Laura Lee Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

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Before she became famous, Laura Lee worked in several places to put an end to the end somehow. As a pre-school teacher, she got a job in one of the nearby schools and worked as a medical assistant for a dermatologist whose office was in Alabama as well.

During this phase of her life, it seemed clear that Lee wouldn’t get even close to fame while dealing with these jobs, nor did she think about it.

Her great success came when she switched her interest to the Internet. Up to now, it has been a success that keeps pace with many internet sensations.

Laura Lee is a huge inspiration for all young people who are trying to enter the world of Internet business somehow. Lee’s story about the way of success is very interesting.

Laura actually began her business when she started sharing more photos of herself and her makeup with her friends on Instagram.

It was interesting how Laura began because she shared her photos with her Instagram friends.

The trigger came in 2013 (even though she made her YouTube channel back in 2009) when she started her Internet business.

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Laura set up everything for recording her first video, put a smile on her face, and filmed her first tutorial.

Of course, she continued with recording numerous tutorials for her fans, while included recording product reviews after some time as well.

Early Years

This multi-talented personality was born in Montgomery, Alabama, upleUnited States on September 1, 1988.

Her zodiac sign is Virgin, which describes her personality a lot – diligence, a sense for details, and persistence.

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By nationality, she is an American, and she has Causeway roots. Laura’s childhood nickname was Larlar.

She grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, with her older sister Ashle Lee and her brother.

However, Laura doesn’t like talking about her family much and am basically this is all we know about this part of her life.

Career Development

Laura Lee is a well-known YouTube blogger whose focus is on her everyday life, new trends, makeup, and fashion.  The very idea of recording beauty videos didn’t come itself.

Laura used to watch Kandee Johnson and Nicole Guerriro before, and these girls were her inspiration.

What is more, tons of girls of that time looked up to famous YouTubers and were starting their channels.

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Laura started to realize that beauty channels, makeup, and fashion were her truly big passion, which was a sign towards a career in that field.

However, it was at first a bit weird for her to be in the same circle with beauty gurus, bloggers, and YouTubers she used to watch before she became famous.

Laura is still the type of person who would approach someone whose videos she used to watch after starting her business and give them a compliment.

She is known as the guru for the smile, and many fans really trust in Laura and are guided by her advice.

Her smile truly has the power to make you believe in everything she says.

This young woman has over 5 million subscribers on its YouTube channel, which suggests that it has found a way to capture the hearts of its fans. Laura made a lot of effort to meet the demands of her fans.

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As we mentioned earlier, she worked even as a medical assistant in her home town with a dermatologist, which actually helped her a lot, as this was great preparation for her upcoming Internet job and recording product reviews.

She learned how to recognize a good face preparation, as well as which preparations are good for different types of skin. However, being a medical assistant didn’t give her the chance to wear much makeup while on work.

Because of this, Laura used to put some more makeup on her face the moment she came home and took pictures of herself so that she could post them on Instagram.

There is no doubt that Laura Lee is one of the best visualists on YouTube.

The truth is that her creativity, her talent, and dedication brought her great fame and opportunity to make good money. Laura has two YouTube channels now.

She is publishing videos about life hacks, product reviews, makeup tutorials, glam tutorials, smiles, and has live sessions on her first channel.

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Another one is called Laura Lee Vlogs, which was launched on March 31, 2015.

She amassed more than half a million subscribers on this channel and gathered 9 million views until June 2018.

Laura released a line of eye shadows palettes in 2017 under the name Cat’s Pajamas.

In April 2018, Laura gladdened her fans with her second eye shadow palette under the name Nudie Patootie. Besides a couple of gorgeous eye shadow shades, she packed three liquid lipsticks and one eyeliner in the kit.

She also has her jewelry line of bespoke, bridal, and personalized jewelry. According to reports, the net worth of Laure Lee is estimated at more than $350,000.

This stunning lady, born in Alabama, makes her money from several business channels.

She owns her own nuance of a lipstick with Mac cosmetics, as she achieved a great collaboration with this huge company. Further, Lee has a line of her own, named Laura Lee Los Angel.

This attractive business also has released three liquid lipsticks, an eye pencil, and a series of a palette of shadows.

