Captainsparklez Net Worth 2024: A Success Life Story of a YouTuber!

CaptainSparklez is a pseudonym of a famous American Youtube personality named Jordan Maron.

He is known for his YouTube channel “CaptainSparklez” where he gained over 10 million subscribers.

Early years

He was born on February 10, 1992 in Los Angeles in California, United States. He was only four years old when his mother decided that they should move to Santa Barbara. This didn’t affect him a lot since he was very young, but the next event did…

His parents got divorced when he was just a kid and his father came to visit him when he wanted. It was a very hard experience for him.

He was always hardworking, both in and out of school. He found his first job as an ice-cream salesman.

He was a student at Santa Barbara High School and he decided that he has to go to college so he enrolled the University of California.

He first chose chemical engineering as his major subject  but he soon found out that he has great talent in computer so he decided to switch his major into a new subject connected to computers. It was computer science. This was during this freshman year.

After that he decided that he wasn’t really into college and he dropped out in order to pursue his career in computers.

How Much Wealth Does He Have?

According to the source, he has an estimated net worth of $1.12 million as of 2024.

CaptainSparklez, a prominent YouTube channel renowned for its gaming content, is operated by a 31-year-old creator who has successfully garnered 11.4 million subscribers.

Taking into account various income streams, CaptainSparklez’s net worth is estimated to reach up to $1.57 million.

Instagram Account

As of now he has over 823k followers on Instagram. let’s have a look at latest post below.


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Career development

In 2011he decided that he would totally focus on his YouTube channel and make it his full-time job and maybe make a career out of it.

His first YouTube engagement was in the production of videos on his channel called ProsDONTtalkSHIT. This was in 2010 and the channel was totally focused on playing the known video game Call of Duty.

A little after he decided to stop uploading videos to his channel and he made a new channel called CaptainSparklez.

This channel was all about another popular video game called Minecraft.

He became popular very soon and gained thousands of subscribers who followed his channel on a daily basis, just watching him playing the famous game.

Jordan had a role in the comedy series “Table Flip” where he played himself in one episode.

In 2016 he even came to the list made by Forbes  magazine titled “30 under 30” which is a very big success for someone that young who is playing computer games.

In 2016 he created a new channel and named it “Maron Music” and there he releases only his own productions and electronic music he made and also electronic music from other musicians.

He uses this channel to promote them as music producers so they could start their career easier.

Due to his popularity as a Minecraft player he was invited in 2016 to appear in one episode of Minecraft called “Story Mode”.

Since he is very creative he even started a company called “XREAL” which is really a mobile gaming company and he did it in collaboration with Howard Marks who is a known CEO of a company “Activision”.

The two of them and their company XREAL soon released it’s first game in the spring of 2015 under the name “Fortress Fury” and this game broke several records since it was downloaded almost 2 million times in the first two months.

Jordan aka CaptainSparklez is also very known for his music videos which are based on Minecraft series.

He releases a lot of his work including parodies and original music videos. It was in 2011 that he released “TNT” which was his first music video based on Minecraft. For real it was a parody of a single called “Dynamite” played by Taio Cruz.

This video is in the 4th Place of the most viewed videos on his channel and it almost came to 100 million views.

In the summer of 2011 he made another popular music video under the title “Revenge” and it’s really a parody of the DJ  Usher’s single called “DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again”.

He later replaced that video with some new and original music in 2015.

Although he had replaced it, the video is still the most viewed video ever on CaptainSparklez Channel and has over 150 million views.

One of his most interesting parody videos is called “Minecraft Style” and it’s a parody of Psy’s “Gangnam Style” which was a huge hit at that time.

This video was different because it was based on Minecraft animation.

This time he published it on YouTube but  under his new username and it was CaptainSparklez. After just 3 days the video gained over 1 million views.

The video was a good example for technology and gaming so it was often used by known TV and radio stations as well as newspapers like the Daily Telegraph and The Huntington post in their technology articles.

In 2012, he released the first Minecraft music video gathered in one series called “Fallen Kingdom”.

This time he used the song “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay but he changed the lyrics so it would fit into Minecraft theme.

This video holds the status of the third most viewed video on CaptainSparklez YouTube channel and it has gathered over 100 million views after it was posted online.

The song from this video is sang by TryHardNinja who is also a YouTuber and has a popular YouTube channel with over a million subscribers.

Video number two from the same Fallen Kingdom series is named “Take Back the Night” and it was released in the summer of 2013.

This video gathered over 100 million views and it contains an original song sang by one YouTuber already collaborated with Maron and it is TryHardNinja.

The third video from the Fallen Kingdom series is named “Find the Pieces” and it was released in the spring of 2015. Again it is made in a collaboration with TryHardNinja who sings the original song named “Pieces”.

The final video from the same serious is called “Dragonhearted” and it was released in the autumn of 2016.

Of course TryHardNinja is again the singer of the theme song named after the video and this time he completes the story about Fallen Kingdom.

Last year in 2017 Jordan Maron has released a new music video connected to Minecraft titled “Rush Over me” and it featured a singer named Haliene.

A few months after that, he has released “We Are The Night” Minecraft music video featuring Sanjana Gosh.

Personal life

Jordan likes to keep his personal life away from the media. He has been in relationships but he never posted any photos with his girlfriend or shared any info about them.

He always liked sports, from an early age. He was a great fan of skateboarding and he was very good in basketball.

He loves going to gym and often posts his gym photos on his Instagram. His favorite food is pizza and sushi.

He watched all Leonardo DiCaprio movies because he is a big fan.

He is a car enthusiast and loves collecting cars. When he was 3, he knew the Name, Make and Model of the vehicles.

Quick summary

Full name: Jordan Maron

Date of birth: February 10, 1992

Birthplace: Los Angeles, Calofornia, USA

Age: 26

Profession: YouTuber, music producer, gamer

Height: 170cm

Weight: 66 kgs

Net Worth: $1.12 Million

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