Bretman Rock Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

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Bretman Rock is an extremely popular make-up artist who comes from the United States and who is becoming more famous each and every year. His net worth has come up to one million dollars.

Early years

Bretman was born on July 31, 1998 on the island of Phillipines to parents of Portugese roots. His physical appearance clearly connects him to his European roots and Portugese descent. He loves to spend time with his family and he is deeply connected to his ancestry.

After living in the Phillipines for a while, the family decided to move to Hawaii which became his new home where he feels especially calm and happy. Bretman is still living in Hawaii, close to his mother and his friends.

He often goes to Los Angeles because of his work but he always comes home to Hawaii, because he likes that great nature and big sea wherever he turns. It makes him feel peacefull.

Bretman has a younger sister who is nicknamed Princess Mae and who made a big career on social media too, mostly because Bretman opened her the doors to internet business.

She is a huge Instagram star and she often guests on Bretman’s videos and posts. Although she has her audience she will never be as popular as her brother Bretman.

Bretman does not mind the fact that his relatives are getting popular because of him, he loves to share, although he seems like the type of person who is a bit arrogant.

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Bretman lives with his mother because his parents are divorced and are separated that way for a long period of time. This left an impact on him, especially because it happened in his early life.

He was a very small kid when they got separated. His father left the family and Bretman stayed alone with his mum and sister trying to get their life track.

And they have succeeded because they had a nice childhood and a loving mother who is still very close to both of them. Bretman used to blame himself for the things that are happening and he says that sometimes he thought that it all happened because he was an unexpected kid.

He was a very good pupil, both in lower classes and in high school. He went to Campbell High School and in that period he started to be interested in social media platforms and the possibility to reach thousands of people with just a few clicks.

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He always liked to draw attention to himself and tried to be interesting to everyone in every area of life. He was known as a joker and was popular for his funny faces and the capability to imitate famous people.

He was still in high school when he opened his Instagram account and started getting a lot of followers. Although he is very interesting to most of the viewers, some of them think that he is a little bit fake but he says he is the same in the video as he is in real life.

He graduated from high school in 2016 and many people don’t believe that he was good in school, but he truly was. Bretman always talked about the stereotypical YouTube creator with no life or education outside of YouTube, and he always said that he is not one of those people.

Many people don’t know that his real name isn’t Bretman Rock and that he made this name combining names of two known wrestlers: Bret Hart and The Rock.

Career development

After finishing high school he started watching YouTube more often and got very interested in make up since he already did some of it himself. His mother was always supportive of his work and this played a major role in his life.

His biggest idol was Talia Joy and she became his inspiration to start making make up videos and became an internet celebrity.

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He was always aware that some people will attack him or dislike him because of his bisexuality and the fact that he is a make up artist, but he decided not to take it personally because he has realized that this job will bring him fame one way or another.

Bretman opened his account on Vine and his videos started raisinga lot of views.

Vine was very popular at that time and he was one of the people who succeeded on Vine.

His videos gained a lot of views, especially the one called „I’m Prada you’re nada“. „When I enter the classroom“ was one of his most viewed videos. A lot of his videos have a comedy content in them and show his great sense of humour.

His second platform where he started posting videos is Snapchat, and he was also very popular on this platform too.

He is a very openminded person and has no problem with sharing intimate thoughts and feelings with his viewers and fans. He thinks that is much easier to live saying what you really think; that way you will be surrounded only by friends.

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One of the things he spoke a lot was bullying at school, and his videos were pointed to raise awareness about it. He said that teens can be very rough and that he is aware of that, so he always spreads the positive messages on his channel, his Instagram and other social media.

It was something he was struggling with during schooling and he wants to help other kids who were in his shoes and in the same situations.

Bretman always emphasizes how important it is to be yourself no matter what happens.

After graduating high school, Bretman wanted to enroll the University of California and he was very into fashion industry at that time.

Since he was already very popular, he made his own line of make-up in collaboration with some make-up brands called Morphe, Ulta Beauty and Beauty Bay. All of these were a major success and he soon became one of the best known people in the beauty industry.

After becoming a fashion make-up icon, he decided to make his own brand of clothing and it was named Bretman Rock.

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His merchandise can be bought on „Wnrs“ marketplace and he gaines a lot of money from it.

He came out with a tweet on 21 November 2017 where he stated that he is gay.

Bretman decided that he had to use his influence in changing the society for better so he tries to fight for gay people rights. One of the biggest events he was connected to was #KissAndMakeup. He speaks about tolerance and love amongst people.

He hosted the 65th Miss Universe Rd Carpet event on his home Phillipines.

He has also launched his „Babe in Paradise“ highlighting pallette in collab with Morphe.

In 2017, he became known all over the world because a famous magazine „Time“ listed him as one of the most influental people in that year.

Bretman is known for his obsession on eyebrows and loves all the products connected to it.

The same year he was named as one of the most influental people in the USA, he toured the country visiting over 20 cities and hanging out with his fans.

Personal life

Although he was bullied in school, that didn’t stop him from being good at many sports so it is known that he played volleyball, soccer and baseball.

Bretman is very happy to be an uncle to his sister’s baby girl named Cleo. He loves her very much and spends a lot of time with her.

Baby Cleo has her own Instagram account which counts over 600k followers. Bretman often makes videos with Baby Cleo.

Although it seems very unusual, he likes to listen to reggae very much.

He is a big fan of Patrick Starr who is also a very respectable make-up artist.

Quick summary

Full name:

Date of birth: July 31,1998

Birthplace: Phillipines,

Age: 20

Profession: Youtuber, make-up artist

Height: 1,73 m

Weight: 55 kgs

Net Worth: $1 million

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