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Nickolas Robert Diaz is a famous fighter from the United States of America. He does mixed martial arts and he is under contract with Ultimate Fighting Championship.

He started to fight in 2001 and he did many various competitions like WEC, EliteXC, Shooto, Strikeforce and so on. You may know him because of his younger brother called Nate.

Early years

Nickolas was born on August 2nd in 1983 in a place called Stockton in California, one of the more tropical states America has. He is American, but he has many different origins, some of them including Mexican and English.

He was raised in his birthplace which is previously mentioned and he went to a high school in Lodi in California. However, he didn’t show interest and decided to drop out after a year. During this freshman year that he actually attended, the only thing that he was interested in was dighting.

He was in karate club and aikido club since his parents saw he was interested and later, at the age of 16, he started to train Sambo with a famous champion from Bulgaria called Valeri Ignatov.

Diaz was very grateful to be given this opportunity to work with such professionals and therefore he was very determined to grow as a performer.

Career development

When talking about things he did outside of fighting, he was in a documentary called Fight Life. This was made in 2013 and it’s a movie about mixed martial artists. Since he is one of the more famous ones, he was featured for all of his achievments in the field.

James Z, a filmmaker, decided to share more information about Diaz than initially expected and the movie got the Best Documentary Award at a festival called United Film Festival.

His early career started in 2001 when he decided to become a fighter in mixed martial arts. This was just when he became 18 and he did a triangle choke on a man called Mike Wich so he won.

Diaz is a true talent for fighting and he became a champion during his second fight where he beat Chris Lytle in 2002.

A big moment for Nick was on since he got an invitation to Ultimate Athlete’s King of the Mountain. This is a tournament where he won a few fights, but lost to Jackson so he didn’t do too good.

He once again proved people how he earned his IFC Welterweight title by beating Jackson. Thisw as the same man that beat him on the tournament so you could say that Nick was very happy he is getting another chance to prove this guy wrong.

He decided to go to Octagon at UFC 45. He wanted to win a fight with the middleweight best fighter Lawler who was one of the most popular guys in the building. He wanted to prove everyone that he is actually more than worth the title.

Diaz played smart instead of heavy in this fight and tricked Lawler a few times which got him enough time to strike hard and win the game by knocking his opponent out.

His next opponent was Karo Parisyan and he lost. He wasn’t disc ouraged and continued to fight until he got a dight with Diego Sanchez.

Sanchez was one of the best fighters on the event and Diaz was confident he will win, but he actually lost.

Because of this, Diaz started a whole controversy about Sanchez and told the media that Diego obviously doesn’t have the right to be here with his poor skills and mad luck. This started a huge fight between the two guys.

Diaz continued the tradition and started to fight with his next opponent called Joe Riggs. He was very mean to him a few days in advance and when they got to fighting, Riggs was so furious that he almost beat Diaz to death.

This means that Nick had lost again. This is why Diaz decided to go against a Lightweight Champion next time and he went for Sean Sherk at UFC 59.

Diaz went back home to Stockton and he decided to participate in various Cage Fighting Events which were smaller and safer until he gets back on the track, if he ever does.

However, UFC called him back to have some fights and although he had some good matches there and won several of them, he wasn’t sure that his place was there.

He decided that it would be a better shot to get a contract with Gracie Fighting and so he was supposed to fight a famous fighter from the USA called Thomas Denny in 2007.

The bad thing is, the tickets weren’t selling and the fight had to be put off. This made Diasz mad and he started to question his decision to join GF.

He then signed to PRIDE fighting for a few fights. First he fought Takanori Gomi and later had a fight with Shinya Aoki.

In 2007, an athletic comission from Nevada had to test the fighters in order to prove they are medically capable of fighting and Diaz was positive for marijuana.

This started a huge controversy and he was banned from his fights during the next 6 months. He also needed to pay a significant amount of cash.

The next comnpany he worked with was EliteXC in Hawaii and he got Mike Aina as his opponent.

It was a really nasty fight where Diaz got several cuts on his head by Aina’s knee and the game had to be stopped a few times in order to get Diaz some medical help. The injury was so bad that his bone had to be filed down.

In DREAM 3, Diaz had much luck and he did really good in the games. He made his second return to UFC in 2011.

In 2015, he had a big fight upcoming with a man called Silva, but as it turns out, the guy had been taking secual enhacement pills and this made a weird chemical response in his body so he was not medically appropriate for the game.

In 2013, dias became a promotor and launched an MMA event. It was in California and Daniel Roberts versus Justin Baesman was the event of the night.

His fighting style is very interesting because it combines various arts he had learned during his childhood.

It’s a combination of gi, jiu-jitsu, some Brazilian arts and wrestling.

He had one boxing match in which he won and out of 37 mixed martial matches, he won 26.

He stopped being active in fighting in 2015 when he decided that he wants to spend the rest of his life enjoying the money he made and doesn’t want to proceed with his career due to medical issues that strarted to occur.

Alltogether, he was in Lightweight category from 2007 to 2008, in Welterweight from 2001 to 2006 and again from 2008 to 2013. He was in Middleweight during 2015.

Personal life

He got a black belt in jiu-jitsu, a fighting art from Brazil. He enjoys it very much so he decided to share the knowledge. He and his brother do lessons in Lodi.

Both of them are into smoking weed and they are very open about it.

There are many controversies related to this man. Diaz is famous for interrupting the interviewers, sometimes doesn’t shop up to certain matches.

The worst incident was with Braulio Estima in 2012 when Diaz had to fight him, didn’t show up because he thought he was too good for the event and was later noted liking YouTube videos with Estima’s reactions to the whole situation.

In 2018, there was a huge controversy about his violent side and the fact that he was reported for strangulation and various other violent acts.

We don’t know a lot about his spouses and girlfriends, but we do know that Mr. Diaz tends to create problems when in a relationship. These used to be a huge deal in the media too, but he then decided to keep his dating life private from that moment on.

More than one girlfriend that he was with says he is violent, doesn’t know when to stop and many accused him of being addicted to cocaine. These are huge allegations and if they turn out to be true, his career could be ended.

Quick summary

Full name: Nickolas Robert Diaz

Date of birth: August 2nd, 1983

Birthplace:  Stockton, California, the United States of America

Age: 35

Profession: mixed martial arts fighter

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 77 kg

Net Worth: $3 million

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