Jimmy Butler Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

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Our current text brings you a story about a famous basketball player who has a very good career and who is familiar to everyone who follows this sport. He is a player who is familiar to anyone following the NBA and his name is Jimmy Butler.

He is a player who has scored a lot of points in this league and has left a very noticeable performance. He started his career in Chicago Bulls and he is one of the best players in this team in history.

He has brought many points and joy to all the fans of this club and will always be remembered.

He has changed few clubs in the NBA league, but he will be most memorable by the fans of Chicago, since this is his first club for which he played the most matches.

He is a player who can always solve the game and who has always shown talent for this sport. Jimmy was 5 times selected to play in the ALL STAR game and also participated in the 3pts competition.

Butler always showed excellent skills and he is one of the players who can score a large number of points. His fans have always wanted to know the details of his life and his career, and we will reveal to you in this text some things you may not have known about him so far.

Early Years

Jimmy Butler was born on September 14, 1989 in Houston, Texas, USA. He was not raised in a complex and peaceful family and he had a tough childhood. He, like a little boy, had to stay alone with his mother because their father had left them.

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This event had a great impact on him and his mother, who was very sad. She became psychically unstable after this event and Jimmy had a lot of problems with her. She always said that Jimmy remembers on his father and she does not want to look at him because he looks like him.

He was very confused and did not know how to react in these situations. When he was 10 years old, Jimmy decided to train basketball and he devoted his free time to training. He was a very persistent and clever boy who wanted to succeed in life and become a basketball player. He had his dreams and wanted to achieve them.

Butler continued to practice basketball and wanted to devote his life to this sport. In the following years, he trained and taught the school and he wanted to become a professional basketball player. When he was 13, his mother drove him out of the house because he looked like his father.

She stated that he had a look like his father and that she could not watch him every day. Jimmy was very hurt and had to find a new home. He changed locations and houses and his friends allowed him to spend the night in their house. He had to work alone in his own life and to find a way to secure himself a normal life.

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In later interviews, Butler said that there was no prejudice about his family and his mother and that they still liked. People were confused about this comment because they thought she had left Butler and did not deserve to forgive her. During the summer of the following year, Butler met Jordan Leslie, who was a trainer at the summer camp.

He recognized Butler’s talent and invited him to participate in the 3pts shooting competition. He showed a good result and Leslie thought that Butler could become a successful basketball player. Butler still had no home at that time, and he had to work and sleep with his friends.

Leslie found out and invited him to live in his home. Butler accepted the invitation and stated that Leslie had helped him a lot in life. He lived for several months in his home with his family and his six children.

Butler said that he did not feel like an intruder and that they had provided him with support and home when it was most needed. Butler started playing college basketball that year and in his first season he had 10 points per game. He stated that Leslie had been his biggest support in the previous year and that without his help he would not be able to play basketball at the college.


Jimmy Butler began his career playing at college and in the first season he showed talent and excellent skills. During the first season, he had 10 points on average per game. During the second season he began to play even better and he had excellent statistics.

He had 18 points per game, and already many coaches were delighted with his game and they thought Butler would make an excellent career. In the following year, he received a scholarship and went to play NCAA basketball. In that season, for Marquette he had about 7 points per game and helped them to reach the semifinals of the Eastern Conference.

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He played for this team for 2 seasons and then went to the draft of the NBA. Many coaches and basketball fans have predicted that Butler will be excellent in the NBA league. He was selected as the 25 pick of the first round by Chicago Bulls. He was very honored for being selected by this team because he always liked to watch Michael Jordan and wanted to become a successful basketball player like him.

In the first season, he played 42 matches since that season was a lockout in the league and the season was shortened. He had good games this season, but he failed to show all his potential. The following season, Butler played all 82 matches for Chicago and played his best game in the first part of the season. He played the best match against New York and scored 25 points and had 10 rebounds and 9 assists. He slowly became the leader of this team and he had great confidence from the coach.

In the season 2013-14 Butler had excellent start of the season, but after 10 games he suffered injury and had to pause. He played 60 matches for Chicago this season and had 38 minutes per match and was the first in the league for a minute. This season, his best game was when he scored 32 points against Memphis. At the end of the season, he was selected into the top 5 best defensive league players.

In the season 2014-15, Butler had excellent start of the season and scored 32 points against Denver in the first match. He played the next game perfectly and was named the best player of the Eastern Conference in October and November.

This was a big boost for him and he continued with excellent batches. In January 2015, Butler was selected as a reserve in the Eastern Conference and appeared on the ALL STAR game. This was his first participation in the ALL STAR game and he played a great match.

He managed to enter the playoffs this season, but before the start of the playoffs he experienced injury. He had to miss the first game in the playoffs, but he returned to the series against Charlotte Hornets. He scored 19 points in the first match after return and had 8 assists.

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In subsequent matches against Milwaukee Butler he played excellently and scored 35 points in a decisive match and was the best player of this series. In the semifinals they played against Cleveland but lost in this series 4-2. Butler in this series against Cleveland had an average of 18 points, but that was not enough to qualify for the finals.

At the end of the season he was declared the most improved player and this award was a great motivation for him. He became the first player after Michael Jordan to win this prize in Chicago. All Chicago fans were excited and they thought Butler would become one of the best NBA players.

In the season 2015-16 Butler signed a new contract with Chicago for 5 years. He signed a contract worth $ 95 million and became the most paid player of this team. This season was great for him and he was Chicago’s best player. In January he scored 53 points against Philadelphia and became the first player since 2004 to score over 50 points in the match.

This season was excellent and he had several games in which he scored over 40 points. He was also selected this year to participate in the ALL STAR game, but he had to miss it because he experienced a knee injury. After recovering from injury, he returned to the playoffs to help the team but was eliminated in the semifinals of Toronto Raptors. He had an average of 19 points in the playoffs, but that was not enough to qualify for the finals.

The following season also had a great deal in the league. He had several games in which he scored over 40 points and was again selected to take part in the ALL STAR game. In the ALL STAR game he scored 24 points and had 8 assists. In the season 2017-18 Butler was traded in Minnesota and Minnesota wanted to make an excellent team in which Butler would be the main player.

He had excellent matches in the Minnesota, but after the ALL STAR match, he again experienced a knee injury and had to miss the rest of the season. After a year, he requested a trade and went to Philadelphia. He is currently playing for this team and has said that he will try to enter the NBA Finals and try to win the championship ring.

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Personal Life

Jimmy Butler shyly hides his private life and does not like to give much detail to the public. He had a difficult childhood, but with his perseverance and talent for the basketball he managed to provide an excellent financial life.

He currently lives in Philadelphia and plays for the club from this city. He does not currently have a girlfriend, but has stated that he will find a soul mate in the future. He already has a rich career and has earned a lot of money during her.

Quick Summary

Full name: Jimmy Butler

Date of birth: September 14, 1989

Birthplace: Houston, Texas, USA

Age: 30

Profession: Basketball Player

Height: 203 cm

Weight: 105 kg

Net Worth: $50 million

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