Michelle Visage Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height

Being a celebrity is not as easy as people might think. They are carrying a big responsibility on their shoulders and need to always take care of the fact how their image is presented in the public.

Every story is different and we cannot judge someone for the decisions he has made in the past. By learning more about our favorite celebrities, we receive an opportunity to understand their position better and to get closer to them in one way.

In today’s text we are going to talk about Michelle Visage, an American radio DJ, singer and media personality.

We will talk about her net worth, biography and all the different ways she has made an impact on the American show business.

Early Years

Michelle Lynn Shupack (born Sept. 20, 1968), or Michelle Visage, is a charismatic figure that many gay young people in many countries have known for some years. The muse of the breasts has been holding the position of fixed judge of the reality RuPaul’s Drag Race since 2011, with its sincere comments and its extravagant looks, and we love!

If that’s all you know about Michelle, know that there are many other curious facts about the brunette’s life that you will undoubtedly like to know. Yes, that’s right! At the age of 16, Michelle was the winner of a Madonna look-alike contest in New Jersey, and to this day she calls herself a “number one” fan of Material Girl.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, Michelle was one of the members of the band Seduction, along with April Harris and Idalis DeLeón. The group was produced by Robert Clivillés and David Cole, recorded a studio album at the time and won 4 hits in the top 10 on Billboard. After the group ended, Michelle continued composing and recording with the band The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. or alone. See Michelle (in blue and blonde hair) with Seduction:

At age 17 Michelle left New Jersey, where she majored in a technical arts degree, and went to study in Manhattan. A few years later, immediately after earning a degree in Performing Arts (more specifying Musical Theater), she began working as an actress and singer.

In addition to singer, actress, RuPaul’s Drag Race jury and host of radio programs and podcasts, in 2015 Michelle became the author. In her first book, The Diva Rules, she speaks in a relaxed way about her experiences and gives life advice. The book is for sale on Amazon.com.

One of the songs he recorded with The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M., called It’s Gonna Be a Lovely Day, has entered the soundtrack of the film The Coast Guard. It’s the only song on the track not sung by Whitney Houston.

In the late 1990s, Michelle worked alongside RuPaul on RuPaul’s Show, a talk show with a comedic footprint that was then featured on VH1. With the help of Michelle, RuPaul interviewed in this program several celebrities like Diana Ross, Patti Labelle and even the Menudo group!

Michelle has always been open in interviews regarding her great dream of becoming a great actress of musicals. Although she currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughters, she still engages in such projects and says her focus is still on Broadway because her professional passion has always been musical.

In 2015, Michelle was one of the participants of the reality show The Celebrity Big Brother UK, in England, next to Katie Prize and Perez Hilton, among others famous. She left the house after 31 days, being in 5th place in that edition of the program.

Michelle’s husband, David Case, is a screenwriter in Hollywood and has written screenplays for several North American series. Despite being discreet in the media, David interacts extensively with his wife and Drag Race fans on his twitter profile (click here to visit). They have been married for over 20 years, live in Los Angeles and have two daughters.

In addition to being the all-time jury of RuPaul’s Drag Race since the third, Michelle is also the host of the Battle of the Seasons tour, with which she travels the world every year with Queens participating in several seasons of reality. The show has already gone through the US, in addition to several countries in Europe, Asia and also in Australia.

Career Path

Michelle is a very versatile artist and her life has been full of ups and downs. Her career started with music and videos. Her first performance in front of an audience was at a Madonna lookalike contest where she won the first place. This motivated her to move to New York and try pursuing an acting career.

She became very well known in the night scene, and her mother decided to give her a fake ID so that she can make even more connections and to further her career. She was most popular on the New York vouguing and ball scene. The House of Ninja included her as an honorary member.

In 1988 she appeared, together with Cesar Valentino, in a movie called The Latin Connection. The two of them vouged and this was actually the first time that vouging was shown on national TV. The second name Visage was created after she was nicknamed “cara” (face), while performing.

