Tana Mongeau Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

If one is genuine and sincere in any effort one day or the other that person would surely come up high above the normal periphery of average life. We all know even while confessing to the highest authority of trust in privacy people stumble or hesitate to express.

If you are one such individual then definitely TanaMongeau is your resort through whom you learn to express your life genuinely.

One can be relieved from keeping away the secret that builds the highest hindrance within and takes away the energy of life. One remains on the other side of the life where life itself does not stay.

Although there is a shade of fashion or comedy the world is attracted by the personal incidents of intimacy, stalking or weeds which more or less matches with the rest of the world.

Only difference Tana can share this on her vlogs which other hesitate of hides. She has also shown interest in some merchandise too. Because of her high acceptance, she had reasonably accumulated some money which builds up her net worth which is estimated to be around $700 thousand US dollars.

Early life

Tana was born in Las Vegas, Nevada which is believed to be a land of pleasure ground for the people across the world. She was born on 24th June 1998 she had never spent her childhood just like other children. It was tuff for her, and she had learned the hard ways of life.

During her childhood days, she had often seen her parents getting involved in serious quarrels and even fights. So the as a child it was hard for Tana to learn the basic human values of life which a kid learn from the parents. Her childhood experiences are filled with uncared tears of a child and the most traumatic upheavals of growing up.

All these unfortunate incidents of her childhood days she had shared with the world through her vlogs and channel. Once one is deprived of a strong foundation to grow up, it is obvious that the teenager would be reckless without a mission. She was in the clutches of cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs during her disarrayed teenage. Weed was in her hand when she was just 14.


Tana was just a girl of 11 when she came to know about the viability of YouTube. Soon enough she thought of getting established on getting associated with YouTube. The year 2015 heaped Tana with enormous fortunes, and she never has to look back again. Tana is very practical and walks on the realistic route.

All her videos are base on her childhood experiences. She came up with a video for the first time titled “Kicked out of Walmart.” Ever since she came up with that video, she thought about making her career only on telling stories and sharing experiences with the world through her vlogs.

Tana being successful with her venture gathered a reasonable fame within 2016 and soon decided to collaborate with the famous YouTube personality namely Gabbbie Hanna and Shane Dawson.

For her extrovert personality and vivacious nature, she became famous among her fans. She believes in interacting personally with her fans and allows specific times only for the interaction with her followers.

Her most popular and well-known video is titled in the name of Mr. Dawson as “I Peed on Shane Dawson.” This video was really sensationalized all over the internet and made her way to get a foothold in the YouTube circuit. She was fine in dealing with stalkers and often recited stories that were full of her real-life experiences.

Some of the videos that she had uploaded are “My Stalker to Pics of My Sleeping Body,” “My Stalker Broke into My House” and more such exciting skits. All these videos had broken any barriers between Tana and her followers, and the fans expressed their own experiences. This gave Tana a permanent base in the heart of her followers.

Sometime Tana had preferred to shot videos on her way of life which reflects her fashion and makeups. Nowadays she does not mind to collaborate with the well-established personalities of YouTube as Niki, James Charles, Dawson or Gabi or some other known individuals. With some personal flair, she had already uploaded her channel with more than 150 videos. All her efforts are getting appreciated by at least 2000 subscribers each day which is a formidable task for any standard.

She has convinced around 205 million views so far on the YouTube. She had been in the news regarding some ‘niggers’ commented by Ian Carter. Although the petitions had over 28,000 supporters, this has not been enough to stop Tana from continuing her story time uploads. For the records in 2012, she had created her second Twitter account after the suspension of her earlier account.

Personal life

Somer Hollingsworth who is a well-known star of the media has been in the life of Tana for some time. The due is in the relationship since 2015, and on the Instagram, both of them have shared their photos on different occasions.

Quick summary:

Full Name: TanaMongeau

Date of Birth: 24th June 1998

Birth Place: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America

Age:  19 Years Old

Profession: Vlogger, YouTube Personality

Height: 5 Feet 5 Inches / 162 cm

Weight: 54 Kg / 119 Pounds

Net worth: $700,000

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