Iman Shumpert Net Worth in 2024: How Rich is the American Basketball Player?

Teyana Taylor, Iman Shumpert’s wife of seven years, recently said on social media that she and Shumpert had been splitting up for a while. This brought Shumpert a lot of attention. In 2016, Shumpert married Taylor, who sings, acts, dances, and choreographs.He played in the NBA for 10 years.

He has played for the New York Knicks, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Sacramento Kings, the Houston Rockets, and the Brooklyn Nets since entering the NBA in 2011..

Iman Shumpert Net Worth in 2024

iman shumpert

Celebrity Net Worth says that Iman Shumpert, an American pro basketball player, is worth: $16 million. Iman Shumpert’s first NBA team was the New York Knicks in 2011.

After that, he played for the Brooklyn Nets, the Sacramento Kings, the Houston Rockets, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Throughout his career, from 2011 to 2021, Iman made a total of $48 million in NBA pay.

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How does Iman Shumpert make money?

Iman Shumpert makes most of his money from his successful job as a professional basketball player in the NBA. He has played for teams like the New York Knicks, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Sacramento Kings, the Houston Rockets, and the Brooklyn Nets.

Shumpert has also dabbled in music, especially rap, which has given him new ways to make money through music production, shows, and royalties. He has also tried his hand at reality TV, most famously winning “Dancing with the Stars,” which added to his wealth.

When the New York Knicks picked Shumpert with the 17th pick in the 2011 NBA draft, it was his first game. CNBC says he signed a $7.5 million deal for four years.When Iman Shumpert won “Dancing with the Stars” with professional dancer Daniella Karagach on November 22, 2021, he became the first NBA player to do so.

There was a big difference between Shumpert’s earnings from “DWTS” and his earnings from the NBA, but he did make around $125,000 for the first two weeks of the show. His pay went up on a sliding scale as he moved up in the race. According to Life & Style, he won “DWTS” and got a reported $360,000.

He also took home the prized Mirrorball trophy. This victory also helped him get more fans outside of professional basketball, which could lead to future chances for endorsements and sponsorships.

iman shumpert

What Iman Shumpert owns

Iman Shumpert has put a lot of money into real estate over the years, building up a notable collection of properties. Following the signing of a rich $40-million deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2015, he bought a large home in Atlanta. This beautiful Atlanta home has almost 7,000 square feet of living space, six bedrooms, a beautiful wooded backyard, and a large deck.

In 2018, Shumpert showed his love for his family by buying a $880,000 home in River Forest, Oak Park. The family home has five bedrooms and 4,400 square feet of living space, making it a nice and warm place for his parents to be.

iman shumpert

Shumpert chose to put his Studio City home, which he bought in 2018, on the market for $3 million in 2020. The luxurious property is about 5,700 square feet and has beautiful Italian tile floors, custom lighting setups, and the latest smart home features.

Iman Shumpert Early Years

Iman Asante Shumpert was born in Berwyn, Illinois, on June 26, 1990. Evan Turner and Shumpert were both on the same high school basketball team. Iman was named to the first team of all-state players as a teen and helped her team win three conference titles. After that, he made it into the top 15 of all the ranked senior players in the country.

Iman was also very interested in Spoken Word poems when she was in high school.Iman went to Georgia Tech after high school. During the 2008–2009 school basketball season, he scored the fourth most points for the team. Because of a knee injury, he missed six games the following season.

But he came back strong the following year and led his team in scoring, rebounds, and assists. After setting Georgia Tech’s record for most steals in a game, Shumpert said he was ready to be picked up by the NBA in 2011.

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Iman Shumpert Career

The New York Knicks were Shumpert’s first team in the NBA. However, he hurt his knees early on and missed the rest of that season. He went back to practicing in 2013, but in 2014, he hurt his shoulder again and had to miss three weeks of work. Iman was then moved to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2015.

He got off to a good start with his new team and helped them make it to the NBA Finals later that year.After agreeing to a new $40 million deal with the Cavaliers, Iman hurt himself again. This time it was his hand. He was out for the rest of the season after having his left knee cleaned.

iman shumpert

By the 2016–17 season, Shumpert was being used as a backup point guard by coach Tyronn Lue. He had his best game ever when he scored 18 points against the Detroit Pistons in 2017. But he hurt his left knee again at the end of 2017 and couldn’t play for six to eight weeks.

Shumpert played for teams like the Sacramento Kings, the Houston Rockets, and the Brooklyn Nets over the next few years. Once Wilson Chandler’s ban was over, the Nets let Iman go in 2019.

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