In 2014, in October, Laura was listed as Beauty Guru of the month by Star Central Magazine thanks to her blog and her social media channels through which she communicates with her followers.

In the course of 2017, she collaborated with one of the most famous makeup brands, Too Faced, and the outcome of this cooperation was their Sweet Peach collection.

Further, this was not the eye, Laura and Too Faced worked together on her popular eyeshadow palette Violet Voss.

Violet Voss was the limited edition and it was sold out in just a couple of days.

Laura was always open about her work, and she admitted working on this palette was one of the hardest things she has ever done until.

She had the vision to create a palette no one would hate, which was a tough task, but she made it – the whole world fell in love with her palette.

As Laura didn’t want to turn her followers down, the brand launched Violet Voss palette again.

She definitely wanted to use colors that represent her personality and included nuances she personally would use.

There is no way someone would like just random colors all over the place, and that is why Laura offered matte as well as shimmers to her fans.

Some of the names of the shadows are Mama Bird and Tickled Pink, Laura expressed her connection with her Alabama roots.

She also collaborated with the Benefit Island on their mutual collection on pencils in 2016.

As a makeup artist, Laura was invited to many shows, such as The Today show, where she promoted her brand and talked about her job more.

Laura Lee’s YouTube channel has plenty of incredible videos, one of which is “15 Back to School Heatless Hairstyles”.

After publishing this video, Laura got more than 2.5 million views in only two months after publishing it.

An average monthly salary for her business goes up to $80,000, which makes $970,000 per year.

Personal Life

Simply put, Lee and her husband are an ideal couple.

They often share images on Instagram and other social networks together, while many fans comment that they make a dream couple.

The spouse of this YouTube blogger is none other than Tyler Williams.

This couple has been together for 3 years and got married in 2015, a year after Tyler graduated from college.

Laura and Tyler became friends through a common friend even while in high school, but then they became only close friends. The next year they became inseparable, and they began dating in 2012.

They did not want to get married too soon, even though they were madly in love with each other.

The reason they did not marry immediately was that Williams was still studying, but that did not at all represent an obstacle to their love.

Tyler graduated in 2014 and was awarded the title Industrial Engineer.

Then, preparations for the wedding began, which symbolically took place in 2015, exactly 10 years after they met each other.

The exact date of their wedding is January 10, 2015.

Laura Lee decided to share a video named “The Husband Tag” Meet My Husband three months after they got married, and fans were absolutely fascinated with the couple.

The beauty community sometimes get nasty when it comes to backstabbing, old friends and partners, and apologies.

Laura Lee, Manny MUA, Gabby Zamora, and Nikita Dragun got into conflict with Jeffree Star, while of them were former friends who featured each other’s YouTube channels.

From the moment Jeffree became fonder with Kat Von D, the rest of the crew started filming without him, which only lead to a conflict.

One night, a fight and racist Tweets made Laura delete her account.

After Tweeting about black people in a negative context, Laura realized what she did and deactivated her Twitter account.

This all was followed up with her crying video with an apology.

However, many of her fans described her crying video as a fake, which lead to losing 300,000 of her followers.

Another negative outcome of this scandal was losing touch with a couple of brands Laura had been working with, such as Diff Eyewear, Boxycharm, and Ulta Beauty.

Would you like to know the ordinary daily routine of this YouTube star, but many others as well?

Laura explains this requires an incredible amount of work. Most of the times, she stays up to 4:00.

It takes about three to four hours to just FILM a video, while editing requires double work – eight hours.

Laura is posting three videos per week on YouTube, but then she has hew YouTube blog as we mentioned, as well as her Instagram account.

She is always getting professional pictures for her Instagram posts, but there is a lot of business on the back side of this all, too.

Laura is a lucky woman, as her husband, Tyler is helping her through the process, as she wouldn’t be able to do this all in a day.

She claims her job is definitely not the one from nine to five, but 24/7 type of job – it is her life.

Speaking of her style icons, Laura answered right away – Kendall Jenner.

She also likes the way Ariana Grande wears her clothes, especially because she overgrew her pink phase.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Laura Ann Lee

Date of Birth:  September 1, 1988

Birthplace: Montgomery, Alabama, United States

Age: 31

Profession: YouTube Blogger, Make Up Artist

Height: 1.57 m

Weight: 50kg

Net Worth: $1 million

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