Alejandro Fernandez Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height

Alejandro Fernández is one of the most popular musicians in Mexico. His connection with music comes from the very cradle since his father is Vicente Fernández Gómez, a renowned singer-songwriter of ranchera music.

Alejandro ventured, of course, into this typically Mexican rhythm, but he has also demonstrated his interpretative and musical versatility by approaching other genres such as ballad, bolero and Latin pop.

His career began very early, at the age of nine, and with almost forty years of experience he is a consecrated artist, with international projection, who toured thousands of stages, sold millions of records, gathered thousands of fans at his concerts and has It has been recognized by the specialized critics with awards such as the Grammy and the Billboard.

In today’s text, we are going to learn more about his career path, his net worth and his personal life. So, if you are interested to find out more, this is the perfect chance.

Early Years

Alejandro Fernández Abarca was born on April 27th 1971 in Mexico City in Mexico. His family was very talented and his father was a singer as well. He stared appearing in his shows.

Although his first steps were very small on stage as a result of his father’s exposure, in the nineties he decided that music would be his professional path.

But in addition to his career as a singer, we must say that Alejandro has cultivated other areas in his life, such as being an academic, since he studied architecture, and business, given that he owns the ownership of the Unicenter warehouse in Guadalajara. And we cannot ignore his incursion into acting and the huge amount of songs he has provided to various telenovelas of his country, which as we know is the mecca of the production of novels.

On a personal level, he has had prolific offspring as a result of two of his most important relationships, including one of his daughters, Camila, who has followed in his footsteps.

Career Path

Mexican interpreter Alejandro Fernández is breaking records. His career started in 1995 and since then he has been releasing hits after hits. After filling auditoriums with eight concerts in Spain and embarking on a trip to the United States with the tour Breaking Borders, the 47-year-old musician has shown that success does not leave him.

Alejandro started his career with his first album in 1995. The first album was named Que Seas Muy Feliz, and the album was an instant hit. The next year he released Muy Dentro de mi Corazon and the album was amazing, accepted both by critics and the audience.

Many great songs followed such as Si Tu Superias, No se Olvidar, Me Estoy Enamorando and many more. In 1998 he released a song called Christmas in Vienna VI together with Placido Domingo.

In 1999 he released an album called Mi Verdad and received a nomination for a Grammy Award. Many popular albums and songs followed after that. In 2011 he started a Dos Mundos: Revolucion Tour and released a song called Bajo un mismo sol.

In 2014 he recorded a song with Christina Aguilera called Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti and the song was an instant success. In 2016 he became a member of the Billboard Latin Music Hall of Fame and in 2017, Rompiendo Fronteras single came out.

A famous song of his Manana es para siempre for a telenovela, and the song reached amazing success among the audience and there is no one who doesn’t know this song.

With his music, that mix ranchera with romantic ballads and pop, has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide that have earned him two Grammy as well as two Billboard. But the fame of El Potrillo has been splashed in recent years by some excesses and scandals caused by alcohol.

Chente, symbol of Mexican rancheras left the stage in April 2016, at age 76, after 50 years of experience, with a free concert at the Estadio Azteca in the capital attended by nearly 85,000 people.

The son has managed to forge his own way regardless of the success of his father. After having ventured into the architecture of young, the interpreter of e Matalas realized that music was his true passion. At the age of 23 he sang As One Who Loses a Star, a ranchera that became the sensation at that time, and which is now a classic.

Years later he played with Diego El Cigala. With I am falling in love, album that he released at age 26, he began his turn towards romantic ballads and pop music. In Spain he was released in 2004 with his song Sing heart.

Alejandro’s net worth is estimated at around 20$ million. His amazing career and the successes he achieved in his life can’t be measured by just simple chart places. He managed to leave an incredible mark on the Mexican culture and music, and will be remembered for it for many more years.

On his social media he often shares photos from his personal life and announces information about his performances. He has many followers since he has fans from all around the world.

Most of his net worth comes from his music and performances but he also owns several successful businesses so a big part of the money comes from that as well. He has many more years to record music, and judging by his latest successes, even in the USA, we can expect a lot more good songs and music from this talented singer.

Personal life

Like we already mentioned, Alejandro was born in Mexico City and there he spent most of his childhood and adult life. Even though he went to school to become an architect, he decided to try singing instead after being encouraged by his father.

He was the youngest boy in the family and together with his brothers they are known as The Three Colts. One tragic moment from his life was the moment when his brother was kidnapped by a band and they cut of his finger and decided to mail it to his father.

Alejandro had to pay a large amount of money to get his brother alive, but the amount was never disclosed. Besides his singing, he is a co-owner of a shopping Centre located in Guadalajara. He also joined his family in Arena VFG and the arena is mostly meant for musical events.

He has three children with his ex-wife America Guinart and two more with Ximena Diaz. After his seven children, he decided to undergo a vasectomy.

His personal life is filled with scandals and news that haven’t yet shaken his career, but if he continues to act as right now, we can expect that to happen as well. The beatings have not been lacking. During a party in a hotel in the capital, after a concert by El Potrillo at the National Auditorium in February, a person took photographs of the artist in an evident state of drunkenness, after which one of his escorts hit him and broke both his teeth frontal from above.

Upon seeing the scene, another young man tried to stop him and ended up with his nose broken into seven. The beaten men filed a lawsuit in the Mexico City courts against the bodyguards involved. And two years ago, also in apparent drunkenness, he had an altercation in Mexico City with a journalist who wanted to interview him after a concert.

Another night of excesses of who has sung with Beyoncé or Alejandro Sanz that transcended the media was the one in which he was seen in Las Vegas without a shirt, with disheveled hair, in an evident state of drunkenness and hugging two men, on a spree in August 2016. The image gained such popularity that they even made piñatas of their torso. The artist acknowledged and justified himself saying: I was at a bachelor party, we were not going to be taking milkshakes.

This episode is joined by others in which the singer from Guadalajara (Mexico) had a few more tequilas. On one occasion, when he ended up drunk at a concert in Querétaro (in the center of the country) in December of 2017, it was noticeable how he dragged his words when speaking. The truth is that he was doing a puter of cold and he wanted to warm up with a little drink.

None of these obscure chapters in the life of the singer has managed to tarnish the 25 years of career of those who have been able to sing honeyed songs of pop in tight trousers, jacket, shirt, boots and big hat, the typical wardrobe of the rider or Mexican charro. This Latin lover, who has managed to combine modernity and tradition, is the heir of Mexican ranchero and bolero charros such as Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete, Javier Solís and, of course, Vicente Fernández, his father.

After this series of incidents, some local media in Mexico now claim that Fernandez will enter a rehabilitation center, but since Universal Music deny the veracity of this information. Hopefully this talented singer will be able to get out of the vicious cycle of alcohol and that his music will be the main focus of his life.

He has such talent that it would be such a waste to see him end up in the cycle of scandals and bad behavior in the future. Until he releases something new, we will enjoy the songs he already released.

Quick summary

Full name: Alejandro Manuel Fernández Abarca

Date of birth: 24 April 1971

Birthplace: Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

Age: 48

Profession: Singer

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 85

Net Worth: $20 million

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