Korede Bello Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height

Beyond doubt, every celebrity is interesting in its own way and we can learn a lot from them by following their footsteps. Some made better decisions in life, others not so much, but in the end they are popular and known for a reason.

In a series of texts, we will try to discover as much information as we can about your favorite celebrities and famous people, who smile to us from the covers of magazines every day.

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In today’s text we are going to talk about Korede Bello, a Nigerian singer and songwriter. We will touch on the subject of his personal life, net worth and much more, so keep on reading.

Early Years

Korede Bello is a Nigerian artist born February 29, 1996 in Lagos, Nigeria. From his childhood, he shows interest in dance and music, and learns on his own several musical instruments. Already 7 years old, he performs on stage and participates in talent competitions in his school at the age of 13, he then focuses on singing and begins to tread the local scenes.

Korede grew up in a family of five. He has an older brother who works as a PR manager. Many refer to his brother now as BIgTimi.

While he was only 7 years old, he performed under the name African prince. Writing songs was also his hobby and he wrote dozens of songs while he was still a teenager. In secondary school, he entered the studio for the first time and started recording songs.

Korede Bello started a group together with his friend and the duo started performing professionally after that. His first single called Forever came out soon after the formation of the group. Besides being into music, Korede went to Nigerian Institute of Journalism where he studied Mass Communication.

He has a certificate, Higher National Diploma. He is also an associate Member of the Institute of Information Management. There aren’t any more information about Korede Bello, when it comes to his high school and childhood days, so we will jump on to his career and personal life in the remaining part of the text.

Career Path

Korede Bello is consolidated in the music scene on a beat of Don Jazzy, which reveals who wins with all the good that can happen to a person. Years later, he signed with Mavin Records, the label that discovered him. His first single “African Princess” conquered Nigeria, but his first collaboration on “Dorobucci” with members of his label, conquers all Africa and makes it known in the continent.

His second single “Cold Outside” is also a hit in Nigeria. Having a promising career, Korede Bello is currently preparing the release of his first album. He also launches into other activities by lending a voice to a drama series called Purple Tins. His single GodWin was # 1 on iTunes (Nigeria).

He also has many fans whom he nicknamed “Bellovers”, more than 200,000 followers on social networks and his success continues to rise since “Dorobucci”. The Bellovers are mostly young, teenagers and young adults, but recently several adults have joined the Bellovers. Some media nicknamed him the African Justin Bieber, because it is a real stage wolf that gives life to any arenas and stadiums of concerts by its excellent performances.

A muse of Woodin Nigeria, this charismatic young man wants to become one of the greatest African voices of his generation. Korede Bello is also a philanthropist despite his young age and aspires to a better world. He fights for the cause of several organizations through cancer awareness campaigns, charity campaigns and patriotism.

That’s it, you know everything, if not a little more about this artist before whom stands, undoubtedly, a long career filled with success. In the lyrics of his song, there are references to the goals and dreams of any human being, who places his faith in God in order to get that car he always dreamed of, in order to be victorious in any battle, and any struggle that life poses

On a production with a percussion, not spectacular, but not for that little exciting, with melodies that combine brilliantly with the voice of the MegaSuperStar.

In a video directed by Adasa Cookey for SquareBall Media, you can see both components of Mavin Records, as well as Dr Sid, or the comics Bovi and AY among others, dancing to the rhythm of this success that has earned the first positions of the lists that he has occupied. You can also see different scenes in which a review of the lyrics is made, using images that reflect those victories.

Korede is very active on social media and he likes sharing photos with his fans. There are many people who love him and his music, which makes him one of the most popular singers in the African continent. He is equally active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, so you can often see him posting new information about his performances and new projects.

When it comes to Korede’s net worth, it is estimated at around 500$ thousand. He has over 150 million views on YouTube and his songs are mega hits in Africa but also around the world. Since this young singer is only on the road to bigger success, we can expect a lot more from him in the future. Considering this fact, his net worth is probably going to go up as well.

As far as we know, he has bought a Chevrolet Corvette 2017 model recently, which he proudly showed off on his Instagram.

Personal life

Korede Bello was born in Lagos in Nigeria. From an early age this talented singer knew what he is going to do in his life and what his goal was. He wanted to become a singer and songwriter, so he spent most of his childhood days performing, writing songs and singing.

He formed a group with his friend and started performing professionally pretty early on. So far he has made a huge success in Nigeria, but we can expect him to try and win over the international crowd as well. Korede won many awards in his, so far, short career.

In 2014 he received an award for the most promising music act by the Nigerian Teen Choice Awards. He was nominated by the Nigeria Entertainment Awards as a Best New Act and for the best single of the year.

Korede was also nominated for the song of the year, and won an award for the best pop single. At the Global Icon Academy Movie Awards he won an award for the best song. For his music video Romantic that he filmed together with Tiwa Savage he won an award for the best contemporary afro video. In 2016 he won the City People Entertainment award.

Being a young and attractive singer as he is, Korede was linked to many famous women. He hasn’t confirmed a relationship with any of them and as far as we know he is still single.

He has been linked to DJ Cuppy, who is a daughter of a Nigerian millionaire. He was also associated with Tiwa Sacage, with whom he has a song recorded under the title Romantic.

Korede has been a part of many humanitarian projects and he lvoes helping other people. So far he has been a part of the Project Pink Blue Walk for Cancer in Abuja two years. His social media is full of his photos and performances. His brother works as a PR executive and has been very successful at his job. Many call him BigTimi.

This is a proof that Korede comes from a very ambitious family and he will certainly keep moving on up in the star scene in the following years.

We just have to be patient and wait for something new to come out.

So far he has been a very successful young singer, but his time is only coming. We can expect so much more from him, especially now that he has made an impact on the musical scene.

We still have to find out who is he dating and who we will be the lucky girl that is going to win his heart.

Quick summary

Full name: Korede Bello

Date of birth: February 29, 1996

Birthplace: Lagos, Nigeria

Age: 23

Profession: Singer, Songwritter

Height: 1.79 m

Weight: 75

Net Worth: $500 thousand

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