Ana Barbara Net Worth in 2024: How Much Money Does this Mexican TV Personality Have?

Ana Barbara, or Altagracia Ugalde Mota, is a Mexican TV personality, singer, songwriter, producer, actress, and model.

Since her professional debut in 1994, Ana Barbara established herself as a prominent figure within the Latin entertainment industry. From that moment on, Ana Barbara became one of the leading Mexican women musicians.

However, besides her undeniable musical talent, the world knows her well for her tremendous sex appeal.

The proof of Ana Barbara’s popularity in Mexico, the United States, South America, and Central America is the fact she sold over 6 million records across these areas.

Ana Barbara

Ana Barbara Early Life

Ana Barbara is born on January 10, 1971, in Luis San Potosi, Mexico. Her older sister, Viviana Ugalde, made a great influence on Ana Barbara, as she was a popular singer locally, so Ana developed an interest in music at a young age as well.

Ana wanted attention and was an impressionable child from the childhood days, and she wanted to be just like her older sister, Viviana. What is more, Ana started singing as a backup vocal for Viviana when she was only 8 years old.

Viviana later became part of Ana’s management team. Ana Barbara’s beauty was evident even when she was a child, while it only gradually showed off more and more with years.

Winning of the title of Senorita San Luis Potosi in 1988 (she was 18 then) was a confidence boost for Ana Barbara, even though she always felt confident about herself. She did lose the national level, but this didn’t bring her down at all.

Her desire to become a famous singer pushed her forward, and she decided to prove her worth and sing for people at festivals and other events. And, that is when everything started.

Ana Barbara

Ana Bárbara Career Path

Ana Barbara finally got the opportunity to go to a tour in Colombia to represent mariachi music, and her feeling didn’t let her down – wider audience accepted her very well.

Barbara was titled as the Ambassador of Ranchera Music in 1993, and she won the El Rostro Bonito de El Heraldo de Mexico, or The Heraldo’s Beautiful Face award shortly after as well.

Pope John Paul II invited Ana Barbara to perform during a Mass at the Vatican. However, she didn’t get the actual opportunity to sing, which made her furious, so Barbara interpreted the whole event, commanded the attention, and started singing.

After she was done with her performance, Pope gave her a blessing and wished her all the best in her future career.

The year 1994 was very important for Ana Barbara, as record executives from Fonovisa, one of the top labels in the regional Mexican market, noticed her, and offered her to record for them, which she accepted.

Everybody knew her as Altagracia Ugalde until then, while singing for Fonovisa brought her the nickname we know today – stage name Ana Barbara. Her debut album was self-titled – Ana Barbara.

She worked with Anibal Pastor, a producer and songwriter, and Joan Sebastian, a Mexican singer. Barbara became a Grupero star thanks to songs Nada and Sacudeme. Shortly after, Ana Barbara released her second album in 1995 – La Trampa. Anibal Pastor worked on this one as well.

The song La Trampa gave her immense popularity and became a commercial hit right away. Thanks to it, numerous Mexican artists (Vicente Fernandez, Los Tigres del Norte, and many more) invited her to perform on tours.

Ana Barbara

Ana was invited to numerous Latin American TV shows – Siempre en Domingo and Sabado Gigante. They played her music videos, such as Me Asusta Pero Me Gustaand La Trampa, which contributed to establishing Ana Barbara as The Queen of Grupero Music (La Reina Grupera).

Barbara achieved mainstream international success when she published Ay, Amor, her third album, which hit the Latin Billboard charts very soon.

Yet, there was a lot more than just good music about Ana Barbara. Her stunning figure, sensual dancing style, and attractive appearance made masses fall in love with her.

She was awarded a crown at the Calle 8 Music Festival in Miami, Florida, as the queen of the parade. Ana Barbara released her fourth album in 1998, Los Besos No Se Dan En La Camisa, including one duet and one cover – “Como Me Haces Falta”.

In just two years, she released Tu Decisión – her fifth album, while the song “Engañada” got all the sympathies of the audience. Tu Decisión actually was Ana Barbara’s debut when it comes to songwriting.

What is more, Ana received a Latin Grammy nomination for Tu Decisión as Best Grupero Album, while this album brought her to the list of The Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

The same year, in 2000, Ana made her debut as an actress as well, via Televisa and Univision – Hispanic most popular networks, in the film Todo Contigo.

From September 2003, Ana began with producing her own material, as she wanted to take control of the direction of her music, and released one of the most successful albums – Te Atraparé…Bandido, followed by Loca de Amar, the album from 2005. After several compilation albums and DVDs, Ana returned to recording for Fonovisa.

Yet, it was obvious that she wanted to change something, and that is when she made a transition from Grupero to Latin pop, which became evident in 2009.

Ana Barbara

That year, she released Urban/Pop track Rompiendo Cadenas. The music video for this song knocked 39th place on Billboard’s Latin Pop Songs in November 2009.

In 2012, Barbara started with writing and producing tracks for a new album, and revealed she was about to film a TV show. The same year, Ana migrated to Los Angeles with her children.

Her next album (Yo Soy La Mujer) from 2014, peaked Top Latin Albums in the United States and reached 11th position. This album was a crown of her 2o-year musical career.

Barbara made a celebration at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood of the 20th anniversary and performed numerous songs from the beginning of her career to the latest released ones. In 2015, Ana kicked off the US tour going from San Francisco to Las Vegas, Chicago, Huston, and many more.

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What is the net worth of Ana Bárbara?

Ana Bárbara, a Mexican musician, possesses a fortune of $25 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Altagracia Ugalde Mota was born in January  1971, however, she is most commonly recognized by her stage name. Barbara achieved remarkable success in her music career, starting in the mid-1990s, not only in Mexico but also in several Latin American countries.

Barbara has had a longstanding interest in singing and performing since a young age. In 1988, she participated in the Miss Universe competition, however she did not get to the final stage. At this juncture, she commenced her pursuit of a professional singing career with increased vigor.

She then released 12 full-length albums, which played a pivotal role in propelling her international reputation. Barbara is renowned for her allure and provocative attire, which is showcased in both her songs and public engagements. In 2005, she entered into matrimony with Jose Maria Fernandez, a union that attracted much public scrutiny.

Ana Barbara

The couple has a total of four children, with two of them being Fernandez’s offspring from a prior relationship. Fernandez’s infidelity was cited as the cause of their divorce in 2010, according to tabloid speculations. In 2011, she undertook the process of artificial insemination and subsequently had her third child in December of the same year. Reyli, a long-time acquaintance of the child, is her father.

Ana Bárbara Sources Of Income

The majority of her income is derived from her illustrious two-decade music career, as well as her popular online presence on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Additionally, she generates revenue through her work as a model and businesswoman.


TikTok, Ana’s earnings per post, excluding sponsored posts, range from approximately $3.91k to $5.87k.InstagramAna has the potential to earn a range of $6,074.25 to $10,123.75 for a post on Instagram that is sponsored by a brand.


According to Social Blade, Ana’s YouTube channel generates an annual income ranging from $53.4K to $854.4K.

Endorsements, Modeling, and Business Ventures

Ana has had a successful 20-year career as a model, working for various well-known Mexican brands. Additionally, she currently has her own beauty and skincare company, which undoubtedly contributes to her valuation of $25 million.


There is a lack of information regarding Ana Bárbara’s expenditure as she has not disclosed any details about it on social media or through public sources.

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