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Tyron Woodle, or as he was nicknamed “The Chosen One”, is a very well known professional American mixed martial artist, who also contributes to this sport by working as a broadcast analyst. Tyron was also featured in films so he has a small acting career.

Tyron Woodley is a contester of the UFC Welterweight Championship and is often called T-Wood.

Early years

Tyron Woodley was born on April 7, 1982 with his birth name Tyron Lanket Woodley as a new member in a large family by his mother Deborah Woodley. He was born in Ferguson, a city located near Saint Louis in Missouri in United States.

His father Sylvester and mother Deboarh had a lot of children so Tyron and his siblings grew up playing together, supported each other but also struggling for food and normal standards of life.

He was one of the thirteen children and they all hadd to work and contribute to the family by earning money and contributing.

After he was born his mother gave birth to two more children, but after that their father left the family his mother was left alone to raise so many children.He was eleventh of the thirteen children of Sylvester Woodley and Deborah Woodley. He was elevated by his mother after his father left early in his life.

The neighbourhood they lived in was impoverished so she always worried will they children try to become more wealthy by getting into crime and violence.

She also worried will her children succeed in raising above there and get a chance for better lives somewhere else.

Tyron was very ambitious from an early age and chose his path to be more difficult than some of his siblings, but it turned out to be a great decision.

During his time in high school he was a good student and he was awarded with All Conference Honors, which was nothing surprising since he was a great football player in a school’s team and an amateur wrestler who earned himself 48 wins and zero matches lost.

He has won All American wrestling high school championship twice and he was considered to be a very big future star which he became later on.

After he finished his high school eduaction by graduating from the McCluer High School he had to choose to which university he will go to. By being a hradworking student and a great athlete it was no problem for Tyron to get an invitation to become a student at the University of Missouri where he continued to get his wrestling awards.

In 2000, he chose  Mizzou because he wanted to help in making a better wrestling team in his home state.

His biggest success in college was the winning of the Big 12 Conference Championship at his university in 2003. In 2005, he graduated from the Missouri University and garnered a diploma in Agricultural Economics.

After finishing his college education, Tyron devoted himself to the world of mixed martial arts and he started his career there in a very impressive way by winning in his first 7 matches, mostly by knock-out.

Career development

Since Tyron was very ambitious he has entered all his fights filled with motivation and energy so he showed his great skills by winning a lot of his matches at the beginning of the match, by KO in the first rounds.

He was given an opportunity to sign a contract with a major MMA organization called “Strikeforce” where he began his career as a serious fighter. His first fight for the Strikeforce came in 2006, where he defeated Sal Woods very quickly, in the first round by submission.

He became a No.1 fighter with the Welterweight title, which he received after winning in a match against Paul Daley. After this series of wins, his first career loss came in a fight against Nate Marquardt in 2012 but his fighting skills became so great that the UFC still called him out to become their asset.

He has joined the UFC in 2012 and his first fight in the UFC was against Jay Hieron, at the beginnig of 2013, and it was very impressive – he won by KO after a little over 30 seconds.

After defeating Hieron, he has lost two mmatches, against Jake Shileds and Rory McDonald. After that came the fight against Dong Hyun Kim in the summer 2014, where he won the fight by TKO at the beginning of the match.

In 2015, he won the fight against Kelvin Gastelum but this time by split decision.

In 2016, he won the match against the welterweight champion named Robbie Lawler and he did it by  knockout in the very first round. He received  the UFC Welterweight Championship title. The same year he had to defend his champion title in the match against  Stephen Thompson and he won the match by judges decision.

The two of them have met again in March, 2017, but Woodley has won the match again. The third time he has defended his title was in the match against Demian Maia when he won the fight by unanimous decision.

At the end of 2018, he will have to defend his title again, this time against Darren Till.

As for his interest in acting, he has played minor roles in films “Straight Outta Compton” and “Kickboxer: Vengeance”.

He has filmed a few scenes of fighting for the movie “Escape Plan 2:Hades”.

He stated that he likes to get engaged in the moviemaking business because he is a great fan of movies and always dreamed that he would act in one.

It is also known that he hosts a podcast named  “Morning Wood with Deez Nutz”.

He also hosts an online web show once a week and it is named “The Hollywood Beatdown” and is released on TMZ.

Personal life

As for his personal life, Tyron is married to Averi Woodley with whom he is very happy. Thea have four children together: three sons named Dylan, Darron and Tyron Jr and a daughter named Gabby.

Tyron hasn’t forgotten how hard was his childhood and all the struggles his family had, so he decided to help the youth by founding the youth mentoring program which helps and motivates teens to get involved with sports. It is named P5 Protocol.

Tyron also decided to become a businessman by opening his own gym which he named ATT Evolution and which is settled in the suburb of St.Louis named Rock Hill. Tyron’s wife Averi is also involved in the work of the gym since she is a fitness trainer.

She is also educated and has graduated from he Michigan State University and is a proud owner of her Public Administration MD.

Bad Bish Bootcamp is a training camp that Averi runs very successfully and is oriented to women empowering.

He is very engaged in the work on social media accounts and he posts a lot and outs photos there. He has almost one million followers on his Instagram account. He often advertises his gym and his wife’s bootcamp.

He is also hired as a broadcast analyst on Fox TV channel which brings his family more income and ensures him  a workplace in the future.

Quick summary

Full name: Tyron Lanket Woodley

Date of birth: April 7, 1982

Birthplace: St.Louis, Missouri, United States

Age: 36

Profession: MMA artist, wrestler, gym owner, actor

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 77 kgs

Net Worth: $4 million

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