Tommy Sotomayor Net Worth: How Wealthy is ‘Mr. Controversy’?

Tom Sotomayor, whose real name is Thomas Jerome Harris, is an American talk show host on the internet and the radio. Being an activist for men’s rights, an anti-LGBT activist, a far-political commentator, or a film producer are just some of the things he does to stay active online. His satirical YouTube videos and the account he used called “MrMadness Sotomayor” made him famous.

Tommy Sotomayor’s Net Worth

Tommy Sotomayor is an actor, talk show host, and YouTube star from the United States. Celebrity Net Worth says that he is worth $500,000. “TJ” or “Mr. Controversy” are other names for Tommy Sotomayor. He hosts the radio show Your World, My Views and will be in the movie Drugs & Other Love, which is coming out soon.


He’s also in charge of the website He got a lot of views on YouTube after going on a rant about African American women. In a shocking YouTube video, he said that young gay men were the fault of black women and that black women had failed.

He then said that single black mothers often take credit for raising children who do well, but when their kids have problems, they blame absent dads. He also says that black people have turned into both men and women, which he says is a failure on the part of black women.

It’s possible that this rant inspired him to make the documentary A Fatherless America,  which is about the problem of fatherless houses among many people. He says the project is important to him because it affects his own life. 

He thinks that the fact that more dads are not in their homes is a major cause of violence and other social problems, and he wants everyone to know about this. The documentary shows stories of success and victory shared by fathers, mothers, children, and people who work in the legal system.

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Why is he so well-known? 

What makes Tommy Sotomayor so popular is that his videos always cause trouble and debate. Host of the radio show “My Views and Your World.” The show got some bad press in July 2016 when Sotomayor shared a video in which he criticized police officers involved in the 2016 shooting scandal. 


After the Dallas Police Association got involved, YouTube took down the video and said that Sotomayor’s channel should not have posted it. In addition to the radio show described above, the internet and social media star has been in many other movies and TV shows.  

From 2010 to 2011, he made his first TV showing in the show “Dishing Tea with the Big Mitch.” His roles in Toni Lahren’s “On Point” and “Toni,” as well as “News 8” and “Louder and Crowder,” kept coming up over the next few years. The comedy-drama “Drugs and Other Lovers,” which came out in 2016, was his first movie.

The most recent TV show he was on was the famous “Stephen Molly Channel.”CarsOn his YouTube account, you can see that Tommy Sotomayor owns a GMC SUV. 



In the 2010s, Tommy Sotomayor became one of the most controversial people on the internet. As the decade began, he made a name for himself as a social media mogul. He quickly found a way for his name to be in the media, news, and blogs.

He has had his own internet and radio shows, directed several TV projects (the most well-known being the documentary “Fatherless America”), and started his website in the past few years. Over the past ten years or so, the YouTuber has been able to make a net worth of about $800,000 from all the different jobs he has had.  

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