John P Kee Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height

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In today’s text we are going to discuss the net worth, biography and career of John P Kee, famous American Gospel singer. If you are a big fan of his and would like to learn more, then keep on reading.

Early years

John P Kee’s real name is John Prince Kee on June 4th 1962. He was born in Durham in North Carolina and grew up in a large family among 16 children. Growing up in a large family had a huge impact on him and made him understand the true value of close family relationships.

Since he was really young, many noticed his exceptional talent for music and singing. He entertained others around him and enjoyed being in the center of attention. John went to the North Carolina School of Arts where he stayed until he was 14 years old. The school is located in Winston-Salem.

When he turned 14, he decided to move together with his brothers Al and Wayne. They moved to California and started the Yuba College Conservatory School of Music. The School was located in Marysville in California.

John started playing with different musical groups such as Donald Byrd and Camo, as well as with Blackbyrds. He had a very hard time adjusting to the different life in California, so he decided to move to North Carolina to Charlotte.

When he came to Charlotte, he soon realized that the neighborhood he located to be full of drugs and violence. There, he was a witness of a terrifying murder of one of his friends during a drug deal. This is when he realized it is time to return to God and start living his life differently.

During one revival meeting, he found God again and choose to dedicate his life to Him.

Career development

In one interview, he admitted that he found God or God spoke to him during one of his trips to Michigan together with his choir.

He was twenty-something when he decided to become a minister. During his ministry in Ohio he had a prophetic vision. In that vision, he was told to continue the building of the Fellowship Center in Charlotte.

Through this Center, he would be able to communicate with people of Charlotte and allow them to have a place of their own, to come together and pray.

He was the founder of the New Life Fellowship Center and he became and still is the senior pastor there.

He made the decision to raise the church in the same place, where he was once caught up in a circle of drugs and violence in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This was also the moment when his life started to take a more serious turn and when he was recognized by the other members of the community as the one who brought people something to hope for.

In 1980’s he started a community choir named the New Life Community Choir in Charlotte. The choir started to gain more and more popularity and soon became known around North Carolina.

The choir often travelled around that area and sang to large masses of people. John’s children are also a part of the choir and sang alongside with him.

During the nineties, he started the Victory in Praise Music and Arts Seminar Mass Choir, so he can bring together writers, singers and choirs around the country. The short name for the choir is V.I.P. which is easy to remember.

Kee’s singing career didn’t stop when he became a pastor. During all the time he was achieving different life goals, he never stopped singing and performing. What he was known for was his ability to combine Gospel with modern Gospel, to give it a more modern vibe.

He is known for his husky voice and people have been attending his performances throughout the years. Kee is now included into the Christian Music Hall of Fame and some also know him as the Prince of Gospel Music.

John’s estimated net worth is somewhere around 12.5$ million which is an astounding number. John made it in life, thanks to his enormous talent and will to overcome the temptations of life of crime and drugs.

Most of his net worth comes from his performances and success in music industry. He also has a very large number of fans and followers around the globe, not just in USA. John performed together with Men of Standard, Isaac Carree, Fred Hammond and many more.

Personal life

As we already mentioned, John grew up in difficult times, but he managed to make himself successful and achieve plenty of things. He was once caught up in a circle of violence, drugs and street life that could have costed him his life.

Luckily, he got out of this in time and managed to save himself from such difficult life. He grew up in a large family which made him value thigs that are important in life. His musical talent and singing voice is what set him apart at the time, and that is what brought him such fame.

Kee lived through a difficult tragedy in his early years, when his best friend was killed in a drug deal. This made him realize that life is too short to waste it on the streets hustling. He made the decision to help the community and help himself through the process.

As a pastor, he is beloved by many people and has thousands of fans across the globe. In 1995, he met and married the love of his life. Felice Sampson won his heart and they have been together since 1995. The couple has nine children, which only shows that Kee enjoyed the fact that he had so many brothers and sisters to look up to.

One of his sons recently joined Sean P. Diddy Combs live band, where he plays the drums. He will be joining Diddy on his tour called Last Train to Paris. When it comes to social media, Kee is not active on social media and doesn’t really enjoy sharing details from his private life.

He mostly shares information about his performances and inspirational quotes for the ones who are following him. Kee is a true example of how anyone can achieve anything they want, but we have to roll up our sleeves and work hard on it.

Only this way we will be able to see true results and turn our lives around. Kee remains to be an inspiration for many of the young people struggling on the streets, and through his work he certainly works on giving them another chance to turn their lives around.

Quick summary

Full name: John Prince Kee

Date of birth: June 4th 1962

Birthplace: Durham, North Carolina

Age: 57

Profession: Pastor, Singer, Songwriter

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Net Worth: $12.5 million

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