Doutzen Kroes Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

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One of the most beautiful Victoria Secret’s models, Doutzen Kroes, or Doutzy as many call her, takes away breaths each time she appears on the runway. This gorgeous woman does acting besides modeling, and she is hella good at it.

The Dutch model and actress is one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, but her engagement in L’Oreal was as successful and significant for her as well.

Early Years

Doutzen Kroes comes from Oostermeer, Friesland, in the Netherlands and carries Dutch and Frisian roots. She was born on January 25, 1985.

Her parents are Johan Kroes and Geartsje Leistra, who have one more child besides Doutzen – Rennes Kroes, her younger sister. Both John and Geartsje have Frisian ancestors.

John was a psychotherapist, and Geartsje was a nurse, then a teacher. In other words – Doutzen’s parents had a medical background. However, this never inspired her towards a career in the medical field.

What is more, little Doutzen dreamed of becoming a professional speed skater, which is a pretty uncommon thing for a girl.

Yet, as she grew up, her dreams and wishes changed, so she became a famous model and actress. Doutzen had a lovely childhood in the village of Eastermar.

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This is a rural area where there are a lot of cows and windmills. She spent days playing with her sister Rens (is a nutritionist now).

The girls ate healthy food and spent much time skating and cycling, which are common sports in the Netherlands.

Cycling is a typical everyday activity in the Netherlands. Doutzen cycled for 50km every day – 25 to her school, and 25 back home.

Career Development

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Doutzen began her career at the age of 18 when she started working for Paparazzi Model Management agency based in Amsterdam.

Everything began when she sent her photos to the agency, and they fell for her beautiful eyes and slim figure, perfect for modeling. However, Doutzen had in mind earning a couple of bucks, not signing a contract.

Her father wasn’t actually buying magazines, and it was a pure accident one got into Doutzen’s hands, when she saw the agency and models.

What is more, she didn’t tell anyone about sending the application, as she was unsure whether they would consider it at all. Yet, soon she realized she wanted more, and Amsterdam was not giving her the kind of perspective she was hoping to get.

Doutzen moved to New York after a few months, as this big city seemed like the right place to pursue her career.

Actually, this step brought Doutzen exactly what she was hoping for – numerous engagements and collaborations with the most famous worldwide brands.

Shortly after moving here, Doutzen appeared on the covers of Vogue, Seventeen, Elle, Time, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and other popular magazines, which means – she achieved her dream.

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Being featured on the cover of Vogue brought Doutzen the title of the “Model of The Year” in 2015 according to voting on their site. In 2017, Doutzen appeared on the cover of American Vogue.

They presented her as one of the world’s next top models. Victoria Secret wanted to try Doutzen as a cast first, and she passed the test. After appearing as a cast a few times, Doutzen became someone you could see regularly in VS catalog.

She walked the most desirable runway in the world from 2005 to 2014 in continuity year after year.

There were some unconfirmed rumors Doutzen is leaving Victoria Secret, but we will have to wait a bit more to find out the truth.

Doutzen is a spokesperson and the brand ambassador of one of the most popular brands – L’Oreal Paris.

Her beauty and charm brought Doutzen new opportunities in 2011 when she made her acting debut.

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The Dutch released their first 3D movie in 2011, titled Nova Zembla, and Doutzen played the role of Catharina Plancius.

Seems like Doutzen could see herself as an actress as well. That is why she decided to take acting classes in New York.

However, being aware of the fact she was an amateur, she attended classes for years. The second movie she appeared in was Dutch again.

J’marche pas en arrière was released in 2015, and this brought new acting opportunities to Doutzen.

Shortly after, she was invited for a role in the Wonder Woman movie, which was planned to launch in 2017. Doutzen is the face of the latest Calvin Klein’s scent – Reveal.

What is more, she attended a red carpet event for Reveal only 5 weeks after giving birth to her baby girl.

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She was glowing, looking more beautiful than ever, while wearing Calvin Klein’s simple dress on the event.

Actually, when she was signing the contract, it was clear the event would be organized just a couple of weeks after giving birth to her second child, but Doutzen didn’t mind this at all.

She was aware of the pressure media puts on women who recently went through labor in regards of their figure, but Doutzen was fully confident about her body even at the beginning of her pregnancy. The thing here is – she has always leaded a healthy lifestyle.

Just as we mentioned in the second chapter of our article, she did sports from her young age, and her habits didn’t change over the course of the years.

She said her mom always had a slim figure, even after two labors, and that she was lucky to have such genetics.

When asked about the right way to put perfume on, she said it would be just enough to spray some on your wrists, a little bit to your hair as well.

She sometimes does the trick with spray perfume in the air, and then coming through it.

It would be impossible to ignore Doutzen’s beauty, and that is why she holds the 21st position out of the 99 most desirable women.

What is more, Doutzen Kroes made almost $7 million between 2011 and 2012, which made her one of the highest paid supermodels in the world. She took fifth place to be exact.

Even though her salary is not revealed, Doutzen’s net worth reaches an amazing $19 million.

Personal Life

Doutzen began dating Dutch DJ Sunnery James in 2009. The couple had been together for a year before they decided to get married in 2010.

The same year, Doutzen and Sunnery got a baby boy – Phyllon Joy Gorré, and a baby girl a couple of years later – Myllena Mae Gorré.

Doutzen and Sunnery are living a happy, family life, and there were not any cheating scandals or rumor about the couple until now.

The family is spending most of their time in New York, where they are based, but visiting Amsterdam often on the other hand.

Interestingly, she once said James travels way more than she does.

She is involved in charity work and is an ambassador of UNICEF, which tells you how kind and caring this amazing woman is.

Doutzen is a proof beauty of the soul is way more important that the beauty of the body.

She went on a trip to Kenya in 2016, and she said she was amazed by the elephants.

Doutzen keeps on working on environmental protection and signing new contracts, and one of them is a contract for Goff and Bonnouvrier’s charity. By this, she became their ambassador as well.

Once more, she proved she cares about every living creature on this planet, including elephants.

This trip resulted in launching Knot On My Planet campaign with the goal of raising funds for the elephant crisis.

Numerous celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio, signed for the contract as well.

Doutzen is supporting one of her old friends, Sara Ziff, and her Model Alliance.

This program stands for extinguishing the abuse models are exposed too, as well as empowering safe work environments for their colleagues worldwide. Doutzen cares a lot about her and her family’s health.

She tends to inspire people to stay natural by posting her pictures without makeup – as natural as possible.

She is thinking a lot about the influence of social media on her kids, as they are growing up.

Even though they don’t have any social media profile as they are still children, Doutzen is aware of the fact it will happen sometime in the future and tends to teach Myllena and Phyllon that is not the real world.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Doutzen Kroes

Date of Birth: January 25, 1985

Birthplace: Oostermeer, Friesland, Netherlands

Age: 34

Profession: Model and actress

Height: 1.74m

Weight: 54kg

Net Worth: $19 million

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