Rebecca Zamolo Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Rebecca Zamolo is a popular Californian gymnast, actress and one of the most talented Youtubers whose great talent surprised many of Americans.

Her secret is in continuing to pursue her dreams without letting anyone stop her and to do everything she can and be the best she can in all the things she does.

Her career maybe started out in gymnastics but she was destined to try herself in many various fields and career where she left her mark.

Rebecca found her comfort zone in her Youtube channel which gives pleasure both to her and her fans. She is also certified trainer at “The Second City Improv Club”.

Early years

She was born as Rebbeca Zamolo on September 28, 1982 in Martinez, California in United States. Her friends and family call her Becca.

She was raised in a big and happy home by her loving parents Paul and Cathy who were very supportive of their children.

Rebecca has a lot of sisters: Jennifer (everybody call her Jenn), Monica, and Lissa. She also has a brother Michael who protected all his sisters. They all still share an unbreakable bond which brings them closer.

Rebecca started showing interest in sports at a very early age. Her parents saw her ambition and talent and decided to support her in everything she did.

They have found a trainer who coached Rebecca and helped her realize her possibilities. Her parents always helped all of their kids to try and make their dreams come true.

She was a girl of nine when she already had a collection of medals abd had win several titles in her city, region and the state.

Although she wanted to have a career as a gymnast, she also wanted to have a proper education. That is why she gained a Communication and Sports Management degree.

Career development

After finishing her studies she got really interested in drama and acting and started dreaming about a role in a play or a series.

That is why she relocated to Los Angeles, the city which offers more chances for succeeding in the showbuisness.

She decided to continue training gymnastics but she has also gained some small roles.

Rebecca caught the eye of the entertainers behind “The Second City” who wanted her to join their team and improve her comedy skills into more advanced.

One of her most significant appearances was on “The Late Show with Craig Ferguson”.

The viewers responded very good at her and she was motivated to continue it.

She started being more engaged on her Youtube channel so she regularly posted videos there. One of her videos was so interested that it was shared by Huffington Post. Rhat video went viral and made her famous.

She was very hardworking and joined the crew of many platforms such as Funny or Die and Blip.TV.

She loved to work with favorite was when she worked with Rampage Jackson, who was an actor and a mixed martial arts fighter. He was a member of the A Team.

In 2009, all thanks to her hard work, she gained her first bigger TV role in a series “Make It or Break It”. This wasn’t her first role but it wasn’t minor or cameo like it usually was.

Rebecca is very engaged in the social media and iften posts about her life. She shares pictures of her family and shows where they travel. She also likes to show how she has a great figure and how she still ecercises.

Rebecca knows that interaction with fans is crucial for her career to grow so she is very close to her fans. She has no problems answering to their questions and meeting them on various events.

She has over 2 million followers on her Instagram channel and growing.

Rebecca has her own official website where her fans can buy merchandise, mostly marked as “Zamfam”. T-shirts and hoodies are most of the items you can buy.

Her husband also advertises her brand on her website.

The shirts are very colorfull, just as her instagram account, and pink is the most used of all.

Personal life

Rebecca has a strong romantic relationship with her husband Matt Yoakom. Matt goes by another name: Matt Slays.

In 2014, Rebecca and Matt got married and they are still just as much in love as at beginning.

Matt is a fellow Youtuber so he has a lot of understanding for Rebecca’s passion and hard work.

There were never any controversies in her marriage and they are always a great support to each other.

Rebecca is a very positive and kind person so she has a lot of friends in her life. Matt and her bought their first home and invited their friends to see it.

Quick summary

Full name: Rebecca Lynn Zamolo

Date of birth: September 27, 1982

Birthplace:  Martinez, California, United States of America

Age: 37

Profession: gymnast, actress, producer

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 54 kg

Net Worth: $3.3 million

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