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Hoodie Allen is a popular and well liked American rapper, songwriter and singer who originates from New York.

Early years

He was born as Steven Adam Markowitz on August 19, 1988 in Long Island, New York, United States.He was raised in a very religious family  they have never forced their children to be radical in it.

Steven lived a calm life as a member of a plain Plainview family. He also has a brother called Daniel with whom he was always very close and who supported him all his life. As a child he started writing songs and loved to rapp at parties, entertain his friends and make his own rhymes.

Steven was a pupil at the Long Island School and was later transfered to Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School in the same town.

He enrolled the University of Pennsylvania where he loved to play in the college football team. He was a big fan of sports, especially football and basketball. He graduated at the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in marketing and finance and after that started working at Google.

It was a very hard routine for him since he started working in that company. Even after he came home, he was eager to make music, preapiring himself for concerts and answer fanmail until it was late in the night.

He was very ambitious and didn’t want to stay on his current workplace forever. He wanted to have a music career because he has enjoyed it much more than a desk job.

Career development

After he got some opportunities to do live shows, he left his job and started working on his career as a musician.

Originally, Hoodie Allen was a duo of Steven and his childhood friend, Obey City (Samuel Obey).

They got the name Hoodie Allen because Steven’s childhood nickname was Hoodie and he wanted a name to be funny so he added Allen so it sounds like Woody Allen’s name. They were right, the name was very catchy.

Their first releases weretwo mixtapes named  “Making Waves” and the “Bagels & Beats” .

These two author works gained them a nomination for the MTV’s Best Music on Campus Award. It was in 2009.

They have also released a succesfull single titled „UPENN Girls „.

Obey City decided to move away from making music so Steven decided to continue where they stopped.

He decided to keep their name Hoodie Allen because it was already very known and Obey had nothing against it.

It was in the summer the same year that Hoodie allen made a single  „You Are Not a Robot“. This single was a huge hit in the past, sang by marina and the Diamonds and after Hoodie made his version it came on number one of a lot of charts.

He was very hardworking and has spent the whole summer making his new mixtape titled „ Pep Rally“.

He used a lot of other group’s singles for this mixtape. Not only from marina and the Diamonds but from  Two Door Cinema Club, and Flight Facilities as well.

After his single  „You Are Not A Robot“ became a hit he decide to finance the video himself. The video gained the song more popularity through internet and television.

His following mixtape was named  “Leap Year” and it was released in the summer of 2011.

In spring of 2012 he made an EP called „All American“ and it soon became one of the most listened songs in the city. After a few days it became No.1 on the  iTunes charts. The album also reached a high rank on the chart of Billboard’s most popular albums.

Hoodie answered fans who asked him why is the mixtape named like that with an explanation that it stands for “the leap of faith” he had during the year he quit his job and recorded the mixtape.

Hoodie planned his big tour through North America from  New York City to Canada.

All American was the fastest  album he ever made because it was made in a period of half a year. He made it in collaboration with RJF, a music producer.

„No Interruption“  was the first single he released from this album and ofcourse it was followed by a video because he discovered the importance of videos.

„No Faith In Brooklyn“ was a single releasedin spring and it featured another popular artist called  Jhameel.

His new tour was focused on the promotion of this albumbut he asked several artist to join him. One of them was Jared Evan.

His first overseas tour was named  “I work Better” and it was oriented to England.

At the beginning of 2013 he made a video for the single named „Cake Boy“.

„Fame is For Assholes“ was made with the help of  Chiddy Bang.

“Cruisin’ USA Tour” was organized in 2013.

After that he toured all across Europe. It was a new teritory for him and he never dreamed of that he was so popular there.

In summer 2013 his new EP named “Americoustic” started selling in the States.

In 2014 the single named  „Show Me What You’re Made Of“ peaked at number two on iTunes.

The same year he has received his nickname so his fans call him “Dad”, which sounds a little peculiar but it seems like it was his idea.

He performed the same song live on “Good Day Philadelphia”, which is a morning show aired on Fox.

He went on tour called „People Keeping Talking“  alongside Chiddy Bang and some other artist he invited to come with him. This tour lasted almost a year because he toured worldwide.

At the beginning of 2016 Hoodie released his second studio album called Happy Camper.

„Champagne and Pools“ was his next artwork and it featured a lot of artists. It also came to top three on iTunes..

This album was second on the iTunes  albums chart of all music genres. It was a big success and gained Hoodie a lot of revenue.

In autumn  2017 he released his third studio album called “The Hype”. It contained twelve songs and one of them titled “All My Friends” is featured by State Champs.

Hoodie appeared  in videos for the CollegeHumor Team made by Amir and Jake. He had a role of the music teacher in it.

Personal life

In 2011, Hoodie started dating the beautiful Taryn Levenstein. She grew up in Long Island just as Hoodie and she was Jewish too.

They have travelled to Barcelona, Costa Rica and many more places and were in happy relationship until 2015 when they separated.

After spring 2015, Hoodie stopped posting photos of her on his social media accounts. Although they were very much in love it seemed that they had different opinions on many important things which can not be overlooked.

Currently he is in a relationship with a gorgeous model named Sadie Newman. Other than modelling for all the big fashion industry names she had a role in “Law&Order:Special Victims Unit” series.

He hopes that this relationship will bring him comfort and that he will soon start his own family. She is also a big lover of babies so it sems that bright days are in front of them.

Quick summary

Full name: Steven Adam Markowitz

Date of birth: August 18, 1988

Birthplace: Long Island, New York, United States

Age: 30

Profession: singer, rapper, producer

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 60 kgs

Net Worth: $1 million

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