Chantel Jeffries Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Chantel Jeffries is famous model, DJ, vlogger and actress. Her career of model began in Wilhemina Modeling Agency. She attracted the attention of audience by posting photos on her own Instagram account and also by uploading vlogs on her YouTube channel which have over then one million subscribers.

She gained huge popularity and became celebrity person after rumors that she is in relationship with Justin Bieber.

She is very beautiful and when she started to dye her hair in black she looks like Kim Kardashian.

More about exciting career and interesting personal life of Chantel Jeffries read in the text below.

Early years

The full (initial) name of Chantel Jeffries is Chantel Taleen Jeffries. She was born on October 1st 1992 in Coronado, California, United States but she spent her childhooh mostly in Jacksonville in North Carolina. Her family from time to time moved from one place to another because of her father’s work.

Chantel is mallet because her mother Kathleen Jeffries belongs to white American ethnicity and her father Edward Jeffries is an African American.

Her father is an army veteran and he works in the military while her mother is home maker.

Chantel has a younger sister Selah Jeffries who is also popular vlogger and internet star.

Chantel is known under nickname CeeJay. This is her artist name she took when she became DJ.

Before she became popular Chantel graduated on the Massaponax High School and after that she enrolled the studies of Communication and Fine Arts on Florida International University but she didn’t finished the faculty yet.

Career development

Before she became DJ and model Chantel worked as a waitress.

Chantel is very popular DJ. She is performing in many clubs and also on the many events.

Posting her model photos on her Instagram profile brought her big popularity. She was model for many model’s campaigns of different product lines and brands such as “Fine Ass Girl”,  “VH1 Basketball Wives”, “Mint-SwimSuit” by Draya and others.

She appeared for the first time as actress in the movie “The Perfect Match” which was released in 2016. She played a role of Fawn in this movie.

Same year she played a character of Catherine Clancy in the movie “A Weekend with the Family”.

Two years later (in May 2018) Chantel  launched her music career and she released her first single under name “Wait” in edition of Universal Music Group. This song was No. 10 on the list of the “Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart”.

Chantel also developed her own bussines. She create her own cosmetic line collection of eyebrows, eyelashes and similar products. Name of her eyebrows brand name is “ChantelleXO Line It Brow Pencil”. Besides these products she made her own line of temporary tattoos under name “EncreNoir”.

She recently launched her own clothes collection and she became clothes designer.

Chantel has 4.3 millons of followers on her own Instagram profile and between 200.000 and 500.000 likes on the most of photos.

Chantel has more than one million of subscribers on her own YouTube channel and thousands and millions of views on her videos.

She has almost 500.000 fans on her Facebook official page.

Personal life

Chantel lives in Los Angeles since she was 21 years old.

She is big fan of expensive cars.

In 2011 Chantel was under investigation because she was accused that she hurted  the girl from her class in High school. She stubbed her classmate in the arm. What happened that day no one actually know precisely. This case was later closed because the victim refused to testify. During police investigation Chantel denied accusations and she claimed that she didn’t hurt anyone.

After that incident she became enemies with her best firend Alyssa.

Chantel was arrested because of fast driving – she drived 92 km/h instead 70 km/h as it prescribed by the law in that zone.

Chantel looks very attractive. She has a slim curvy figure. Her height is 168 cm (5 feet and 6 inches) and her weight is 56 kg (123 pounds). She is brunnete and she has hazel eyes. The size of her breasts (bra size) is 32 D.

She have a few tattoos on her body and nose piercing.

Chantel likes healthy food and she is allergic to milk products and also on perfumes. She adore Jennifer Lawrence.

In 2017 on awards ceremony MTV VMA she dressed like Kim Kardashian and she looked like her.

Chantel has a very exciting love life. It’s a long list of her ex boyfriends and many of them are celebrities and also sportists. Of course one of her most popular partners is Canadian pop star Justin Bieber with whom she dated in 2014. Rumors about their relationship started when paparazzi spotted them in very closely contact while they were Justin’s car.

During their relationship Chantel mostly spent her time in Miami until they didn’t broke up but the good side for Chantel is that dating with Justin brought her a big fame. She was in car with Justin when police arrested him for driving under influence in Miami.

In 2011 she hooked up with football player DeSean Jackson and they were dating for about a year till they broke up in 2012. Their relationship was very exposed on social networks.

In 2015 she was dating with the musician Travis Scott.

In 2016 she was in relationship with another football player, Paul Pogba, who plays football for France national team and also for famous England club Manchester United. During their relationship, they were posting interesting tweets and also posts about wonderful time they spent in the Manchester United.

In 2017 media spotted Chantel a few times with actor and singer Wilmer Valderama on different occasions.

In 2018 started rumors that Chantel is dating with basketball player Kyrie Irving. They are spotted for two times in New York and after that once more again.

She dated with Jordan Clarkson who is also a basketball player.

Chantel also was in relationships with two American rappers. One of them is Justin Combs who is the son of the famous rapper Puff Diddy and the other one is Lil Twist.

Chantel was dating with Scott Disick who is American TV personality and also a model. Scott Disic gained a fame,  besides his great career, by being in relationship with famous American model Sophia Richie and in marriage with the famous TV personality, model and reality star Kourtney Kardashian.

Net worth

Chantel net worth is estimated about $1 million.

Quick summary

Full name: Chantel Taleen Jeffries

Nickname: CeeJay

Date of birth: October 1st 1992

Age:  27

Zodiac sign: Libra

Birthplace: Coronado, California

Profession/Occupation: model, DJ, actress, vlogger,social media star

Net worth and salary: $1 million

Height: 168 kg

Weight: 56 kg

Body Measurement: 38-27-37

Residence:  Los Angeles

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: mixed

Social media accounts and web site:





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