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Shane Lee Yaw is a famous celebrity from America, but you probably know him as Shane Dawson. He creates YouTube content, is an author, comedian, actor, film director and also makes music from time to time.

When he started YouTube, he was accompanied by many of the first real YouTube stars and later on, you could see how he was rising to become one of the most famous people in this industry. His views and subscribers have only been growing and Shane has a huge following nowadays!

In 2008, he was just 19 and he decided that he wanted to share some of his life on a social media platform. He found YouTube the best one since he always enjoyed video creating and he wanted to have a really direct connection with his viewers.

Because of that, he started to make money and by the time 2010 came, he had over 500 million views! What a great number! His early work is a bit different from his current, newer work. He used to make mostly comedy and he would make characters.

Shane would dress up as a certain persona and he would be one of the few people to actually enjoy the work he was doing. He had a music career that wasn’t really successful, but people loved music parodies he was making.

In 2013, he had a podcast called Shane and Friends. This was a pretty popular work of his and therefore he had quite a large audience for the next four years. He made about 140 episodes. He decided to create movies too,so he made Not Cool.

His most famous work on YouTube are his conspiracy theories. He talks about various crimes and conspiracies that he is interested in and these are his most popular videos.

Shane made up this whole new form of content creating called docu series. It’s informational series about certain subjects and the most popular one’s he has made are about his father, about Jeffree Star and about Tanacon.

In 2018, he started to write again and therefore made the I Hate Myselfie and It Gets Worse. As a result of all of these things he has been doing, he has over 4 billion views on all of his videos combined.

Early years

Shane was born in July 19th in 1988. His birthplace is Long Beach in California, and he went to a high school there called Lakewood High School.

Shane had a pretty traumatic childhood. He was overweight and was constantly being bullied by his schoolmates. His father was an alcoholic and abused him both physically and mentally.

His brothers are called Jacob and Jerid and they are both older than him so they were a minor support in what was happening to the whole family. In addition to this problem, his family was struggling with money too, so it was hard to be positive in these situations.

During high school, he became interested in video making. After he lost about 70 kilograms, he started to feel more secure on the internet and so he wanted to create more.

Career development

His career starts on March of year 2018. He made his channel and called it “ShaneDawsonTV”.

He had some controversy with the very beginning of his creating since his content got him and his family fired from a company once because he filmed there without a formal note that said he had the right to.

He used to have a channel called “ShaneDawsonTV2” but it wasn’t a good idea for him to keep himself occupied in so many different areas.

His third channel was called Shane and this is the one he uses the most today. He posts there almost daily and since 2010, when he made it, he has collaborated with Graceffa, TheFineBros, Tyler Oakley, Miranda Sings and many more people. Forbes named him person number 25 on the internet in 2010.

In 2010, he said that he was making a pilot SD High and he got the funding from a group that he was previously working with too. In the end, many complications happened and it didn’t air. However, he got other offers and started to create for other channels.

Dawson said that  maybe one day when he will feel like it, he will try to make this show really come alive in its full form.

He collaborated with many YouTube stars in order to create movies and shows, but none of them were too famous in the end. His channel stayed the most popular thing he created.

Shane made a song called SUPERLUV! That he released in 2012. It got to number 87 in Ireland and 163 in UK and 28 in US iTunes chart. These are great numbers for a mainstream song that is an artist’s debut.

In 2012, he said that he will be working on a single saying The Vacation Song. He made one in 2013 called F**K Up. His last song was made in 2013 and it was “Wanna Make Love To You”. This song is really popular and although eh doesn’t sing, many think he had to do with the producing.

In June, he started a podcast called Shane and Friends and later he said that he is working on a weight loss show that would share many stories and quotes from people that used to be fat and lost weight. This would be made in collaboration with Sony Pictures.

In 2014, he was working on a movie called Not Cool and he entered a competition with it. Another producer named Zachary Quinto had quite a lot of bad things to say about the piece, but Shane won anyway and he started to work on his next projects.

In 2013, he made a parody of Blank Space by Taylor Swift. It was removed because her managers thought that it was necessary, but it was put back up in February of 2015.

June 2016 was a big month for him because he finally published his work called It Gets Worse: A Collection of Essays.

Nowadays, he is mostly making videos and hanging out with his friends. He has been making content with a make up artist James Charles, an artist called Tana Mongeau, a friend of his called Morgan Adams and a woman called Trishay Paytas.

In June of 2018, he talked about recent events related to Tanacon and these videos were very quick to get a lot of attention.

In August of 2018, he posted a docu series about a famous YouTube content creator called Jeffree Star called The Secret World of Jeffree Star.

It became insanely popular and that’s the reason why Shane is now making another series called The Mind of Jake Paul.

Personal life

Shane has has quite a lot of issues in his life and he has been struggling with body dysmorphia for a while. He says that the illness seriously left an impact on him and that he was struggling to be real with himself most of the time.

Nowadays he lives in the sunny LA in California and he has a new boyfriend, after dating a woman for 6 years. He is called Ryland Adams and the couple often spends time witth Garret and Jeffree.

Shane shared the fact that he was bisexual in 2015 when he made a video about his separation with Lisa Schwartz. They were together for a while and people were very shocked that they broke up. She is also a YouTube content creator.

Many people look up to Shane because, although his father did some very bad things to him in life, he decided to have a talk with him and make videos with him to sort things out. It is a very brave thing he did.

Shane often makes jokes about his body and about the fact that he is chubby. He seems to be very upset by it although he doesn’t want to admit it, and all of his friends are always taking care of him so he doesn’t end up getting into food-aggressive behaviour.

After spending a lot of time with Jeffree Star, many people think that Shane actually became very biased and is now creating different content than he did before. Shane, however, didn’t notice much and he says that he is still all about his personal ideas.

His private life is shared on social media, but not the serious part. He tends to make things funny and jokes about them to avoid  talking about a certain really important subject. He used to do that with his bisexuality, but said that he learned much and felt a lot better once he decided to say who he really is.

Shane is an inspiration to various people that have had or are still having weight problems because he was always brave and never shy to create, and that’s what everyone should be like.

Quick summary

Full name: Shane Lee Yaw

Date of birth: July 19th, 1988

Birthplace:  Long Beach, California, United States of America

Age: 30

Profession: actor, singer, writer, YouTube content creator

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 85 kg

Net Worth: $4 million

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