Joe Budden Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

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Joe Budden is an old school rapper coming from the United States who is today more active as a media personality than as a musician.

He became popular as a TV personality through the series “Love & Hip Hop New York” where he was a member of the crew. He is involved in beefs with rappers a lot so people are interested in him and what he wants to say.

Early years

Joseph Anthony Budden II. was his born name which he received on August 31, 1980. He came to this world in Spanish Harlem.

His family lived in Queens in New York but later relocated to Jersey in New Jersey when he was 13 years old. He was raised with four of his brothers by a mother who was struggling to keep her boys away from crime and drugs.

He got along well with his brothers and they always covered each others back. Joe was problematic at school and often got engaged in arguments with the teachers.

He was interested in music, as most of his friends were but he wasn’t interested in schooling not even a bit.

Joe was just a pupil in elementary school when he tried drugs for the very first time.

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He first smoked weed as all of his friends did it but at high school he started experimenting with more serious drugs.

He and his friends listened to music most of their time, even in school so it was no wonder that he learned to freestyle in high school.

As we mentioned, Joe wasn’t a school material and had no interest in learning any of the school subjects. That is why he left school early and never returned back, although he later took his GED tests to have a paper which says that he has high school education.

His mother was very displeased by his behaviour so she confronted him about his education and drug abuse. He used to consume angel dust.

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Although she had no hope that their argument will end up well, it seemed that Joe opened up his eyes and decided to go to a rehabilitation center in 1997.

Although his parents both liked to drink they wanted better for his son. Today, they are sober.

During his years of drugging he became a small thief, searching for the money to buy himself drugs and when he was high on drugs he liked to set things on fire.

After Joe came from rehab he was gonna continue freestyling as his way out of drug world.

DJ Clue and DJ KaySlay were amongst the firsr New York artists who invited him to appear on their songs.

Career development

In 2003, Joe’s career moved from a dead point after he released his starting studio album which he named after himself, “Joe Budden”.

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“Pump it Up” was the song he released before, as a promo single for the album, and it got people interested in his music.

The song was later nominated for an important music award called the Grammy Award. Although he was nominated he wasn’t the winner.

The award he won was the “Rookie of the Year Award” which was also a great award.

After this success he started collaborating with many other rappers.

He was very pleased when he found out that this song is going to be used in a popular movie called “2 Fast 2 Furious”.

For his next single he has chosen “Fire” which he performed with legendary  Busta Rhymes. The song also ended up in a movie, but this time in the comedy named “Mean Girls”.

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It seems that a lot of his songs were used for movie soundtracks because  another of his singles named “Drop Drop” was on the soundtrack of “Cradle to the Grave” movie.

He was featured on a single “Clubbin” performed by Marques Houston.

Contracted by “Def Jam” record company, Joe was in trouble because his second album didn’t go well by Def Jam producers and they didn’t want to release it.

The album was going to be called “Growth” and it was going to be of different music style whicj displeased his record label.

That is why he eventually joined “Amalgam Digital”, an independent record label and the label released his “Padded Room”.

The next album he released was named “Halfway House” and it featured a lot of prominent artists such as Joell Ortiz and  Royce Da Sig.

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They had a great colaboration so they formed a group named “Slaughterhouse”. It was also the name of the group’s first single. In 2009, their “Slaughterhouse” album was released.

Two years later the group signed a contract with Shady Records, known for its founder Eminem.

Joe Budden continued his solo work too so he has released a mixtape called “A loose quarter”.

Slaughterhouse also released their mixtape and they have named it “Welcome to: Our House”.

Eminem wanted to make a collaboration with them so he guest appeared in the album.

In 2013, Joe has released his fourth work album and it was named “No Love Lost”.

Some of the guests on his album were Juicy J and  Wiz Khalifa. This album also came very high on the Billboard list.

In 2013, he became a regular actor at “Love & Hip Hop: New York” reality TV show. He was one of the cast members throughout the 3rd and 4th season.

This kind of show always raises a huge interest of public so it was a great promotion stunt for him.

Joe met his girlfriend Cyn Santana wjile he guest appeared in “Love & Hip Hop: New York”.

His new EP called “Some Love Lost” received very good critics amongst public and music influencers.

2014 brought his involvement in a rapp battle against another rap artist called Hollow Da Don who won the battle at the end.

He was also a host on a YouTube channel managed by Complex named “Everyday Struggle”.

Joe wants to be involved in the work of media a lot, so he hosts a podcast titled ” I’ll Name This Podcast Later”.

He hosted it for a little over one year when he decided he wasn’t happy with the management.

He releases it on Tuesdays, from a studio in Queens, and with the help of two more hosts: Rory Farrell and Jamil Clay.

After touring most of 2016, it was time for him to release his new studio work named “Rage & The Machine”. The album was released by AraabMuzik.

Joe Budden announced that he will be hosting a new series “State Of The Culture,”alongside a known female rapper Remy Ma and a popular Scottie Beam.

Personal life

Joe has children but doesn’t want to pay child support for them. For that reason,  Hudson  County had to issue a warrant for his arrest and at the end of this Joe started paying the support.

It is known that he physically assaulted his girlfriend but she never pressed charges against him.

Joe always spoke his mind and that is his reason to came into a beef with Meek Mill and even Drake. He started all his beefs online, like on Twitter or similar.

The beef with Drake started after Joe spoke about Drake’s album and criticized it.

Drake decided to diss him back in one song but it turned out to be a bad solution since Joe dissed him back again but with four songs in just 35 days.

Why did Joe start dissing Drake?

Joe thinks that Drake has fallen out of the original rap music and turned too much mainstream. He considers it bad for rap because young people want know anything about the real hip-hop.

Migos are also a subject he often reffers about. He says that they are to romantic and slick for rap. Migos are a hip hop group combined from three members who started their career in Georgia, United States.

He got really mad at Migos after they made a cover of their album with a photo of men kissing.

They got into an altercation on the MTV award ceremonie, and it became so serious that the event hasd to be guarded by the police.

His son is named Trey and he is still a teenager. They are not especially close but they keep seeing each other regularly.

Joe Budden is dating Cyn Santana, a reality TV star whom he met at the shooting of the show titled “Love & Hip Hop”. They have a child. His name is Lexington and his girlfriend Cynthia Pacheko loves him more than anything in the world.

In 2016, he was caught by a group of Drake fans who came to his home, provoking him and filming him without his permission.

He got really angry and threw rocks at them, chasing them down the street.

Before entering the relationship with Cyn he was seen going out with Tahiry Jose,  Yaris Sanchez and Kaylin Garcia.

Tahiry Jose was going to become his wife after they have dated each other for seven years but it eneded surprisingly bad.

He likes to get into beefs with other artists so you can see his beef with Nicki Minaj on his Youtube channel.

As for his apeearances in TV shows, he was casted in the “Couples Therapy” and in “Hip Hop Squares”.

His favorite thing to do when he is nervous is to drive arround with his supercar Cadillac Escalade Platinum.

He has got almost one and a half million followers on his Instagram channel where he posts regularly.

Quick summary

Full name: Joe Anthony Budden II

Date of birth: August 31, 1980

Birthplace:  Harlem, New York, United States

Age: 38

Profession: rapper, writer, lecturer, radio and TV host, producer

Height: 1,83 m

Weight: 78 kg

Net Worth: $2 million

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