Danny Koker Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Danny Koker was popular in America as a TV star. He became famous as a popular TV personality of the show named Counting Cars, which aired on History channel.

Early life:

Danny was born in town in the state Ohio, whose name is Cleveland. Date of his birth is January 5, 1964. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius. He is known as Danny Koker, but his full name is Daniel Nicholas Koker II.

His father was Daniel Nicholas Koker I, who was a musician and Danny learned from him everything that he know about music. To be exact, his father was part of Cathedral Quartet as a pianist and vokalist. He also worked with Oak Ridge Boys, Foggy River Boys, Mahalia Jackson and CL Franklin. He was a big source of inspiration for his son.

Danny attended and graduated at Valley High School and after that he continued his education at the University of Nevada. He wasn’t a student for a very long time because he decided to left the University after one year. Danny actually started to study because of his parents who wanted that, but he soon realized that he is not a guy who can to be at home to read books.

He always was interested in cars and he learned everything about them by himself, so he is self-taught mechanic. Danny said that his love for cars started when he was just a kid when he got his first motorcycle from his father, who worked at Ford Motor Company.

When he was just a 8 years old, Danny learned how to take apart motorcycle, which is not very hard, but he also knew to put all parts together and fix it. He enjoyed in this and it became his hoby very quickly.

Danny grew up in his birth town and in Detroit. His father had 7 siblings, so Danny have many uncles and aunts. Danny’s grandparents are from Yugoslavia and their names are Mary and Stanko.

In the childhood Danny also liked music a lot and he traveled through the world with one of his uncles who was part of the Rex Humbard Singers. Whole his family have talent for music.

Career Development:

In late ‘80, Danny decided to move to Las Vegas to start his career. He love cars and mechanic from his early ages, so he wanted to develop his career in that direction.

Soon he became an owner of restoration shop whose name is Count’s Customs. It became very famous and popular shop, so Danny appeared in several reality TV shows, such as American Restoration and Pawn Stars.

In 2012, Danny started with his own TV show named Counting Cars. This is a reality TV show which air on History channel from August 2012 and its still filming. For now it have 136 episodes in 7 seasons. Counting Cars became very popular show, as well as Danny like main character of the show. Also, there was many guest appearances of many popular personalities. Every episode run for 22 minutes.

There are also many other characters which are important part of the show, such as Scott Jones, Kevin Mack, Michael Henry known as Horny Mike, Roli Szabo, Shannon Aikau, Ryan Evans, Big Ryan, Harry Rome Sr. known as Grandpa, Joseph Doc Duggan and Gorge.

He is very rich man and his net worth for now is somewhere between 10 and 15 million dollars.

Danny loves cars and motorcycles, and we can say that this is his obsession. He have really serious collection of both; Danny is owner of 78 motorcycles and 58 cars. This are quite impressive numbers, but he shared this information four years ago.

He always wanted Lamborghini Miura SV from 1972, and he realized his wish in 2015. Also, he is a big lover of Cadillac, so he drives a Cadillac Fleetwood from ‘65. He said once that the most prized vehicle for him is Ford Roaster from 1972.

Personal life:

Danny is married with Korie Korer. She is very supportive to him, but he is also big support for her. They are in happy marriage and they do not reveal very much of their private life to the media, but in the interviews they love to talk about each other.

They do not have kids for now, and it seems that they are happy in their little family. There are no information about their plans for family expanding. They are really busy with their professions and jobs, so that could be reason why they didn’t made that move yet.

Korie is one successful woman in her business. She and her husband are owners of Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill. It is based in Los Angeles and Korie is there an entertainment director. Her husband is very supportive to her and he trust in her and her decisions. Korie also can sometimes be seen as a singer because she is great in that sphere too. People can often see Danny’s band performing at this bar, and of course, Korie join them sometimes.

As man who is in love with cars and motorcycles, Danny rides his bike on many roads, but his favorite for now is Pacific Coast Highway.

When is a word about Danny’s political views, he likes how president Donald Tramp works for the state, so he is one of his big supporters.

Also, Danny is one of big charity donators. He especially supports organizations that works with abandoned pets and tries to find a home for them. In the show people could see for several times that he donated a big number of toy cars to different charity organizations. Number of donated toy cars is in thousands.

People are very confused with Danny and his father, so there are many mixed informations all over the internet. He and his father have the same name so that is why this is happening. Danny’s father was popular popular singer as a part of the Cathedral Quartet, but he claimed to fame with a Foggy River Boys. He died in his 74th year of life, in February 2008.

Danny is very popular among people who shares his love for motorcycles and cars, so he is also popular on social networks. There are profiles, pages and fan pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

On Facebook we can find many private profiles with his name, but there are also many pages of his fans. We don’t know which his profile is real, but there are his page with 61K followers. Link is: https://www.facebook.com/DannyTheCountKoker/.

On Instagram he have official profile for Counts Kustoms, which have 211K followers. Link of this profile is: https://www.instagram.com/countskustoms/. He also have his own profile on this social network with 7.6K followers. Link is: https://www.instagram.com/danny_koker/.

He is also active on Twitter, where he have 146K followers. Link is: https://twitter.com/dannycountkoker.

He also have official web site of Count Kustoms, where people can see cars, bikes, and there is also his online store. Link of this web site is: http://www.countskustoms.com/.

Quick summary

Full name: Daniel Nicholas Koker II.

Date of birth: January 5, 1964

Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Age: 54

Profession: singer, reality TV star

Height: 189 cm (6 ft 2 in)

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $10 to $15 million

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