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Jenn Im is a very known name in the world of youtubers and is representing a beautiful Korean-American woman who became a fashion icon and a popular YouTuber.

Her channel named “ClothesEncounters” counts millions of subscribers and is highly popular amongst women of all age all around the world. The channel was created in 2010.

Jenn Im focused her career on helping women with their fashion choices, sharing various tips and also giving help to women who cannot afford high street fashion.

Early years

Jen Im was born as Im Dohee on September 22, 1990 in Los Angeles, California in United States of America.

Im was the always protected in her family (as most youngest kids are), and was guarded by her older brother named  James. It was a good experience for her, but it also left a bad impact on her for her relationships.

Jenn still has a great relationship with him as she always thought of him as her guardian angel. He has given her support in everything she done and today she os very gratefull because of it.

Although she thinks that she was sometimes overprotected by the other members of the family, she realizes that it couldn’t have been different since they all watched out for her out of love.

Jenn’s family came to United States from Korea, so she was raised in a traditional Korean legacy. However she easily gets used to new environment so she found herself easily enjoying the US.

Jen knew from her early childhood that there are family traditions she was obliged to follow. She still does, because she is aware of the importance of her herritage.

Although she was kept safe and looked out for, she was still raised different from other American girls because she had to work from her early age, wasn’t allowed to put decorations in her room. She was also raised not to dress herself up too much.

Since her family worked very hard to provide for everything they needed as a family, Jenn started working as early as a teenage girl of fifteen.

She has found work at Baskin Roberts. It wasn’t her favorite job ever, but she was doing it to get money for further investments.

Career development

Jen created her own YouTube channel because she was very interested in fashion. Jenn and her best friend Sarah Chu started vlogging and uploading her videos on the chsnnel.

She managed not to angry her parents very much because her brother helped her and explained that vlogging is something she likes very much and which will help her financially.

Jenn was always good in class and one of the best students but at first she had problems with other students because of her Korean descent. Once a student called her Bruce Lee to offend her but it only made her laugh bevause Bruce Lee was very respected and it was not an insult for her.

After they have realized that they were wrong in doing that she had continued her schooling without problems. She never minded the comments about her race.

Jenn relocated to Northern California where she was a student at the University of California. It was in 2013 that she has graduated abd received her diploma in the field of communication.

Her degree helped her to create a better and bigger business, since it was connected to Youtube which is one of the most significant social media platform.

Sarah Chu, a known Youtuber, is a good friend of Jenn Im and the two of them are great supporters and have helped each other to rise their business to the top.

Her fame on Youtube brought her collaborations with various clothing companies and companies who manufacture cosmetics.

Other than financial use, she has received free clothing and make-up from them.

Her collaboration with Teen Vogue brought her a big collaboration with companies such as Macy and Target. These companies gave her free hands to create her own clothing line which was then sold in their stores.

She was already popular enough that her line was sold in just a few hours. It was incredible for her to experience that.

In 2017 she came to the number of 2 million followers. She was very proud and knew that her future will be bright.

After a while, Jenn decided to enter the cosmetics business so she has released her cosmetic line. It was a huge sucess so she was very happy.

The first product she has released was named “Jenn Ne Sais Quoi”. The cosmetic as released by  “Color Pop”.

She had many collaborations with famous companies but most notable were with Calvin Klein, Clinique and Levi’s.

Her own clothing line named “Eggie” came out in 2017. “Eggie” is connected to her Korean herritage and the fact that she was the youngest in the family so she is still a baby to them.

2017 was the same year when a known magazine “Forbes” named Jenn Im as one of the “top influencers” in the world of fashion.

Personal life

Jenn’s boyfriend is Ben Jolliffe, a musician from the band “Young Guns”. They are engaged to be married since 2016.

Their relationship is very serious which can be seen from the fact that her parents gave her and Ben a Korean blessing reception.

Jenn has posted a photo of the event on her Instagram account and you can see Ben and Jenn wearing traditional Korean dresses called Hanbok.

They have met each other through some mutual friends who thought they would be a great couple. It was in March, 2014. In 2015 they started living together.

Ben isn’t in the band any more (he used to play the drumms in the band), but he works with Jenn and is a very big support to her.

He is involved in the marketing of her business and travels with her for work.

As for some interesting facts about Jenn Im you sholud know that she eats a lot of cheese and loves it, she wears contact lenses and plays the piano.

She eats a very healthy diet, a lot if veggies and fruit and she loves watermelons the best.

It is interesting that she has voted for Trump because of his anti-immigrant politics and the fact that het parents were immigrants.

Her parents still work regular jobs although their daughter has millions. Her mum is a bank teller and her dad is involved in clothing manufacture. She calls them “appa” and “umma”.

Quick summary

Full name: Im Dohee Hangul

Date of birth: September 22,1990

Birthplace:  Los Angeles, California

Age: 29

Profession: Youtuber, fashion designer, make-up designer, entrepreneur

Height: 1,55 m

Weight: 49 kgs

Net Worth: $1 million

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