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Tati Westbrook is one of the most popular YouTube stars of today’s beauty industry. She is usually called the “mother of the beauty world” since she one of the oldest women in this industry. She is a blogger, a vlogger and she posts various content: make up tutorials, hauls, advice videos and even some personal ones.

Her channel is called GlamLifeGuru, but everyone knows her under the name Tati. Many people think that it is a fake name, but it is her real name and her parents hamed her Tati.

Early years

Tati was born on February 14th in 1982. Her birthplace is Washington and it’s the place her parents have lived at for a long time. Her parents are  called Cindy and Janis. Tati has two sisters and they are all really close.

Erika and Sabrina, her sisters, went to a high school in Washington, just like Tati did. However, we don’t know if the girls went to college or not.  Tati likes to learn new things about hair, skin and makeup and she is always educating herself on the new things that are on the market.

During her teen years, Tati realised that she was into graphics and creating content. She soon encountered her first jobs. However, none of these jobs were making her happy and that’s when she realized that she wants to start a YouTube channel.

Career development

She has worked as an image consultant when she began her career, but she soon moved to Los Angeles since she believed that she will get much better opportunities there. She really did have a much better time there and she is proud of herself for being brave enough to go outside of her hometown.

She was a makeup artist and she enjoyed spending time with her clients. She was always pretty good at makeup so not a lot of people were shocked that she became pretty popular in the places where she worked.

In 2010, she decided to open up her YouTube channel. Back then, it wasn’t as hard as it is now to get many viewers since there wasn’t a lot of people that were posting content. Tati has always been creating high-quality content.

She likes to make videos like “OMG Tuesdays”. In these she make reviews of really weird/unusual products and she laughs a lot alongside her husband or her stepson. She also likes to share advice about professional makeup and she isn’t afraid to spend a lot of money to help her viewers.

Tati always liked makeup and she wanted to let other people know that she is here to help anyone who feels like they need advice. Before her YouTube career, she had worked in MAC cosmetics as a consultant and therefore she had really got knowledge about makeup products.

Tati soon got a bunch of subscribers and today she has over 5 million people following her. She didn’t expect to grow this big and she is very happy that she now has a big platform where she can talk to many people.

Mrs. Westbrook is one of the most popular YouTube makeup stars because people know that she is always honest about everything. She is a very lovely person with a great personality and people have acknowledged that through her videos where she talks about her life experiences, so they believe that she wouldn’t trick her viewers.

She sometimes reviews the free products that she gets and she is rarely sponsored. Tati doesn’t take a lot of deals with various brands just because she knows that she isn’t supposed to share everything, even the things she doesn’t love, for money.

In 2016, she made a GlamLifeGuru app, which is the name of her YouTube chanel. She wants to make her advice and her videos available to everyone everywhere. It didn’t go as big as she wanted, but it is still pretty active.

She won several awards and some of them are the Allure Beauty Blogger Award, YouTube Breakout Beauty Celebrity and she has been in many magazines. Some of them are Cosmopolitan and Allure. She says that it is very weird to see her own pictures in magazines and that, over the years, she had seen a lot of fake articles about herself.

She stopped worrying about that, however, since she realized that worrying won’t make things any better.

She used to be the product expert for Style Code Live, which is an Amazon show. Many people got to know her channel through the show and she was sharing her tips and tricks there.

Lately, Tati has been wanting to launch her own business and she worked very hard to get Halo beauty out there. Halo beauty is her brand that makes vitamins for hair, nails and skin. It is a cruelty-free brand that doesn’t approve animal testing. The products don’t contain gluten, no soy, no sugar! They are really healthy and good for everyone, but the prices are sort of high too!

Tati is one of the rare beauty creators that doesn’t get involved into drama that has been circulating the beauty industry these days. Although she is the mother of beauty creators, she doesn’t like to address rumors that are not related to her.

If something happens and someone calls her out, she will be happy to respond, but she never makes a scene! Tati has been really mad about other brands using her voice and her images for their campaigns without even asking her and she dedicated a  whole video to this issue.

Personal life

In 2017, Tati got married to her boyfriend James Westbrook and became mrs. Westbrook. She had been in a relationship with her for a long time and, since James already has a son called Taylor, she didn’t want to share the relationship until she was sure that it was going to work.

They got engaged in 2012 and James has been appearing on her channel many times. Her viewers love him and they can feel the genuine connection between the couple.

Their wedding video is on her channel as well and you can see many other YouTube stars that were there and attending the party. James Charles, a YouTube star, did her makeup for that video and for her wedding which is the reason why they became even closer.

Their wedding was in Maui and they return there often to relive the beautiful moments they have encountered there. They often go on vacation as a family, but they never go and spend a lot of time there since Tati has to create videos and this takes a lot of time.

Tati says that one of the biggest fears she had was that James’ stepson won’t be okay with her getting married to him. She was more than happy when she got along with him and now he even appears in her videos and they joke a lot.

Many people felt connected to her video where she talked about her weight issues and her diet plans. She used to have a really bad connection with her food habits and many people felt like she was perfect so they were shocked that she isn’t.

Many people didn’t know that Tati was in Dance Showdown. It’s a show where she danced with a partner called Matt Steffanina.  She said that it was a great experience and that she would like to have similar experiences again.

In July of 2018, Tati and her husband went to Krabi in Thailand. It was a holiday that they wanted to spend together and many paparazzi found them all happy and giggly. People are very happy for Tati since she is a good person.

Quick summary

Full name: Tati Westbrook

Date of birth: February 14th , 1982

Birthplace:  Seattle, Washington

Age: 37

Profession: YouTube star, entrepreneur

Height:  174 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Net Worth: $1.2 million

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