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Brodie Smith is American former Ultimate Disc League player and famous YouTuber. Brodie was passionate Frisbee player and he was the winner of two USA Ultimate College Championships.

He won these championships in 2006 and in 2010 as a first class Ultimate player during his studies at the University of Florida.

He also was the winner of two National Club Championships.

Brodie even won the Guiness World Record by participating in several National championships.

He created his own YouTube channel on which he currently has more than 2 millions of subscribers and the number of his fans is growing constantly.

He has almost 1 million followers on his Instagram  and Twitter account and more than 500 thousands followers on his Facebook page.

He also launched his own sports, clothing and accessories brand under name “Brodie Smith”.

More about career and personal life of this famous gamer and YouTuber you can read in the text below.

Early years

Brodie was born on August 29th 1987 in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. There is not too much information about his childhood and personal life and he obviously tries to keep his privacy from the public eyes. He has older brother and sister also.

It is known a fact that he graduated at the Nease high school where he started to practice and playing as a disc player.

Career development

In 2006 Brodie became a player of the Ultimate Team of the University of Florida where he attended the college. In the spring same year his team became the winner of the first National College Championship. In 2007 their team won third place and in 2008 they took the second place.

In 2009 they unfortunately were eliminated in the Regional Qualifier but in 2010 their team once again was the winner of  the first National College Championship.

Brodie opened his YouTube channel in 2009 and he posted a video in which he shows the strategies of defense for Ultimate Disc League.

In 2011 he began his professional career as a American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) player. He signed a contract with Indianapolis Alleycats and in 2013 started playing for Chicago Wildfire.

During 2014 and 2015 Brodie couldn’t play at AUDL because he had health problems because of tearing of his anterior cruciate ligament and also meniscus.

In 2016 he signed a contract with the Dallas Roughennecks and in 2017 he came back to his home in Florida and started playing for Jacksonville Cannons.

Besides his successful career of AUDL player Brodie in the same time developed career as a YouTuber and he became famous internet star.

He gained a huge popularity and a lot of fans and followers in 2011 when he posted a compilation of videos under name “Fresbee Trick Shots Videos” in which Brodie shows to audience the fresbee tricks at the University Florida Campus, in Florida and in Gainsville.

He was performing his fresbee tricks by travelling all over the world and he also was a guest in the Japanese Game show where he was showing fresbee tricks with aim to promote the Ultimate League Disc as a kind of a sport.

His YouTube movies were telecasted at the ESPN (known as ABC sports where are mostly are broadcasting sports events) on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) through application under name “Top Plays”.

He collaborated with others actors that performed tricks in his YouTube vlogs and movies.

Brodie reached more than 2 millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel and over than 5 millions of views to his well known compilation of movies called “Fresbee Trick Shots Videos”.

He also released the Instagram game challenge with MaxNoSleevs and Olga Kay.

He participate in “The Incrfedible race” where he took a fifth place.

His statement was cited in the article in the Huffington Post.

Besides his YouTube channel he has accounts on the others social networks which are very visited. For example he has almost 1 million of followers on his Instagram and Twitter profiles and over than 500 thousands of followers on his official Facebook page.

He also attracted the attention of the audience on the where he has more than 500 thousands fans.

His most popular video with incredible number of more than 62 millions of views under is called “Greatest Game of HORSE Ever”. In this vlog Brodie with his friends and fellows is playing game of horse on the court.

His other two very popular vlogs are “Epic Trick Shot Battle” which has almost 19 millions of views and the “Greatest Game of HORSE 2” which has more than 15 millions of views.

In all three videos Brodie and his fellows are combining disc (fresbee) playing and basketball playing on the appropriate courts.

Brodie also is learning kids how to play how to play the Ultimate Disc game and how to became the Ultimate Disc League players. He conducts classes for children in this sport’s discipline.

As we already said in the introduction Brodie also launched his own sports, clothing and accessories brand named “Brodie Smith”. He partnered with Dicstore in producing and shipping of this kind of merchandising.

He has his official site for his brand ( on which people can buy different products such as sports equipment, for example fresbees (discs) and that’s just a small part of his assortment.

The recognazible sign of his brand is dark horse so people can choose clothing pieces like jerseys, tees, hoodies, shorts and tank toops with inevitable sign of dark horse.

The accessories mostly includes different kind of stickers and he provides special benefit for buyers from USA who spent more than $75 on his products and it’s a free shiping.

Personal life

As we already mentioned there is not many information about Brodie’s private life.

Brodie is in relationship with girl named Kelsey Lowrance who is Dallas cheerleader. This couple got engaged on April 6th last year. Brodie proposed his girlfriend and she said yes of course.

Before relationship with Kesley he was dating with Jacie Scott.

Net worth

His net worth is estimated on about $1.5 million

Quick summary

Full name: Brodie Smith

Date of birth: August 29th 1987

Age:  31

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

Profession/Occupation: Ultimate game player, YouTuber, internet star

Net worth and salary: about $1.5 million

Height: 189 cm

Weight: 78 kh

Marital status: Not married

Children: no children

Love status: In a relationship with Kelsey Lowrance. He proposed her in April 2018.

Residence: Florida, United States

Religion: Unknown

Nationality: American

Origin: Unknown

Ethnicity: Unknown

Social media accounts and web site:





Offical web site:

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