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Matt Carriker is your very unusual celebrity who is famous for his medical skills. He is a vetenerian who decided to becom a YouTube content creator in order to share his life journey with others.

Carriker actually used to be famous on YouTube with his primary channel, and opened a secondary one when he became a licensed vetenerian to show his work.

Early years

He was born on October 21st in 1986. He is just a regular boy from Texas, a pretty wild state from the United States of America. Both of his parents are caucasian and therefore he is.

Nothing is revealed about his family since he isn’t such a big star and he doesn’t have the type of fame that makes people wonder about everything he ever did.

However, his sister is called Asli and she is living with him because she is learning from his daily work. Ali has a dream of becoming a vetenerian just like her brotherand therefore living with him makes things much easier for her in order to learn.

He went to the famous Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. He was a great student and always loved learning.

This school is very good and it isn’t to easy to graduate there, but he managed to do so and he has been licensed since 2012.

Career development

Matt loves his job and he has opened up a hospital for animals in Boerne in Texas. It was actually at a huge ranch that he already was in posession of.

Since he opened up his first channel, Matt got professional cameras and he used to film everything he did in the woods.

Because of the fact that he already had half of the equipment needed to show his work in the veterinary field, he decided to maybe open up a second one.

However, his first channel was called DemolitionRanch and it was opened in 2011. The topic that the whole channel was about was demolishing and destroying. He used guns and many dangerous objects, so some people found the videos disturbing and didn’t want to watch them.

He has over 5 million subscribers on this channel, so obviously someone likes to watch these types of videos. It is popular because there are firearm enthusiasts all over the world.

Although he opened up a second channl, Matt’s first one is still running and you can still watch his older work.

After Carriker realized that he can suceed in social media with no issues, he started to make other videos. His veterinary practice soon became a theme he made videos about.

In 2014, he opened up a channel called Vet Ranch and he was rescuing animals, which many people enjoyed. It’s worth mentioning that this channel now has almost 3 million subscribers and the number is increasing.

There is a lot of people that like animals, medicine or just watching cute videos, so they subscribe and check out all of the ways he treats and helps animals.

He has a whole team that does this work with him and they help him with various things: from cleaning, feeding to grooming.

Matt decided to launch a website too, in order to help his fans communicate with him. This site is called and he often donates money to charity.

Before these channels, Matt had one (not so successful) try. It was called OffTheRanch and it was about his family. The channel consisted mostly from vlogs and videos about their daily life.

They did have about 2 million subscribers, but he decided to shut it down in order to keep some privacy and increase the safety of the family.

Besides all of this YouTube work he does, Matt also has a small clinic for animals in San Antonio. This is close to the place he lives so this is his regular day-to-day job.

Many people love him and adore his work because, not only does he help animals that people bring, but he also saves animals that have nowhere else to go. This is a very beautiful gesture and probably one of the reasons why people enjoy his channel.

Many TV companies wanted to create a TV show about his life and his work, but Matt didn’t want to. He said that his family needs to be protected and that he needs to be the one that decides what about them will go on the internet and what won’t.

Also, he stated that the whole crew that would come for the show (the camera men, the sound men, the host, the engineers) would distress animals and he doesn’t want them to feel upset. This just shows how much Matt truly loves them.

The animals he treats are given to San Antonio Pets Alive. It is an organization that helps people find animals and therefore these mistreated poor individuals can get a new, warm home.

He does not appear too much on the TV, but he was once in a movie called Strain 100. It wasn’t a really famous movie, but it got other film makers to reach out to him. This is probably because he is very tall and strong and he can act in certain roles.

His career is only getting better since his views are going up and he is starting to get more subscribers. He has revealed that he may be opening up another clinic in the future since this one is currently growing and won’t be able to hold all of the patients brought to him.

Personal life

His wife is called Meredith Atkinson and many women think she is very lucky to have a husband with so much care about others. They have three children and two of them are girls.

The girls are called Adalyn, Annie and the boy is called Lincoln.

Besides his sister that lives with them, they also have a dog called DozerMan. It’s a very cute dog who often likes to appear in videos while following his owner.

There is no controversy about this family and it is another proof that Matt is a truly devoted man when it comes to his wife and his children.

He does not enjoy being in media besides the things he posts. He says that he should have the right to choose what he wants the fans to see: which information can be revealed in order to keep his family safe and sound.

He is a good friend with Peter Czerwinski and he has appeared on his channel before, just as Peter was on his. Czerwinski is a competitive eater from Canada.

There have been rumors about Matt being an animal abuser and selling animals for fur, but PETA has been investigating this and found out that all of these are lies.

Matt was very hurt to hear that people thought he did that and in many of the statements he gave he said that he would never do such things because his initial wish is to help animals and to help people that treat them to have long and happy friendships with them.

Quick summary

Full name: Matt Carriker

Date of birth: October 21st, 1986

Birthplace:  Texas

Age: 32

Profession: vetenerian, YouTube star

Height: 205 cm

Weight: 95 kg

Net Worth: $1.8 million

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