Mercy Johnson Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height

Celebrities lead extravagant and luxurious lifestyles that often make us feel envious. But then, we read their life stories and career paths and see how it is not all glitz and glamour as we might think.

There is far more to learn about your favorite celebrity, than what meets the eye.

In today’s text we are going to learn more about Mercy Johnson, a Nigerian singer and actress. She is very well known in Nigeria.

We are going to learn more about her career path, her lifestyle and biography in general, so if you are interested to find out more, keep on reading.

Early Years

Mercy Johnson was born on August 28th 1984 in Lagos, Nigeria. Her father was a naval officer, while her mother was a stay at home mom.

She was born in a family of 6, having four brothers and sisters. Mercy finished her primary education in Calabar but due to her father’s profession, she had to move to Lagos state and continue her education there.

Mercy went to the Rivers State Secondary school and finished it in Lagos State. Mercy always knew that she is going to be in show business, and from an early age she enjoyed entertaining others, singing and dancing. She was a very vibrant child, and everyone knew she is going to become a huge star.

Her family struggled a lot when she was younger. They didn’t have enough money and Mercy was forced to find a job and help her family out by making money. This eventually led up to her leaving school and working full time. The acting career came to her as a gift and she found her talent for acting by pure accident.

She is very close to her family and has always been. She loves spending time with their three siblings and they are still very much connected.

There aren’t any more information about Mercy and her childhood, so we are going to jump on to her career path and see how she managed to reach the success she did in her native Nigeria.

Career Path

After finishing her school, Mercy made the decision to audition for a part in the Maid. She managed to get the role, and after this smaller role, others in War in the Palace, Hustlers and Baby Oku in America followed.

By 2009, she already managed to get several quality roles and was starting to get noticed by the press.

African Movie Award Ceremony gave her an award for the Best Supporting Actress. In 2013 she received another award for the Best Actress from the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards for a part she played in Dumebl the Dirty Girl.

Google listed her as the most googled Nigerian star. This tells us a lot about her popularity and how big of a star she is. She managed to hold this position the next year as well. Mercy is a senior assistant for the kogi governor for entertainment, culture and arts.

Mercy has an estimated net worth of 1.65$ million, which is a pretty large amount considering that she is a celebrity from Nigeria and that she hasn’t reached out to the international market.

Mercy is listed as one of the 10 richest female actors in Nigeria and she is on the third place of the list.

Mercy has acted in over 120 different movies, and her acting career is pretty extensive. She is one of the biggest stars in Nigeria and she continues to hold that role, even though she is 34 years old at the moment. Her love for acting will surely push her into pursuing her dream further, so we can expect much more from her in the future.

The two people who are richer than her on this list are Rita Dominic and Genevieve Nnaji. Considering the fact that Mercy married Prince Odianosen Okojie, the couple’s net worth is now much larger. Mercy owns a lot of expensive things and she often shares her happiness on her social media.

Besides earning money from her acting jobs, Mercy earns money through endorsements and being brand ambassador. She has been endorsed by Mr. Chef, Virony Nigeria and many more. She probably earn a lot through these endorsements, but the details of the contract are not available.

She has many followers and subscribers who love and support her. She shares photos from her private life, but also information about her upcoming projects.

Mercy is now more devoted to their family and husband, than to her acting career, but we can certainly expect a comeback soon.

Personal life

Mercy was born in a family of 6 and was raised by very strict parents. Her father worked as a naval officer, so the family was forced to move around a lot due to his job. She admitted that her family didn’t have a lot of money and that they suffered in a financial way when she was younger.

To help her family out, she had to find a job early on and start working to earn money for her and her parents. This interrupted her school time, and she was eventually forced to drop out of school and start working instead.

Acting was something she tried to do, not because she was determined to succeed but because she was looking for a way to earn money for her family. She ended up realizing that she is very good at acting and that this should be her profession from that point on.

The first movie she appeared in was The Maid. It was then that the larger companies noticed her talent and all the doors were open for her. The roles kept on coming after that first movie, and allowed her to earn that large net worth.

Mercy doesn’t like sharing too much of her wealth on social media, but from the photos she did post, we can conclude that she has some nice cars and a beautiful home where she lives with her family. She got married to Prince Odianosen Okojie and the couple has three children together.

Her children’s names are Angel, Purity and Henry. She seems to be happy being a mom, and judging by her large home she might try for another baby very soon. Seems like Merc is still the humble girl she always was, and she doesn’t like flaunting her wealth for everyone to see.

Even though she is only 34 years old, Mercy is pretty much succeeded to achieve everything she could dream of. She probably has more than some people can dream of, and she uses her wealth only for good purposes.

So far, Mercy has been in 120 movies in Nigeria and it is no wonder that she so popular in her home country. We have yet to see if she is going to try to achieve success in international movie career.

She hasn’t showed interest for that yet, but since she is only 34 years old, we can expect a lot more from her in the future.

Mercy managed to get pretty great endorsement deals from famous companies in Nigeria, which secured her financially for the future. Surely her family will have a nice life, with her earning as much money as she does right now and probably she is going to be bringing more cache in in the future.

Mercy is living in Lagos where she moved with her family when she was younger. Even though she managed to reach amazing success, she didn’t want to move to any other country or city.

She often speaks about her love for her parents and her family. She seems to be pretty happy in a place she is now, but we do hope she is going to keep making great movies in the future.

Quick summary

Full name: Mercy Johnson

Date of birth: Agust 28th 1984

Birthplace: Lagos, Nigeria

Age: 35

Profession: Actress, singer

Height: 1.65m

Weight: 75 kg

Net Worth: 1.65$ million

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