Adam Saleh Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

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Adam Saleh is a popular American YouTuber from New York who became known for his prank YouTube videos. He also became known as a social influencer and a society theorist.

Early years

He was born as Adam Mohsin Yehya Saleh on June 4, 1993 in Brooklyn, New York, United States. He is 25 this year.

His parents are from Yemen and the whole family is of Muslim religion. He was raised in a religious environment but with high moral standards. That is why a lot of his videos speaks about low moral standards in the country.

After finishing Middle School he attended Central Park East High School where he was a very good student so he continued his education by enrolling a university. He never had any problems in school and therefore he always had great grades.

He became a student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and got his degree from this Midtown Manhattan University. His parents were very proud of him for that and he was very happy because he worked hard for the degree.

He was always a good student and didn’t have problems on any subjects but he was especially good in social and media subjects.

Career development

He was always interested in the internet and YouTube and thought they were a very powerful social media platforms so he decided to create his own YouTube channel named “True Story ASA”.

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This was in December 2011 when he opened his YouTube channel together with his good friends Abdullah Ghuman and Sheikh Akbar. He was always surrounded by a lot of people and had a lot of good friends.

It was done while he was still in college and his focus was still on becoming a professional boxer,  because he was very good at this sport.

He always had high standards about his body and he trained pasionatelly in the gym. Boxing is a tough sport and it needed many trainings and workouts.

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At the end he received his license for boxing but lost it after a while because he was involved in too much street fighting. He had a temper since he was a kid and it stayed on him until today. This proves that his genetics are very strong.

He joined Sheikh Akbar, Karim Metwaly and Slim Albaher and the four of them collaborated on a channel named “3MH”. It was a way for them to have fun without making trouble.

In 2012, he posted a video called “Arab Facebook Parenting: For the troubled Arab teen”. In this video Adam dresses up as a woman who confronts her daughter about her Facebook posts. It created a bit of controversy but mostly got nice reactions.

His most popular video was made in 2017 and gained over 10 million views. It is really an experiment where Adam shows how people react on him differently no matter his ethnicity when he is driving an expensive red Ferrari.

Ellen Degeneres chose him for her “Dance Dare” competition in her popular TV show. This was back in 2012. It was a great success for him because it wasn’t a small thing to be invited into “Ellen Degenerees Show”.

She was known to invite only the most popular people to her show. However, she is fascinated by internet stars and wants to meet them.

Both 3MH and True Story ASA didn’t last  for long because the guys had split up in the spring of 2015. They had a lot of creative differences and couldn’t agree about the main things about the channel. They were also threatened by the fact that Adam was the most popular of them.

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In 2015 Adam released the first single with his friends called “Diamond girl” and it was still when he was a part of the group “True Story ASA”.

Adam soon released his new single, the same year, under the title“Tomorrow’s Another Day”. It got mixed reviews but it id common for people is this work of internet marketing.

His first solo single was named “Tears” and it was released in the August 2015 and the single was tributed to his family, to his cousin to be exact.

It was taped in collaboration with Zack Knight, a British-Pakistani singer and a songwriter, formerly known as Zeekay. Two years later he became widely known for his huge hit called “Born Diggy”.

That is when Adam decided to become a solo YouTube artist. At the end of 2017 he has released his first album under the name “Chapter 2”.

He had a lot of guest artist on this album: The Motto Tsunami and Waynak are some of the artist that collaborated with him on his album.

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He was involved in a lot of controversy due to his video he published on his YouTube channel under the name “Racial Profiling Experiment”.

It was in 2014 and the video was viewed a lot and was commented over social media platforms. It gained over 200,000 followers.

This video was staged by Adam and his friends Sheikh Akbar and it was made with a plan to show how the police acts differently towards Muslims then to other American citizens.

Many of the viewers thought that the video is real but it was staged in order to show the public how America is discriminating Muslims.

Another of his very viewed YouTube videos was the one where Adam claims that he had flown inside a suitcase on a flight between two towns in Australia, but Melbourne Airport proved that it was all a fraud and that he was in the plane just as other passengers.

He was financed by Scotland Yard for the release of “Survivor” because the lyrics from this song was writen by a British policeman who worked in a anti-terorist unit. The lyrics were intended for Muslims to persuade them to not join extremism.

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Another of his very watched videos in 2016 was a video where he claimed that he was thrown out from a Delta Air flight because he spoke Arabic.

Unfortunately the other passangers didn’t agree with this and they claimed that Adam was the one to disturb everyone and that he was very provocative, that he yelled and disturbed others in the plain.

One of his YouTube videos includes him  stealing his manager’s car in order to prank him. Not only that but he drove the car although he wasn’t aloud to becsuse of the law.

Because of his growing popularity he started to get gigs on numerous live shows and he went on a lot of tours all over the city and the country.

Keith’s popularity brought him an invitation to the Ellen show which is one of the most popular American TV shows ever.

Adam was invited as a guest appearance in a film called “American Sharia”  where he acted alongside Omar Regan.

Omar is a known stand-up comedian and an actor who was a musician before. The film is a comedy drama and gained moderate success.

He is known for his philanthropic character because he often goes to charity events and he even took time to fly again to Pakistan to help orphans and the refugees in their times of trouble.

He is especially touched by the life of the people in Pakistan, his parent’s homeland, because he is aware how fortunate he is because he lives a more freely and more comfortable life than kids and young people in Pakistan.

One of the songs he released was named “Survivor” and it can be downloaded on iTunes.

He has a channel named after him with over 1 million subscribers and one called ASAvlogs with over two million subscribers.

Adam was a guest speaker in Dubai, where he spoke about his career as an internet celebrity on Arabic Media Forum event.

He is currently single and there aren’t any photos of him with his former girlfriends anywhere.

Personal life

His mother is named Judy and his father is Stan. He is sad about the fact that his father has passed away.

Adam’s family is very close to each other and very well connected. He often hangs out with his nephews and nieces: Hamzah, Jamal, Yousif, Mohsin, Reema and Deena.

He has two brothers, Ibrahim and Yousef and he has three sisters.

Ibrahim is older than Adam and more like him but Yousef is younger and is more religious, reserved and shy than other two.

His parents learned him all about his homeland and where they come from so he often travels there.

His favorite color is red and he often wears red T-shirts and red snickers.

He has a lot of tattoos, such as a skull on his left shoulder, arabic verses and letters all over his body and he has names of all his nephews and nieces tattoed on his body. He also has a big tattoo on his back which includes a big skull. He wears a small black earring in his left ear. 

Quick summary

Full name:  Adam Mohsin Yehya Saleh

Date of birth: June 4, 1993

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, United States

Age: 25

Profession: comedian, actor, YouTuber, singer

Height: 169 cm

Weight: 68 kgs

Net Worth: $2 million

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