Calum Von Moger Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height

One of the most popular Australian bodybuilders is Calum Von Moger – a guy with a magnificent, muscular body that took him to numerous competitions and world championships.

He was eager and motivated to show up at them all, and prove his body and bodybuilding talent to the audience. That made him an accredited bodybuilder.

Calum stood out from the crowd since his early age, which only became more obvious with time.

This guy was highly devoted to achieving a body he has as a 29-year old now, but he went through numerous challenges on his way.

Calum’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, making him one of the highest paid bodybuilders in the world.

He is a magnificent young man with a lot of potential in the upcoming years, and this is an article devoted to his life and career.

Early Years

Just as we mentioned above, Calum is of Australian nationality.

Interestingly, there are only a few information about his childhood and his education. The only thing mentioned about his birthplace is that Calum was born and grew up in a small Australian village in Victoria, while the name of the village was never mentioned.

Calum’s mother is Ingrid Von Moger – a WWW Mr. Universe, which explains his tendency towards bodybuilding a lot. Ingrid is a fitness model as well.

His father had a road accident in 2007 when Calum had 17 years. This left the man paralyzed.

However, Calum’s childhood dream was to become a football player or an athlete in the first place. He played it for 8 years, but bodybuilding soon became his biggest love, and he started lifting weight with his brothers when he was 14.

That day, Calum’s brother asked if he would go with him to the nearby gym. This was an old gym, equipped with rusty dumbbells, but it was just enough for a 14-year old back then.

Calum and his brother used to come to the gym every day after school and sometimes trained during the night.

Speaking of that period, Calum remembers that his biggest motivation was to achieve as best as possible results in anything he did.

Another thing here was a rivalry between Calum and his brother, who was older, taller, and stronger, which made him work even harder. Calum was a skinny kiddo.

One more factor that influenced Calum is the fact he grew up in the external and rural surrounding.

His family, as well as people from his surrounding, followed the rules strictly. Discipline and routine are in Calum’s blood.

What is more, Calum has 5 brothers and sisters, and all of them are brought up in the same manner of discipline.

On the other side, this had many positive influences on Calum’s personality. Not only he became disciplined and able to control himself well, but he developed a strong sense for healthy habits.

In other words, he would never adopt a habit that would interfere with his health or body in a negative way, which is a major precondition for being an athlete.

Can you relate anyone to Calum? Yes, that is true – his biggest inspiration is the great figure, Hercules.

Calum often talks about his admiration towards Steve Reeves, as he played Hercules in one of his movies.

Actually, when Calum started working out and upon building his body the way it is today, he had the golden age of bodybuilding in his mind – early 60’s and 70’s, and he wanted to bring back lost memories of that time to the world.

That is why he also choose the early bodybuilding techniques to work on, as he always admired classing shapes more.

In other words, he applies classic efficient lifting methods, including heavy compounds.

Calum doesn’t use any of the modern and latest equipment for training, as he believes ancient methods provide much better and healthier results.

Now that we mentioned techniques he uses, we have squats, bench, bent over row, and deadlift techniques. These exercises are the main one to “blame” for Calum’s unbelievable body.

People usually compare Calum to Arnold Schwarzenegger (“Pumping Iron”), as Arnold is one of the bodybuilding superstars and a legendary name. They say there is no difference between Calum and Arnold.

Frank Zane was one of his role models from childhood as well.

His fans truly appreciate his efforts and dedication to each training session.

Career Development

Calum’s first competition won occurred in 2010 when his career started developing into a more serious direction. He won the championship the same year.

The next year, in 2011, he won the NABBA junior International Championship at the WFF junior Mr. Universe Championship when he was 21.

Speaking of other awards, he won the third place at the Southern Hemisphere Championships in Gold Coast Australia in November in 2011. Next month, he won the Junior Mr. Universe competition in Austria.

In 2013, Calum won the first place at International Championships NABBA Class 1 in Melbourne and then took the third place at Southern Hemisphere Championships in Gold Coast.

The same year, he competed in Thessaloniki in the WFF Universe contest and won the fifth place.

In 2014, Calum took first place in South Korea at the Pro-WFF/NABBA Mr. Universe contest.

Calum had a serious injury in 2017 when he suffered a left bicep tear while doing a ridiculously heavy bicep curl, while the injury from 2018 was completely devastating.

When he got that bicep injury in 2017, he had to get it surgically repaired. When Calum posted a video only one month after the surgery, he left everybody speechless.

Only one month was enough to leave a noticeable difference in his sculpted body. This happened just before Calum played Arnold Schwarzenegger on the big screen.

The rope he was holding on didn’t support him fully, Calum fell and injured his knee (patellar tendon). While he was attempting to achieve balance, he injured his left bicep once again.

However, he has been working on his big comeback in 2018, as Calum starred in the movie “Bigger” where he played Arnold Schwarzenegger, his biggest idol.

Calum posted a photo on his Instagram account, proofing he is coming back on the scene.

We hope he will be able to compete again as soon as possible and teach the top in IFBB competition, which was his dream before the injuries.

He trained his legs and worked on building a new set of muscles, which made a big step towards new competitions in 2019.

And just before that, he amazed the audience and his fans with the movie “Unbroken”, which was claimed the #1 sports movie in the US in March 2019.

The fact the movie became so popular lays in the injuries Calum experienced two years ago, as both of them could take him to death.

On the other hand, as the injuries were so serious, there was a question imposing itself would Calum be able to get back to the scene ever again.

Still, as the audience has so much love for his work, and because Calum is so persistent and strong guy, things settled in place, and he is looking forward to new titles.

Calum became worldwide famous because of his appearance and his body, which made him a perfect ambassador for numerous brands. He is currently working in this field as well.

Also, knowing how influential he is among the young population, Calum decided to teach young people and kids about the essentials and key areas of bodybuilding, fitness and maintaining a nutritious diet.

This guy is lucky enough to eat anything he can, and he would still have a lean body. When asked about his nutrition, he said his secret for gaining muscles is to simply eat more.

His favorite meal is watermelon with cottage cheese, or a home-cooked meal (vegetables, meat, and potatoes).

As he is training that hard, Calum still needs some supplements, such as creatine and BCAA’s and he uses glucose powder, zinc, magnesium, and taurine to maintain a good immune system and a healthy heart.

He teaches them to always rest for three days after training for consecutive days, as this is one of the most common mistakes among young bodybuilders and athletes.

It is more than clear that Calum’s physique reminds of the ones Greek Gods had.

His wide shoulders, big muscles, and V-shaped body with smaller waist make him appear very attractive.

Personal Life

Calum is dating Karina Elle – a fitness expert.

He is currently living in Los Angeles (he moved from Australia to America in 2014), where he continued his training career, as well as working as a brand ambassador.

He appeared in numerous fitness magazines as a fitness model.

Calum’s fan base is huge, and he has almost 3 million followers on Instagram.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Calum Von Moger

Date of Birth: June 9, 1990

Birthplace: a small village in Victoria, Australia

Age: 29

Profession: Bodybuilder, an athlete, brand ambassador, actor, and inspirational speaker

Height: 1.88m

Weight: 117kg

Net Worth: $2 million

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