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Tom Arnold is a very popular and well known actor, screenwriter and a comedian who became widely known after writing and producing a hit TV series named „Roseanne“ with Roseanne Barr in the lead role.

He is still a busy Hollywood actor although he never had a role in a big blockbuster.

Early years

He was born as Thomas Duane Arnold on March 6, 1959  as Tom Arnold in a town called Ottumwa in Ottawa, United States.

He grew up in a big family and has six siblings, four brothers (Chris, Johnny, Mark and Scott) and two sisters (Lori and Marla). The kids were close a lot since they have spent a lot of time together alone.

His parents, Jack and Linda Kay were a part of a hardworking class which struggled to enable a better life for their kids.

In 1963, when Tom was four years old, his parents divorced and he stayed living with his mother. His father later remarried but they stayed in touch.

He was a student at Ottumwa High School but he had to work during his high school years to help the family budget.

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He was an employee at a meatpacking plant for several years, until he got fired.

After graduating from high school he enrolled the Indian Hills Community College and University of Iowa. His majors were business administration and writing. He never finished his college eduacation since he was more interested in comedy.

Career development

Since he was always interested in comedy and was often a class clown, he decided to try himself in stand-up comedy. He joined a student comedy class.

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At the beginning of the 80’s, Tom decided it was time to make his career in comedy so he relocated to Minneapolis where he gained gigs in local comedy clubs. His performance was named „Tom Arnold and the Fabulous Goldfish Revue“.

It was in this period that he met a comedienne Roseanne Barr, and became a very close friend of hers. The two of them enjoyed being together because they had similar views on comedy.

They have decided to go on a tour together and they did it for a few years.

In 1988, Arnold became the winner of the „Minneapolis Comedy Competition“ and the special thing that followed after that was his role  in „The Roseanne Barr Show“ which was made by HBO.

It was the same year that Roseanne was able to convice him to move to L.A. where she played in a sitcom named by her. He was going to be the writer on the series.

Their sitcom „Roseanne“ was twice named as the most watched TV show in the United States. It was in 1989 and in 1990.

The producer on the show was Bill Pentland, Roseanne’s husband. After Tom and Roseanne started their love affair, she has divorced Bill and married to Tom the same year. Tom even became the producer of the series instead of Bill.

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Although he was a producer, he made a role for himself in the show too and he was a regular guest.

Roseanne and Tom always had  a huge media attention, especially because of all the strange things they have done.

They mud-wrestled at a beach in Malibu, wore gorilla suits on the cover of „Spy2“ and made unusual tattooes. They always wanted to be different from others. They both liked to drink and didn’t care what other people think.

The whole time they made „Roseanne“ Tom was also starring in „The Jackie Thomas Show“ and in „Tom“, trying to succeed in other series, but they all failed..

In 1994, after just four years of marriage they divorced in a bad manner and Tom was fired from her show

He was lucky to soon find a way out of unemployment so he starred  in „True Lies“ directed by James Cameron and starred by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He gained great critics for his performance in this movie.

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In a period of three years he played supporting roles in a lot of films, such as  „Nine Months“ and „Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery“.

He also tried himself in producing a movie „McHale’s Navy’“ but it was received badly. He wasn’t experienced enough for it.

In 1997, Arnold again tried himself in his own show named „The Tom Show“ but again it wasn’t a success.

Four years later, in 2001, Arnold became a co-host on a comedy show named „The Best Damn Sports Show Period“ which was aired on Fox and received great critcs. This brought back the attention he so desperately needed so his career went up again.

He was the host on that show for a period of four years and earned a lot of money while doing that.

In 2003, he was invited to star in a Jet Li movie named „Cradle 2 the Grave“ which became a huge hit and eraned him great critics for his role. Jet Li is a famous director and has made a lot of blockbusters. This was a big hit too.

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Next year he gained a part in a comedy movie titled „Soul Plane“ where he played alongside Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg.

His very first leading role was in a romantic film called „Happy Endings“ which was filmed in 2005. He also starred in a comedy film named „The Kid & I“.

In a period between 2007 and 2012 he had appeared in several movies. Some of them are „The Great Buck Howard“ and „Hit and Run“.

His new career as a host in a TV show started in 2008, when he was chosen to be the leading host in a show called „My Big Redneck Wedding“. It was a kind of a documentary show which shared informations about unusual and eccentric weddings. The show is still running.

He was always loved by animators due to his interesting voice so he was often called to give voices to animated characters. He was hired for voice-overs „The Simpsons“, „Dennis the Menace in Cruise Control“ and in a movie „Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure“.

In 1993, for his work as a writer and executive producer he was awarded with The Golden Globe Award in the category  of Best Comedy TV Series . He was also awarded with a Peabody Award for his work.

Personal life

He got married to his business partner, friend and a fellow comedian Roseanne Barr in 1990 and they separated in 1994. They have known each other for years before that.

One year after, after a short relationship, he married  Julie Champnella but their marriage also lasted only four years. They got divorced in 1999 but it ended in a fight.

Three years later he was again a married man, and this time his choice was Shelby Roos, who worked in politics. Their marriage lasted for 6 years.

In 2009, he married Ashley Groussman who later gave birth to their son Jax Copeland Arnold. After his son was born Tom went on a diet and started exercising becuse he was 55 years old and was in a bad condition. He wanted to be a good father to his son.

Later, his wife gave birth to a daughter named Quinn Sophie Arnold. He was happy that he became father for the second time.

All of his children came to world with the help of an artificial insemination.

Tom is very much involved in charity and considers it his obligation. He collaborates with many organizations  such as „The Race to Erase MS“, „Carousel of Hope“, „Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society“ and many more.

After starring in a movie „Gardens of the Night“, where he played a paedophile, which was very hard for him to do, he revelaed to the press that he was sexualy abused in his childhood by a grown up man. He claims that he was abused for a period of three years by his male babysitter.

He converted to Judaism because his wife is of that religion.

While he Was married to his first wife he smoked a lot and had a drinking problem. Afterwards he went to rehab and stopped drinking.

He has also appeared in Australian reality show titled „I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here“ which was filmed in the South African jungle but he wasn’t supported very much by the viewers because he seemed lazy and uninterested.

Quick summary

Full name: Thomas Duane Arnold

Date of birth: March 6, 1959

Birthplace:  Ottumwa, Ottawa, United States

Age: 59

Profession: actor, screenwriter, producer, comedian, philanthropist

Height:185 cm

Weight: 93 kgs

Net Worth: $30 millions

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