Bretman Rock Net Worth 2024: How Much Does This Make-Up Artist earns?

Bretman Rock is a very good makeup artist and a very popular YouTuber, but how well do you know him? Find out things about Bretman Rock’s life that you probably didn’t know.

Filipino YouTuber Bretman Rock just showed off the inside of his Hawaii home, which cost a lot of money. In a recent home tour video shared by Architectural Digest on YouTube, Bretman Rock showed off custom paintings, a chalkboard wall, his science corner, and more. 

Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock’s Net Worth in 2024


It is thought that Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock is worth around $67.26 million. Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock’s confirmed net worth has not been found, but Net Worth Spot thinks he is worth about $67.26 million.

A lot more than that has been said about how much Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock is worth. Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock may be worth more than $107.61 million if we count the money he makes from things other than Instagram.

How much does Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock earn?

It is thought that Ezoic Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock makes about $13.45 million a year.Fans often want to know how much money Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock makes. As of now, 14.74 million people follow Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock on Instagram.

To give you an idea, the average Instagram user has 150 followers. From that, it looks like Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock has over 98,28,000 times as many fans as the usual profile page.


Each of Bretman’s (Da Baddest) Rock’s photos get about 1.2 million likes, which is a lot more than the average of 21 likes an Instagram user gets. Instead, Instagram users with a lot of followers can charge a lot of money to post sponsored pictures. At 1.0%, Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock has a great interaction rate.

These kinds of accounts might ask for anywhere from $2 to $3.50 for every thousand friends or fans, or even more. With this many fans, Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock could ask for $36.85 thousand for a single post. Sometimes, though, the rate could be even higher, going up to $73.71 thousand.

If Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock only put out one paid post every day, the profile could make $26.9 million a year. Influencers rarely only make money from sponsored posts. Most of the time, they have jobs, put out their stuff, do speaking engagements, or share their stuff.

When our experts think about these other ways Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock makes money, his income and net worth are probably a lot higher than what NetWorthSpot says. The average person doesn’t know how much Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock is worth, but our website thinks he might be worth around $67.26 million.

Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock is likely worth more than 107.61 million dollars when other income sources are taken into account. There are 14.74 million people who follow Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock on Instagram. That means Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock has over 98,28,000 times as many fans as the usual profile.

Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock’s posts get an average of 1.2 million likes each, which is a lot more than the average of 1,261 likes an Instagram user gets.


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Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock Career

Given that Bretman has always loved makeup, he chose social media as the best way to show off his skills to everyone. Bretman began his YouTube page on September 23, 2012, when he was 14 years old. His movies showing how to do makeup are very popular on Instagram, and people like what he does.

He was well-known on Instagram, and his amazing and interesting videos made him the leader on Vine as well. Back when he was a teenager, he looked up to makeup artists like Patrick Starrr and Talia Joy. A lot of people have said bad things about his career choice, but that didn’t stop him.

He kept going like nothing was stopping him. He first started on YouTube by posting comedic videos. But when he switched to making up videos, he got a huge number of new fans. On his YouTube account, he even posts vlogs with his sister. In 2017, Time Magazine named him one of the “Most Influential Teens in the World.”

A lot of people started to enjoy his makeup videos, which led to him working with some of the biggest names.put together his makeup line with help from Morphe, Colorpop, and Wet’n’Wild. This is Bretman’s main collection of bright eyeshadow, which gets its ideas from where he lives.


Because his goods are so easy to get, even younger people can do it without any problems. He has many successes and achievements in his life because he works hard and does good work. He has broken all the myths about him and become one of the most popular and famous people on social media.

Income Sources

His YouTube account brings in a huge amount of money for Bretman Rock. His huge net worth comes from the fact that he has so many followers, and the number keeps growing at an exponential rate. He also makes a lot of money from the people who follow him on Instagram.


He did affiliate marketing and ads, and he made a lot of money from it. He even promotes the goods of other companies, which pays him well in the end. Not only that, but he has also bragged about great business deals that help him stay rich.


Bretman Rock is thought to be worth $6 million as of 2024. Every year, he makes $500,000, and most of that comes from his YouTube account and promoting brands. He is a big star and has a lot of fame because he is very active on social media.

A lot of people are interested in him because his material is so good. He was even named the People’s Choice Award winner for best beauty advocate. Even better, Bretman owns a beautiful home in Hawaii that has all the basic and necessary comforts

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