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Leah Pritchett is a beautiful and talented American drag racer who is currently breaking records while racing for Don Schumacher team and who won eight pro titles until today. She is in top 5 of the most successful female drag racers nowadays.

Early years

She was born on May 26, 1988 in a place called Redland, in California in United States. She was given the name Leah Christine Pritchett by her loving parents Ron Pruet and Linda Pruet.

She has only one sibling, a sister named Lindsey Pruett who also became a driver later in her teens. Leah was a true athlete from her early age. She was always on the move and she was involved in several sports.

During high school she was a great athlete and a student so she easily achieved her goal of enrolling the California State University by getting an athlete’s scholarship there. Her parents witnessed her racing talent from an early age and this was proven by the fact that she got involved with drag racing when she was only 8 years old.

Pritchett’s father was also a drag racer so Leah was on the races from a very early age.

Career development

As soon as she was ten years old, in 1998, she became the NHRA Jr. Dragster National Team Champion racing  which was a tremendous success for such a young teen.

From 1999 up to 2001 she has earned the title of a Dragster Champion every year. Until 2005 she succeeded in garnering a total of 37 NHRA Jr. Dragster titles which was considered fantastic.

In 2007 she broke an extreme record as the very first woman to succeed in running the elapsed time of 5 seconds. In 2008 she managed to earn her license with the NHRA Nitro Funny Car racing.

In 2009, Leah became world known after breaking the record which was to drive faster than 250 mph at Nitro Nostalgia Funny Car race.

In 2011, Leah decided to switch her team and she joined R2B2 Racing team which was imidiatelly followed by twobwins and earning a Pro Mod License. In 2013, she broke her own personal records in speed and time.

In 2014 and 2015 she has become better and better after every season which eventually led to her winning of her first Top Fuel title in Phoenix.

She was a member of the Bob Vandergriff Racing crew until the spring 2016 when she transferred to Don Schumacher Racing Team.

In February 2016, she has made it to all national news after she made her first national event win of the carrer at NHRA National Championship  in Arizona, where she managed to defeat the fabulous Brittany Force.

This event was even more special due to the fact that it was the  first time after 1982 that the final round of the event was an all-female round.

This brought high media attention on her and gave her great motivation for continuing to work harder and push herself to her limits.

It also gained her new sponsorship contracts so after this event she was contracted to Mopar (an organization connected to Chrysler Motors), Papa John’s Pizza Company and the U.S. Army(which means that she will have great resources in this field).

On her Facebook page, her fans can buy her ‘Pritchett Presents’ items such as caps and T-shirts with her LP logo.

She has over 130,000 followers on her Instagram account where she regularly posts her photos about cars and races, but she also shows her engagement in benefitiary events, like for example the event to collect funds for ‘Riley Children Hospital’.

In 2017, Leah became a member of Don Scumacher racing team and gained three new partners. Through the year, she has won four times at national events.

She was never involved in any controversy but it is known that she was involved in the feud with a man named Steve Torrence. The argument took place at the Thunder Valley National competition.

It is also clear that she has an ongoing beef with Brittany Force, a current No.1 drag racer because Leah want to get her off her throne and take her place as No.1.

From 2018, an American beverage company called “Sparkling Ice” became her new sponsor and their logo will be put on her dragster and her suit.

Personal life

She lives in a town named Avon together with her husband Gary Pritchett who works as a general car chief in Top Fuel professional organization.

The two of them met on the race in Gainesville, Florida in 2011, and got married in 2013. They have worked together untul she was pulled out of Vandergriff Racing Team so they are oponents on the track now.

Gary says that it can be very confusing for him since he wants his wife to win but also wants his team to win.

Leah hasn’t got such problems since she is very ambitious and wants always to come up first.

They got married in 2013 and live with their personal life hidden away from the media. They sometimes post photos on their social media accounts but they try not to let their workplaces influence their life together.

They have no children yet, and aren’t planning them soon since she is on the top of her game now.

She has a strong relationship with her mother but isn’t that close with her father. She used to have a better relationship with him since he was the one who made her enter the racing world but it seems that they are not as close today.

Her father is Ron Pruett, a drag racer who helped her get into the world of racing. He still holds the world record for land speed.

He owns and drives a Thinderbird car which is considered to be the world’s fastes car in this model.

Leah’s sister Lindsey was also a competitor in drag races for Jr. Dragster series and Leah joined her to become one of the most prosperous junior drivers.

Leah and her husband are very active in NHRA (Nationa Hot Rod Association) and they don’t work together.

He is in Steve Torrence team which is one of Pritchett’s biggest rivals in Top Fuel. She comes second after him in a lot of races and it drives her crazy.

From 2018, an American beverage company called “Sparkling Ice” became her new sponsor and their logo will be put on her dragster and her suit.

Outside racing, she likes to get dressed and go out somewhere fancy or on an event to move away from dominantly male world.

Quick summary

Full name: Leah Christine Pritchett

Date of birth: May 26, 1988

Birthplace: Redland, California, United States

Age: 30

Profession: drag racer

Height: 1, 75m

Weight: 67 kgs

Net Worth: $4 million

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