Faze Temperrr Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

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Faze Temperrr is famous American and Brazilian player of popular game “Call of Duty”. He is also the founder of the most known “Call of Duty” gaming clan called “FaZe clan” . His real and full name is Thomas Oliveira and Faze Temperrr is his online nickname.

More about career and private life of this amazing gamer you can read in the text below.

Early years

As we already said in the introduction the born (initial) name of gamer Faze Temperrr is Thomas Oliveira and he is born on August 25th 1993 in San Paolo in Brazil, South America. There is no many information about his childhood.

It is known that he lived in San Paolo when he was a little boy. A few years later he moved to New York with his mother and younger sister. His mother divorced from their father and she had to raised up the kids alone without help of anyone. She succeed to find a job in New York and she always be huge support to her children.

Faze is very thankful to his mother for everything she had done for him and his sister whom he really loves and helps her in everything he can.

Career development

In May 2010 Thomas or Faze made his gaming clan named “Faze clan” that  refers to popular game “Call of Duty”. Through this clan he gained a huge popularity and lot of fans.

“Call of Duty” is one of the most popular games in the world. In some countries like Korea players of this game are famous.

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Faze has his own YouTube channel under name “iiTeMpeR” on which he has more than 1 million and 750 thousands of subscribers. He also has almost 1.5 million followers on his Twitter profile and 1 million followers on his Instagram account.

He is the best player at killing in the game “Call of Duty Tribe”.

Besides him in his clan stands out three popular gamers and their online names are: Faze Apex, Faze Banks and Faze Rain. These three guys also have their YouTube channels and fans.

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The members of “Faze clan” realized that interaction with fans and audience is very important not just because of raising their popularity but also of learning something new from them since they are devoted game players.

The real name of Faze Apex is Yousef Abdelfaltah. The born of Faze Banks is Richard Bengston nad the full name of Faze Rain is Nordan Shat.

The “Faze clan” opened their own Instagram and Twitter accounts on which they have millions of followers. The members of this video gaming clan live in their own house where they playing games and making vlogs.

This famous clan also has more than 65 gamers who are playing games for them and also shooting a vlogs.

Faze Temperrr also launched his own clothing line which includes T-shirts, jacketes and hoodies with the recognazible sign of Faze Clan. He earns a lot of money by selling pieces of clothing besides the main earnings from YouTube.

The Faze Clan also has sponsorships of two big companies. First sponsor of this gaming clan is popular brend of energy drink under name “G-Fuel/Gammo” and the second one is a video gaming company named “Scuf gaming”.

Personal life

Faze Temperrr had a few girls and some of them are known in the public.

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He was in relationship with also game player Sassy Lin but they broke up in 2013. He didn’t wait too long to be a single guy and soon after that he started to dating with one more gamer whose online name is OpTicJewel. Her real name is Megan. Unfortunately, this couple also split up.

Later Faze hooked up with Tasha and she is still his girlfriend. She often posts their pictures on her Twitter account. She is low and her height is about 165 cm while Faze is tall 188 cm.

In 2012 he bought himself a car – BMVi3.

Faze adores travels and he is traveling a lot with his girlfriend mostly and that’s the best time he spent somewhere and most beautiful memories for him according to his words.

He is fan of skateboarding and wakeboarding and besides these sports activities he was a vallleyball player. He also knows to play football well.

He is big fan of ninjas and he knows to do many of their movements in flight.

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Although he is great “Call of Duty” gamer his favourite game is “Modern Warfare 2”.

He has tattooes on his body and he even tattooed tha name “Faze Clan” – each letter of this words on the other finger. He also has tattooed the lion on the left side of his chest.

Net worth

The net worth of Faze Temper is estimated at a total of about $3 millions. He mostly earns money from his YouTube channel and gaming clan. Other incomes are from sponsorships and his own clothing line.

Quick summary

Full name: Thomas Oliveira

Nickname: Faze Temperrr

Date of birth: August 25th 1993

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Age:  26

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Birthplace: San Paolo, Brazil, South America

Profession/Occupation: YouTuber, “Call on duty” game player

Net worth and salary: about $3 millions

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Marital status: not married

Children: no children

Love status: in a relationship with Tasha

Social media accounts and web site:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/iiTeMpeR

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fazetemperrr

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RealFaZeTemperrr

Twitter: https://twitter.com/temperrr

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