During the 1980s she met her costar and friend RuPAul and the two of them are still friends. Visage attended parties organized by Susanne Bartsch and in the 1989 she appeared in The Love Ball. Madonna was also present on this event, and this was the first time she saw vouging. This inspired her to include vouging in her song Vogue.

To make ends mead, Visage worked as a receptionist in Casablanca Fundamental Things in garment district. She applied for an audition and won a place on the Seduction, which was an R&B trio. She performed within the group and their biggest hit was the song Two Make it Right. The group ended up splitting after a while, and Michelle did a project with TKA on a song called Crash.

Her song “It is gonna be a lovely day” was one of the songs on The Bodyguard and became a number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1993. She appeared in RuPaul’s music albums and many other projects during the nineties.

Another love of hers was radio. She co-hosted the Jamz Session in L.A. from 2002 to 2005. In 2005 she decided to go back to New York and continued co-hosting a radio show on the Morning Mix. In 2014 she joined RuPaul on his show called RuPaul: What’s the Tee?.

RuPaul and Visage seem to be connected throughout their lives. The first show she worked on with RuPaul was on VH1 the RuPaul Show. RuPaul called Visage to join his show as a judge, but she couldn’t because of her contract with CBS.

From the 2011 she became a permanent member on the RuPaul’s Drag Race show, after she managed to make a deal with CBS. She has now become a household name on the show and everyone who knows RuPaul, knows Michelle as well.

Michelle became a part of the British Big Brothers in 2015. She managed to reach the fifth place in the show, and through the course of the show we were able to learn more about her as a person. She definitely showed stamina and endured such psychologically hard situations, therefore the fifth place was well-deserved.

In 2017, she was a commentator of the Eurovision Song Contest together with Ross Mathews and her most recent project is the appearance on the show Ireland’s got Talent. She is definitely a very versatile artist and a performer at heart.

When it comes to theater, she tried her talents there as well, as a part of the everybody’s talking about Jamie in 2018. Still television and radio are her first loves and she prefers being a host and judge than performing as an actor. Luckily, there are many people who agree with her on that and enjoy watching her as a judge on the RuPaul drag race.

Michelle’s net worth is estimated at around 800$ thousand and most of the money comes from her TV performances, songs and her co-hosting job at the RuPaul’s drag race. Michelle is hired at many different projects and her talents are many, but it seems like she has been around for a while and the money started to get thin.

We will continue seeing Michelle on the RuPaul’s drag race, since she will be joining him next season as well. She hasn’t announced any new projects yet, so we have to wait and see what more she has in store for us. Until she shows us something new and exciting, we can enjoy her songs and other, older, performances.

Personal life

Michelle was very open about her struggles with eating disorders. She said in many interviews, that she suffered from them when she was 13 years old and this is when her agony started. From that point on, the struggles with weight and anxiety only grew bigger.

Michelle is living in California right now together with her husband David Case and their daughters Lola and Lillie. She lives a quiet family life and there aren’t any scandals or stories linked to her family in the press. Her husband is a famous screenwriter and author.

In 2015, Michelle tried another one of her talents and that is writing. She published her book The Diva Rules and the book is going to be published in Swedish and released in 2019. Michelle’s career has been a roller-coaster and she has been around for many years.

Her talents can only be described as versatile and unique. Being one of the first people who made “vouging” style of dance popular, and being an inspiration for so many other artists is certainly astonishing.

Michelle’s personal life and career are almost without any smears and she has managed to stay relevant based purely on her talent and nothing else. She deserves to be in the spotlight more than she is right now, but the fact that she remain in show business for such a long time, tells us a lot about her.

Quick summary

Full name: Michelle Lynn Shupack

Date of birth: September 20, 1968

Birthplace: Nairobi, Kenya

Age: 51

Profession: Singer, radio host, television personality, television host

Height: 1.65 m

Weight: 50 kg

Net Worth: 800$ thousand

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