Ben Higgins Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Ben Higgins is mostly popular by his participation in TV show which aired on ABC channel. A word is about popular reality TV show which is called Bachelorette.

Early life:

Ben was born in town in Colorado, called Denver. His birth date is March 23, 1988, and his full name Benjamin Edward Higgins.

His parents raised him in Warsaw, Colorado. He is only of his parents, so he does not have siblings. His father’s name is David and his mother name is Amy Diane Higgins.

Ben was adorable little kid and he stayed like that through his whole childhood. He was pretty boy in the high school and he also played football, so that was the reason more to be irresistible for the girls.

Ben is very attached for his family and he always wanted to have love like the one which have his parents.

He attended Indiana University where he earned degree in management and business administration. Later she was a vice-president of the external affairs at Indiana’s chapter of Delta Upsilon.

He always wanted to be famous and popular and to do anything more for his life. That led him to decision to go to the audition for reality TV show called Bachelorette. This happened in 2015.

Career Development:

Ben was always very smart boy and we can say that he is very much wise for his years. For some time he worked in Peru in one zoo, he enjoyed in Bolivia as traveler through the jungles, he was also visitor on popular destination called Machu Picchu. He was also a software salesman.

Ben’s life got a big change when she started with his appearance in reality TV show The Bachelorette. He appeared in this show in 11th season.

After that he appeared in reality TV series called The Bachelor, where he became very popular and famous. His attitude from the start was that he believe in true love, soul mate and marriage. Actually he believe in commitment for a long time and in love for whole life. He is romantic man.

In 2016, he could to chose a girlfriend for him, so he could to pick from 28 contestants. Then he started a relationship with Lauren Bushnell because she was the one who won his heart. After participation in this show, couple lived together in Denver, where they moved after a celebration.

They eventually realized that their relationship has to end, so they broke up in May 2017. After this, Ben could be seen on the bachelor winter games, but Lauren retired since they broke up.

At this moment Ben works at Talysis as a software salesman and analyst. For this job he has salary of 65 thousand dollars. His net worth for now is 1.93 million dollars, and he said that he is satisfied with this amount.

Personal life:

Ben was always a pretty boy and since his childhood girls loved him. But he did not found love of his life. He was in several relationships and at the end of each he got broken heart. He believe that true love for whole life exist and he have a wish to find it.

He is very attached to his family and he enjoy in the time spent with them.

Ben was in a relationship with Kaitlyn for some time, but when they ended their relationship his heart was broken. After that he tried to find his soul mate in reality TV show called The Bachelor, where he met 28 girls.

There he met a girl Lauren Bushnell, who stole his heart and they started their relationship in 2016. Ben and Lauren was engaged and their wedding should be in November 2017, but they ended their relationship and break up before that. Their relationship ended in May 2017.

Now he is single and in he still looking for his soul mate.

This guy is gorgeous. He have dark hair, dark eyes and beautiful smile. His height is 195 cm (6 ft 4 in), and his weight is 92 kg (202.8 lbs). There is also information about his measurements. Size of his chest is 42 in, size of his biceps is 15 in and his waist size is 32 in.

Ben likes to be involved in sports such as fishing, hiking, basketball, golf, soccer. Now he can still be seen how plays golf. He also likes cooking and he is great in that. When he was a student car hit him on the sidewalk, and from than he have fear to return to the traffic. He also does not like to anyone touch his face.

As a men with great look and charisma, Ben have big number of fans. They all follow him on social networks on which he have profile. He have accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

His Facebook profile is not very active, but it have 11.5 thousand of followers. Link of this profile is:

On Instagram he is more popular and he is followed by 1.4 million people. There his followers can see his pictures with his beloved family. Link of this profile is:

On Twitter he have 409K followers. Link of his profile on this social network is:

Quick summary

Full name: Benjamin Edward Higgins

Date of birth: March 23, 1988

Birthplace: Denver, Colorado, USA

Age: 30

Profession: TV personality

Height: 195 cm (6 ft 4 in)

Weight: 92 kg (202.8 lbs)

Net Worth: $1.93 million

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