Jazmine Sullivan Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height

Learning about artists and their lives makes us aware how difficult it is to be famous at times, but we also receive motivation from their lives so that we can achieve miracles ourselves every celerity is different and learning from their mistakes, business moves and personal lives, can be helpful at times.

In today’s text we are going to learn more about a famous American singer Jazmine Sullivan.

This signer made her mark several years ago, and is still around to make our lives more beautiful with her angelic voice.

So, if Jazmine Sullivan is one of your favorite singers, this is a chance to find out more about her.

Early Years

Jazmine Sullivan was born on April 9th, 1987 in Philadelphia. From an early on, she knew she was going to be in music. Her first steps in the musical sense were at the church choir.

It is there that everyone noticed her exceptional talent and supported her in her idea to start working in music. She started singing solo and many local talent scouts started noticing her.

To help her gain more confidence and to get her out on the music scene, her parents decided to get her into the Showtime at the Apollo show. With only 13 years, she sang alongside with a legend Stevie Wonder, and showed amazing talent.

Her first step into the professional career was when she singed for a label in 2003. Jazmine dissuaded and she did not continue working on writing her future chansons.

Even at this time, and with so little experience she collaborated with some of the biggest names in the musical industry like Missy Elliot and 50 Cent.

The amazing collaborations she had, allowed her to break through on the music scene and achieve amazing success. She came out with her album Fearless in 208 and surprised everyone with her mature voice, especially since she was still young.

Career Path

Her career started quickly and as soon as she stepped on the musical scene, everyone noticed her amazing talent. Her first album Fearless came out in 2008 and the album reached number 1 on the RnB chart.

The album was a commercial and critical success, making this young star the new threat for every RnB singer out there.

In 2009 she released an album called Love me Back. This was her second album and one of the producers of the album was Missy Elliot and many more. Songs that proved to be the biggest success were Good Enough, Don’t make me Wait and others.

The album was co-written with a famous RnB artist Ne-Yo and proved to be an absolute success in every way. She sold around 57 thousand copies just that first week. For her song called Holding you down, she won a Gramm award for the Best Female RnB vocal performance. This was her biggest accomplishment yet and she was beyond happy that someone recognized her talent.

She released a music video for the song in 2010. Billboard also honored her as the rising star in 2010. We can definitely say that 2010 was her year.

Reality Show, the third studio album by the singer Jazmine Sullivan was published in January 2011, and like her previous albums, she received very positive reviews from the musical experts, who praised the vocal quality of the singer and her skills as a composer.

After more than three years of absence in the world of music due to an abusive relationship that made it impossible to write or record new songs, Jazmine returned this 2015 to the delight of her fans and lovers of black music in general.

Although Jazmine declared after her second album that left the world of music, when the singer from Philadelphia felt strong and recovered from her emotional breakup, she began recording new songs, focused on the lack of love and personal experiences she has lived through these years.

Reality Show is an album of R & B and Soul style that follows the musical trail of its first two albums, Fearless and Love Me Back, and although it is similar in many aspects, it does not get as much as the latter, but after several listeners it is gaining points.

Reality Show is mainly produced by Key Wane, although Salaam Remi also participates, who has previously worked with the singer on his previous two albums, or Chuck Harmony. The album made debut in # 12 of the American list, has obtained a moderate success and due to the time that Jazmine has been separated of the world of the music, has been intensely promoted on the part of the singer in diverse programs of TV besides a tour that has taken him all over the United States.

Between the most outstanding subjects they are “Dumb”, that was the first single of the disc and in which it speaks of the infidelities of its ex-pair, “Mascara” and ballads like “Forever Do not Last” or “Masterpiece (Mona Lisa) “, where the singer demonstrates her impressive vocal talent.

As bonus track of the disc appears the song “If You Dare”, which is the counterpoint to the rest of the songs of Reality Show (which are mainly ballads and half times), however this song is the liveliest and up-tempo of the disc, has funk sound influences and sounds very much like Janelle Monae.

It is very gratifying that at a time when R & B has changed and evolved so much, there are records like Reality Show, which remains faithful to the classic Soul and R & B sound of the late 90s, and voices as wonderful and unmistakable as the by Jazmine Sullivan.

Jasmine was a part of three concert tours. The reality Show Tour and the Always have Jazmine one. She has received many awards and nominations in her, not so long, career which only tells us how talented this girl actually is.

Even though she is not in the public eye as she was few year back, her songs are still popular and we can often hear them being played on radio stations and her videos being shown on TV.

Her estimated net worth is at around 7$ million. Most of her money comes from several successful albums and from her performances. She continues to be active on her social media as well. She often posts photos from her performances and her private life.

Jazmine has many followers and subscribers on her social media accounts, and many fans who are eagerly waiting for her to release something new. Until then, we have the old hits to enjoy and sing along to.

Personal life

Jasmine grew up in a family that motivated her to sign, since her voice made people happy. She knew from an early age that this is going to be her career of choice so she invested all her time into the musical career. No matter how hard it seemed for her to succeed, it seems like talent is sometimes all we need.

Jasmine was instantly noticed, even while performing at her school choir, and this gave her confidence to pursue higher goals. She performed as a teenager and in school a lot, which gave her enough confidence to grab on to higher positions.

Her family was very religious and this influenced her to be the same way. She still thanks God for everything she managed to achieve, since without his talent she wouldn’t be able to do that. She has two siblings, and she spent most of her childhood in her hometown Philadelphia.

Even though she is active on her social media, she doesn’t like sharing too much information about her personal life. She definitely likes to keep it for herself. Jazmine is not yet married and she is living alone.

After the release of her second album and its success, she decided to take some time out and rest from the show business career.

Like she said, she promised herself that she will leave the industry if she even notices that she is no longer having fun. She even announced her departure from music, but ended up releasing another album.

The album made debut in # 12 of the American list, has obtained a moderate success and due to the time that Jazmine has been separated of the world of the music, has been intensely promoted on the part of the singer in diverse programs of TV besides a tour that has taken him all over the United States. Something probably changed her mind, or she just felt it wasn’t time to leave yet.

Either way, her fans were happy that she decided to stay. She hasn’t announced any new projects, but we can suppose that she is working on something new. Hopefully Jazmine won’t change her mind again and decide to leave the industry.

Quick summary

Full name: Jazmine Sullivan

Date of birth: April 9, 1987

Birthplace: Philadelphia, United States

Age: 32

Profession: Singer

Height: 1.75 m

Weight: 73

Net Worth: $7 million

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