Icejjfish Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

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Icejjfish is a famous rapper and singer who became noticed recently. We can definitely say that he came into the public eye, more for his scandals and news rather than for his music and talent.

In today’s text we are going to talk about how he became famous, how he spent his early days, his childhood and what is his estimated net worth.

If Icejjfish is someone you like learning more about, then this is a perfect chance to do that.

You will find out all the important information about this talented rapper and maybe learn something you didn’t know. So, let us get started right away.

Early Years

Daniel McLoyd was born on July 30th 1994 in Aurora in Illinois. Growing up, he spent most of his time creating music and rapping. This was his passion from an early age.

Besides music, he liked being in the center of attention, so everyone knew he was going to be in show business one day.

Since he realized that YouTube was the best platform to start, in this day and age, he used it to his advantage and started publishing his music via this platform. The views soon started going up and he managed to reach a larger audience. The people seemed to love his music and wanted to see more of him.

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He definitely used this to his advantage and decided that his is going to be the way to fame and success. His days on social media didn’t begin recently, he was always positing on his social media and expressing his opinions.

His first video was a cover of a song called Back That Ass Up and the video went up in 2011.

After only seven days, he uploaded a rap song that he wrote himself. The name of the song was higher than an Airplane. A video of his called The Best Singer Ever to Live came out after it.

Career Path

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Like we already mentioned above, Icejjfish started his career on social media. Since this is not an unusual way to start a career these days, he chose a great way to do it. He wanted to gain attention from people by publishing his own music, but since he didn’t have money to do that through record labels, this was the only way.

He first started with covers of songs and later started publishing his own music. His first video ever was called Back That Ass Up, and it was actually a cover of a song by another rapper. He later published a video called Higher than an Airplane and after that a video called The Best Singer Ever to Live.

The videos were actually his versions of the songs, and what caught everyone’s attention was the fact that he was singing so badly that no one knew if he was joking or telling the truth. Next video called The Most Talented Singer Ever, had a similar vibe to it. In this videos he covered a Drake’s song called Hold On We are Going Home.

The video was published in 2013 and it was an instant hit with his subscribers. He had around 555 thousand views on this video. People were commenting on his video left and right and were amazed by his courage to post something like this.

To get his name out there more, he created a Facebook site with his name. People started following him right away and soon he had around 26 thousand followers on Facebook. After the success of his Facebook page and YT channel, he wanted to do something new so he released a video under the name No Topping Up.

If I laugh a lot, much too much, with a lot of tears, it’s because I’m deeply convinced that IceJJFish is deliberately singing so badly. But this being said, the artist, in all his enthusiasm and youth, may be persuaded of his talent, and who could blame him? Who could make fun of? Me too, I had a period where I am convinced to have a gift for the song. If it is, if I had been 14 in 2014, I may have put my parodies of musical hits on YouTube online and I would have looked noodle.

In 2013 Icejjfish released a song called On The Floor. The song had a good reception among the audience, but his vocal abilities aren’t admirable, which is maybe the key to his popularity. In 2016 he released another song called Same Page, All I want is You and Love you long time. The songs had a good reception as well, but nothing special.

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People liked his courage and the fact he told everyone his opinion without being afraid of judgement. One of his songs reached a great success, and that was the song called On The Floor. The song had around 55 million views and thousands of comments.

When it comes to people’s opinions, they were very mixed and some liked him a lot and others absolutely considered him to be talentless. One thing that is very interesting when it comes to him and his music, is the fact that people are very vocal when expressing an opinion about him.

Some absolutely consider him to be an interne troll, while others are just not happy with the music he puts out. Some even want to ban him from YouTube, because the songs he releases are so annoying to them. Of course, these are just opinions and everyone is allowed to have one no matter what.

IcejjFish also released a cover of Beyoncé’s song called Drunk in Love. The cover had many positive and many negative reviews, but it has managed to gather around 9 million views which is an admirable amount. He has been selling his music on iTunes and also on Apple store, so there are certainly plenty of fans who live listening to this interesting artist.

When it comes to his net worth, it is estimated that he has a net worth of around 320$ thousand. Even though this net worth is not that high, we must admit that he is only 25 and he still has a lot of time to work on himself and his career.

Since he hasn’t been very active lately, we can expect him to release new music pretty soon. He will probably go back to YouTube and share his music there, since this has been his media of choice so far. Even though many hate him, there are still people who are dying to hear his new songs, so he will probably make their wishes come true sooner than later.

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He currently has around 400 thousand subscribers on YouTube and 300 thousand followers on social media platform Instagram. So far, he hasn’t received any rewards for his success, but who knows, maybe in the future he will.

Personal life

When it comes to Icejjfish personal life, we don’t have many information about it. We know that he has a girlfriend and that they have been together even before he became popular. The couple seems to be together even now, but nobody can confirm the name of his partner.

As we already mentioned. Icejjfish came into the public eye for his “some say bad singing”, but there was obviously something interesting about him that made him stand out. He receives a lot of hate over his social media accounts, especially for his singing and his dance moves. Even though he doesn’t seem to bother, and might even be doing that on purpose, he still has issues with it like every normal person.

A controversy he was involved in was the fact that he told the press, that Lil Yachty stole his style of singing. This was probably an attempt of his to get into the public eye and draw attention to himself. Lil Yachty didn’t answer to these rumors and ignored Icejjfish’s attempt to get media coverage.

When it comes to people’s opinions, they were very mixed and some liked him a lot and others absolutely considered him to be talentless. One thing that is very interesting when it comes to him and his music, is the fact that people are very vocal when expressing an opinion about him.

There has been a lot of talk recently that he is gay. The rumors started circulating and he was devastated by the fact that someone told something like that about him. Someone even hacked his profile and wrote instead of him, how he has a boyfriend and how he is gay.

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Luckily he managed to get his account back and recover his information. He is a living proof that all you need to do is to be special and not talented. He is not talented in musical sense but he still managed to attract attention to himself through his songs. This only tells us that we can become whatever we want to become.

In a weird way he is a great inspiration to all of us and we shouldn’t discard him yet.

Quick summary

Full name: Daniel McLoyd

Date of birth: 30 July 1994

Birthplace: Aurora, Illinois

Age: 25

Profession: Singer, Rapper

Height: 1.78 m

Weight: 85

Net Worth: $320 thousand

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