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Gavin Miles McIness is a famous person from Canada. He is known because of his great skills in writing and acting, but he is also a comedian. His biggest income comes from his directing of the famous Vice Media and Vice Magazine.

Many people know him from TV screens becase he is a host in Get Off My Lawn on a channel called Conservative Review.

He makes people laugh without any issues and this is one of the reasons why he is so popular! Besides writing in his own company, he does some work in Taki’s Magazine and often is involved into the work of The Rebel Media.

Many channels like to feature him often, some of these being Fox News and The Blaze.

When people hear the name Gavin McInnes, they often remember hipsters. He used to be really open about this, but he changed his views when he left the workplace he had been at and from that moment on, he is known to be a man with far-right political views.

Proud Boys, a men’s organization working in the United States of America, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom, is a popular gig of his he created in 2016.

It connect speakers of English language with far-right political views.

Today, he is known to be one of the men with “new right” ideas. This means that they aren’t exactly what all conservative people are, because they adapted to the new age a bit, but they still work around the most popular thesis made.

Early years

His full name is Gavin Miles McInnes and he was born on July 17th in 1970. His birthplace is Hitchin in England. Hitchin is in Hertfordshire, a county in southern England.

His mum and dad are both Scottish and their names are James and Loraine. They lived in England when they met and when Gavin was born, but because they thought they would have a better opportunity at succes, they decided to move to Canada. This happened when McInnes was about 4-5.

He went to a local school called Earl of March Secondary School in Ottawa and he was never truly interested in listening the teachers.

He was all about learning the things that are useful, but he wasn’t liking the school system.

During his teenage years, he was in a band that did music in the punk genre. The music group was called Anal Chinook and he always looks back to this part of his life with positive feelings.

He says that it felt great to have a group that completely understands him and he was all about expressing himself. Many people like to use this fact against him because he was immature and the name of the band is silly, but he refuses to be annoyed by this.

When he became legal, he decided that the United States weren’t a place he would like to ba at, so he went to Canada. He wanted a more peaceful life, but still have all of the chances to engage in opportunities.

Career development

In 1994, he did his first very smart step, and it was being one of the creators of Vice. In 1994, he and Shane Smith along with Suroosh Alvi decided to create this.

Shane is a journalist from Canada and Suroosh is a journalist from Pakistan.  Vice is a magatine all focused about art, culture and news, but it’s more focused on young people problems.

The goal of Vice is to raise awareness about certain topics and they succeed in this by all of the hard work they do. The magazine also has its own website, a production company and even a record label.

On a monthly basis, you can get this magazine and read some of Gavin’s work. People seem to enjoy it because each month there is around 900 000 pieces sold.

Gavin was called the hipsterdom of that time and a few companies stated that he brings a certain fresh energy to the media.

McInnes likes to write and therefore he makes articles for Vice. Some of these are “The VICE guide to Happiness” and “The VICE Guide to Picking up Chicks”.

He doesn’t limit himself only on politics, as much as you can see, and he likes to talk about alcohol, drugs, women, cars, issues, personal things and even fashion sometimes.

In 2002, he had an interview with a famous portal called NY Press and he said something that (he claims) was supposed to be a joke, but turned out to be insensitive and racist.

Gavin said that he was enjoying the white world of hipsters. After quite some trouble that derived from this saying, the Vice company had to apologize for his behaviour.

In 2006, there was certain talk on The Vice Guide to Travel and this was one of the last popular gigs he was in while working there. In 2008, he decided that he no longer wanted to a part of Vice and he decided that he should make his own business.

Gavin did not say anything bad about the company he worked with and he claimed that they had to split because of the very different ideas they were having.  Many people think that even after he left, he continued to earn money and that it was all a marketing trick.

However, after he didn’t get back with the people he worked with and opened his own page called in 2008, it was clear he wasn’t coming back and earning from it.

In 2009, he decided to trick a journalist from The Village Voice that he was in a fight with a MMA fighter, but the video he showed him was from a never-published sketch.

In 2010, he made a journalist from Gawker think that he ate cereal with urine and it was actually another fake sketch. People were very amused by all of these pranks.

Gavin was called to be a part of the Canadian show called Kenny ws. Spenny and he was a judge there. This opened the door to acting with more black humor creators and that’s why Adult Swim reached out to him.

He played Mick in Aqua Teen Hunger and later got a role in Quest Overdrive. However, all of these series featured a really tough humour and therefore they weren’t of long living. In 2012, he made a book called How to Piss In Public.

He was actually also a movie creator and in 2013 made The Brotherhood of the Traveling Rants. He had to make a fake accident on the road and many people didn’t find it done well.

His next projects were How to Be a Man, Soul Quest Overdrive, One More Time and Creative control.

In late summer of 2014, he made a text about how transphobia is okay and how transgender people are more likely to kill themselves and the company he worked for back then, Rooster, asked him to leave because of all of the messages they had been getting about this particular paper he wrote.

In June of 2015, he was on The Grew Gutfeld show and now he writes for Taki’s Magazine along with some of his private work.

Personal life

There are a lot of issues around him because he often says things that trigger people and make him a center of controversy.

He claims domestic abuse happens because a “cunt” ( a woman) appears in a man’s life and she ruins it. Later he talked about how women want to be abused and he was  extremely rude to Jada Pinkett Smith when he called her a monkey actress.

He has been accused of being racist multiple times because he also talked bad about Susan Rice, but also Asians and Palestinians.He claims that black violence is one of the biggest threats in the country.

He is also a hater of Jews, is anti-Islam and is sexist. He says abortion causes white genocide which brought huge public attention to him.

In 2005, he married a woman called Emily Jendrisak and they have been together since then. She is also a publicist so they met at an important event.

Gavin has three children and he says that he is worrying about them a lot since they can always be in danger because of his fame. Many people made threats, but no one ever did anything.

Quick summary

Full name: Gavin Miles McInnes

Date of birth: July 17th 1970

Birthplace:  Hitchin, England

Age: 48

Profession: actor, comedian, writer

Height: 177 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $5 million

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