Thomas Weeks Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Thomas Weeks is known to the audience as character in reality TV show called Misfit Garage which originally air from 2014 on Discovery Channel. This show broadcast even today.

Early life:

There are so little information about Thomas and his earlier life that we don’t even know his exact birth day or just a year of his birth.

His town of birth is Dallas in Texas. His father was military officer and also a mechanic.

Thomas learned a lot of mechanics from his father. He learned Thomas all important stuffs, as well as all the tricks that he knew.

Thomas loved cars a lot from his early days. There is information that he got his first car as a 15 years old kid and it was Chevy truck from ‘55. This car was brought for Thomas by his father. He couldn’t wait to got his driver’s license to be able to drive that car.

Soon he realized that this car have a problem – the engine was missing. In that moment father of Thomas offered him a deal that he will give him a car if Thomas solve problem with engine.

Thomas worked on this car with pleasure and eventually he got it as a gift.

His another wish was to fly and that he realized. He received his pilot’s license when he was 16 years old.

After a high school he wanted to go in officer training school, but unfortunately he discovered that he is actually colorblind.

Career Development:

Thomas wanted to work some job which involve cars and he tried to find work in body shops.

He worked in several and he was bored to work for other people and he decided to start with his own business.

At first he opened a machine shop building engines. In the ‘80s Thomas painted bodies of cars and he started with one of first drive-in claims in area of Dallas.

In some moment he decided to sell this business and to start with another – he wanted to buy and sell cars.

In the middle of ‘90, to be exact in 1994, he got in engine building.

Thomas and his mates started to work together in Fired Up Garage. With him in the team was Jordan Butler, Scot McMillan and Tom Smith.

From October in 2014 all this guys are characters in reality TV show on Discovery Channel. This show have 4 seasons for now, but for his popularity it’s still filming.

For now his net worth is around $800 thousand.

Personal life:

Thomas don’t like to reveal so much about his personal life, he prefer that it stay a private thing. He is married, but there are no more informations.

We don’t know with who he is married, since when and does he have a children.

He is not huge fan on social networks and he is not really active on this field. He have profiles on Facebook and Twitter, but he is not very active, for example his last post on Twitter was in August 2017, 6 months ago.

On Facebook he have his private profile and official page.

On his private profile he have almost 5000 friends. Link is: His page is liked by 12K people. Link of the page is:

His profile on Twitter have 3.5K followers. Link is:

He had his official web site, but it is not active anymore.

Quick summary

Full name: Thomas Weeks

Date of birth: NA

Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, USA

Age: NA

Profession: car trader, TV personality

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $800 Thousand

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