Anton Kreil Net Worth 2024: How Wealthy Is he?

Anton Kreil is known as professional trader. He have worldwide fame for professional courses he made.

Anton also had his TV series called Million Dollar Trade, aired on the British television in 2009.

His life in the childhood wasn’t easy and that made him to do the best of himself and became successful in life and career. Now he is very successful and well known as professional in business.

Early years:

Anton was born in Liverpool in 1979. His exact birh date is not available. He was raised in his birthplace, but his family was not rich so he had tough life as a child. His mother tried hard to work and earn money to feed Anton and his brother, because she was alone with two kids. When he had only 4 years, Anton’s father moved to Germany and he and his brother stayed with a mother. Anton have brother who is big part of his childhood. They together spent hours playing with kids from their street games such as football.

He never was ashamed of his earlier life, what more he is thankful for the childhood he had and for he was poor. He stated that being poor is what made of him man who he is today. His tough life made him to realize that he must to make life better and to get out from life he had. So he tried hard and he succeed to accomplish his goals. As someone who didn’t want to just survive trough the life, one day for another, he decided to go to college. This made him to left his home when he was 18 years old. Anton attended Manchester University, and he graduated in Economics in his 21st year. He was first in the family who attended and graduated at University.

What Is the Net Worth of Anton Kreil?

As of 2024, the estimated net worth of Anton is $10 Milliion.

In addition to being the owner of a Professional Trading Masterclass, he created it to mentor individuals interested in trading. Moreover, he hosted a TV series titled Million Dollar Trade on British television in 2009.

Career Development:

As a student, Anton worked for Investment banks of London as a trader. This was his dream job. In the second year of the University he was invited for an interview by Goldman Sachs. Anton cracked this interview and this led him to offer to work for  Investment Bank, which is one of the best. He accepted offer and he worked as trader when he was 20 years old.

Anton Kreil Net Worth

After his graduation on University he worked in London as a trader, and after that he was sent to work to Wall Street New York. When he returned to London, Anton made his name as a trader with talking about big risks. As someone well known in the trading business he got a job at Goldman Sachs, but eventually he moved to the Lehman Brothers. Lehman Brothers became number one while Anton worked to this European Trading franchise. He worked for this trading franchise for two years.

Soon he became someone to who people go when they wanted to get some business deal or complexity of business. He was go-to man. When Anton was 26 years old, he became part of JP Morgan as Vice President. While he worked to this European Trading Desk, Anton concluded that he is not happy with that to work for others, so he decided to quit with his job.

This decision ledhim to another. His next decision was to go to South Africa and to travel to find inspiration for his life. Anton is one of the most successful traders so he started to run school with courses about investments and trades. He now train traders and investment bankers to be successful on the stock market.

Personal life:

Anton is first child and older brother. He lived in poor family and he was not satisfied with that to live just to survive. He wanted more, better life for him and his family. As first of his family who ever get to college he already did much for himself. He moved to Manchester to finish Manchester University. His earlier life helped him a lot in the further life and to became one of the big traders.

Now he is engaged with successful woman named Meng Jiang. She works for Panda Chow Chows as a proprietor. Currently, both of them live in Singapore. When we talk about social networks he have profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

On Facebook he have private profile, but everything what he posts is public, so if you follow him you will be able to see his posts as well as his friends. Link of his profile on Facebook is:

On Instagram he have more than 4K followers. Link of his profile on Instagram is:

His account on Twitter is the most active and it have a bigger number of followers. His profile on this social network have around 37.3K followers. Link of his profile on Twitter is:

He also have active profile on LinkedIn. Link is:

Beside all of this, Anton also have his personal web site where people can get informations about him and his career. Link is:

Quick summary

Full name: Anton Kreil

Date of birth: 1979

Birthplace: Liverpool, England

Age: 39

Profession: Coach, investment banker, trader, reality TV personality

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $10 Million

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