Chesley Sullenberger Net Worth in 2024: How Much Has the Former American captain of US Airways Earned Till Now?

Chesley Sullenberger is a known American captain of US Airways airline who became a heroe after landing his airplane with 155 passengers into the Hudson River in New York’s Manhattan. All the passengers survived the crash.

Chesley Sullenberger Early years

He was born as Chesley Burnett Sullenberger III. On January 23, 1951 in Denison in Texas, United States. His family originated from Switzerland and Germany and they immigrated to the states after the World War II. He has only one sibling, a sister called Mary.

There is an interesting fact that he grew up in his hometown Denison living in the street named after the family of his mother. He always liked railways and aircrafts so he frequently built model planes and locomotives duringhis early childhood. Since there was an AirForce base very close to their home, he concentrated his interest only on planes.


He was extra good in school, always had great grades and exemplary behaviour.  The teachers noticed that he wasn’t average and that he concluded for better than other pupils. He was only 12 when he joined Mensa International, the biggest high IQ society in the World.

After he enrolled high school he showed some other great talents: he was a flutist, the president of Latin Club and top-graded Math student. He was also religious and a member of the Methodist Church. He graduated in 1969 as an honor student.

He learned how to fly an aeroplane when he was 16, in a private school of flying. This was the experience which brought him nearer to the decision to become a pilot.

He enrolled the US Air Force Academy and gained the Bachelor of Science title there. Chelsey also had a degree in Industrial Psychology and in Public Administration. He gained them from Purdue University and the University of Northern Colorado.

In 1969 he was invited to join the US Air Force Academy for a glider program and over year later he was already an instructor. In 1973, he graduated from it and received award: „Outstanding Cadet in Airmanship“. They have sent him Purdue University because they wanted him to finish it before entering UPT. This is shorten for Undergraduate Pilot Training.


Chesley Sullenberger Career

He was transferred to Columbus AFB (Air Force Base) and in 1975 he has earned his wings becoming an USAF Pilot. He was soon sent to United Kingdom where he flew¸a known Phantom II F-4D. After this position, he was relocated to Nevada, where he again flew the same F-4D plane.

He eraned a high rank of captain during this period and was named a Commander in training exercises called „Exercise Red Flag“. He also became one of the investigators in the board which studied and investigated airplane accidents. In 1980 he joined US Airways flight crew as a new pilot.

In 2007 he formed a task group which would research and provide security strategies to upgrade safety and performance. He became an CEO of „Safety Reliability Methods“. He conducted numerous investigation and served as an instructor.

His biggest role and interest was the investigation major accidents, especially the ones that can help them improve their flying tactics and procedures in hundreds airlines.

He was also very respective of his crew and all the people connected to this job. He was a charman of Union Air Line Pilot Association. He often worked as a speaker on Safety Panels connected to airplanes. In 2009, he was taking off his Airbus A320 from the LaGuardia Airport but the plan struck birds and lost both of their engines.


He suceeded in leading the plane into the Hudson River. He was praised for his calm handling during this accident, where he saved lives of 155 passengers in the accident. Later he suffered PTSP, which manifested in loss of sleep.

He was invited both by George W. Bush and President Barack Obama to join their special events. This time Barack Obama showed his gratitude by inviting him to Presidential Inaguration.

He and his crew gained „Masters Medals“ by Air Pilots and Navigators Guild. He received „Key to the Town“ in Danville. He also received „Medal of Valor“, the most prominent district award which is not given easily. In 2009 he gained „Founder’s Medal“ by The Air League (the leading aviation organization in the UK).

Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger’s Net Worth in 2024

Sully Sullenberger, a former American pilot, is now retired. He is known for his diverse professional background, which includes being an advocate, activist, entrepreneur, and U.S. politician. FamousPeopleToday says that His net worth is estimated to be $7 million.

Most of his professional life was dedicated to serving as an airline captain and Air Force jet pilot. Currently, he holds the position of designated U.S. Ambassador for the International Civil Aviation Organization and is known for actively promoting airline safety. In 2009, he became widely known to the public when he was piloting U.S. Airways flight 1549.

Immediately after takeoff, the plane collided with birds, resulting in significant damage to both of the aircraft’s engines and leading to their subsequent failure. Sully executed an emergency landing in the Hudson River in Manhattan, ensuring the safe evacuation of all passengers.


How did he become famous?

Captain Chesley Sullenberger gained notoriety in 2009 for successfully executing an emergency landing on the surface of the Hudson River after his Airbus A320 sustained damage from a significant flock of geese.

He received acclaim from numerous individuals as a heroic figure, and Clint Eastwood directed a film called “Sully” which was based on his memoir titled “Highest Duty: My Search for What Matters.”He had a long tenure as a pilot with US Airways until his career took a significant turn after the notable incident of Flight 1549.

Sullenberger retired shortly after the incident, in 2010. During an interview, he stated that pilot pay has significantly decreased in recent years. However, he managed to sustain his middle-class lifestyle by establishing his consulting firm as a supplementary source of income.


Additionally, his net worth had a boost following the publication of his memoir, entitled “Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters,” which was subsequently adapted into a highly successful film by Clint Eastwood. Tom Hanks portrayed him in the film.

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