channels he first open a vine account. He also has a few more YouTube channels on different themes.

He is also taking a part in popular YouTube channel called “Settle Down Kids”. Joe never guess that he would became internet sensation and now he is happy because of that and satisfied with the popularity in which he enjoys and he don’t want to change his job and life. More about career and private life of this young online influencer you can read in the text below.

Joe Santagato

Joe Santagato Early years

The real (intial) name of Joe Santagato is Joseph Santagato. He was born on February 25th 1992 in Queens, New York where he spent his childhood.

He had grown up in big family which respect traditional values, Catholic religion and moral norms. His family has American and Italian origins. Joe has three siblings, sister whose name is Shannon and two brothers Thomas and Keith.

His mother Elizabeth worked as secretary in public school and his father Joseph was a fireman in FDNY and he retired when Joe was six years old. Joe’s family is also known and called the “Kardashians of Queens”.

Joe received a video camera as a gift for his twelth birthday and then started to make short sketches and movies. Many people who saw him on the screen told him that he is talented for act, that he looks natural and that the camera loves him.

Joe went to St Fransis of Assisi Catholic School and he wasn’t a good pupil but he was excellent football player in school team and his coach was pushing and motivated him to make a football career although he didn’t do that.

Joe attended public elementary school, then he went to Louis Armstrong Middle School and after that he was a student of St. Francis Preparatory School for high school (private school) were he was a football player.

His parents wanted Joe to continue his education and he began studying at the Queensborough Community College but after some time he gave up from studies and left the faculty.

His parents weren’t happy because of that but he they didn’t want to force him and to oppose his wishes. After that he worked for one year as a pizza delivery boy and waiter. These jobs weren’t easy for him but he was a good worker.

Joe Santagato

Joe Santagato Career Path

In 2010, when he left these jobs in restaurant he decided to create YouTube channel. He was 18 years old in that moment. Soon after that he started to work as online editor of a channel called “Elite Daily” which are posting programs with news and important happenings in spheres of politics, sport and fashion.

It’s interesting fact that Joe before channel on YouTue first opened a vine account named “Santagato TV” on which he was uploading videos mostly with his brothers and other members of his family. He was posting video clips on this channel every Tuesday because he wanted to gain fans and followers.

Besides his first and most popular and viewed comedy channel “Joe Santagato” he made a few channels more on different themes. His second channel called “Extra Joe” reports about latest news, especially about affairs in tabloids and surprising facts and happenings.

His channel named “Veterans Minimum” is about sport’s events. On the channel named “The Basement Yard” Joe is posting video clips from his podcast also called “The Basement Yard”. This channel is really visited and it’s reached a lot of fans and views.

Joe Santagato gained a huge popularity after posting a series of video clips called “Rock, The Promo” on which he collaborate with Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne’s appearance in this videos was confirmation for him that he is famous and he is very proud on that.

Joe became a internet star for a short period of time. His most popular vlogs which gained a lot of views are “Idiots Of The Internet” and “Evolution Of Dating”. He also collaborates with others vllogers on the very popular channel “Settle Day Kids”.

When Joe became very popular one broadcast channel made documentary movie about him and his family called “The Kardashians of Queens” and from then his family is known under that name..

Joe Santagato

Joe is very tolerant person and one of his main points of view that he expose in the public is that people should have the right of choice to live on the way they want including also gey marriages. Many conservative people attacked him verbally and criticize him because of these statements.

In October 2015 he attacked and accused YouTuber Alfie Deyes for stealing his idea for video “The Mad Lib Story Challenge” without giving him a credit. Deyes denied Joe’s accusations and he claimed that he never see mentioned video before he made his own.

Joe released a board game called “Speak Out” in August 2016  in collaboration with the company “Hasbro”. This game was made by model his video “Watch ‘Ya Mouth” and the aim of this game is helping players to pronounce phrases while dental retractor is in their mouth.

Joe Santagato

Joe also promoted “Haering Things” by “Hasbro” company. In October 2017 he said to the audience that he will introduce them with a new company for telecommunications named “Wing”.

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Joe Santagato’s Net Worth in 2024

CheatSheet says that Santagato’s net worth is about $300,000. He is involved in several different businesses. A website called Social Blade says that the YouTube star makes around $13,000 a month from ads. The star may be making less money from ads now that he’s not on YouTube as much as he used to.

Santagato makes money in other ways besides YouTube. The comedian is likely to make more money every year thanks to show sponsors, a growing Patreon account, and his investment in Wing.

Joe Santagato

How much does Joe Santagato make?

It is thought that Joe Santagato makes about $73.58 thousand a year. You might want to know how much Joe Santagato makes. Every month, more than 1.23 million people watch videos on the YouTube channel Joe Santagato.YouTube sites that are monetized make money by showing ads every thousand times a video is watched.

YouTube channels make around $3 to $7 for every 1000 times a movie is watched. Based on these figures, we can say that Joe Santagato makes $4,910.00 a month, or $73,580.00 a year. You can make even more than $7 on YouTube for every thousand video views.

On the bright side, Joe Santagato might be able to make as much as $132,44,000 a year. Joe Santagato probably has other ways to make money. YouTubers who are popular also have sponsors, and they could make more money by advertising their  goods. They might also be able to give speeches.

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