Jemele Hill Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Jemele Hill is very popular in a world of television as a sports journalist. Before that she worked for popular network ESPN where she was a great columnist.

Early life:

Jamele was born as Jamele Juanita Hill in 1975, on December 21, to be exact. Place of her birth is Detroit, Michigan, where she was also raised and educated. Her childhood was not easy. When she was in young adult age of life, her parents was drug addicts. This marked her childhood, but it also had influence on Jamele in her future life. Name of his mother is Denise Dennard, while name of her father is not available for now.

She had really tough childhood as a child of addict parents. Later, they decided to divorce and from than Jemele lived with her mother. Denise influenced to Jemele on a very good and positive way.

She was very supportive for her daughter and Jemele had big support of her mother when she decided to be a sports journalist.

As a child, Jemele loved to watch and play baseball. She was always sports type of girl. When she was just a kid, Jemele enjoyed in writing stories, especially a short one. Soon, she realized that she actually want to write about sports and to be famous and popular sportswriter.

She attended a Mumford High School, where her prime subject was journalism. Jemele got her high school degree in 1993. Later she studied at Michigan State University, where she got her degree in 1997.

Career Development:

After a real struggle and tough life in childhood, Jemele decided to prove her self into a world of journalists. When she got her degree on the Michigan State University, she decided to start with her career. In the same ‘97 year, Jemele started to work in the Raleigh as a news observer. In the next year she had quit her job there.

In addition to continue with developing her career, in 1999 she started to work as one of writers for Detroit Free Press. She was a great writer and she worked there for more than 6 years. She quited this job in 2005, and in a same year she started to work for Orlando Sentinel as a general sports columnist.

As a successful and great journalist, Jemele eventually got job at ESPN. From 2006 she work for this network as a TV contributor and columnist. From 2006 till this day, Jemele is the X-factor and moderator in the Page 2.

From that moment she has appearance in several popular shows and programs, such as Jim Rome is Burning, The Sports Center and ESPN News. She also appeared in First Take’s First on ESPN channel.

Because of her dedication on her job, she covered Summer Olympics in 2004 and NBA Playoffs. In 2011, Jemele begun to appear in popular TV series on ESPN channel which was named His & Hers. On this show she appeared with Michael Smith with whom she also worked on the TV show which name is SC6 with Michael and Jemele. This show also aired on the ESPN at Sports Center.

Jemele works hard and she is very dedicated to her job which brings a fortune to her. When is word about her salary there are information that its amount is around a 1 million dollars. She lives a glamourous life and her net worth for now is around 5 million dollars.

Personal life:

This talented woman tries to keep her private life out of eyes of the media. She did not revealed any boyfriend and with whom she is dating but there was some rumors about that. There is gossip that she dated her co-worker whose name is Ray Lewis. This could be a false information, because she revealed that she dated with Idris Elba more than a two years.

At this moment some sources claims that she is in a relationship, but she didn’t revealed with whom she is dating.

In this year she will have 43 years of her life, and she is gorgeous and beautiful woman with curved body. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She is tall 171 cm (5 ft 7 in). We do not have an information about her weight or her measurements, but she is a handsome woman. Her skin is black, just like her hair, and her eyes are dark brown.

She is one of those people who loves music, so she can often be seen how listen music trough her earphones. She is also loving person, who likes to pleases to herself and to do whatever makes her happy.

Jemele is also active on some social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There is also page about her on Wikipedia.

On Facebook she have 146.6K likes on her official page. Link of that page is:

She is also active on Instagram, and on this social network she have 322K followers at this moment. Link is:

Jemele also have profile on Twitter and she is the most active on this social network. There she have 1.01 million followers. Link of her profile on Twitter is:

She also have page about her on Wikipedia, whose link is:

Quick summary

Full name: Jemele Juanita Hill

Date of birth: December 21, 1975

Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Age: 43

Profession: sports journalist

Height: 171 cm (5 ft 7 in)

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $ 5 million

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