Ashley Iaconetti Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Ashley Iaconetti is a known American reality TV personality and also a popular journalist. Ashley is also a make-up artist and a blogger.

She became famous from the few series of The Bachelor reality TV series she appeared in. Some of them were “The Bachelor”, “The Bachelor Winter Games” and “Bachelor in Paradise”.

Early years

Ashley Iaconetti was born in Great Falls, Virginia, United States on March 6th, 1988 in a family with Italian roots.

Her well-situated father is Dr. Jay Iaconetti and he works in the local hospital and he was once a guest on the “Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise”. It’s an after-show to the reality show “Bachelor in Paradise”. He was in it video chatting and giving support to his precious daughter Ashley.

Her mother Audrey was always also a big support to Ashley, stating that Ashley inherrited her sensitivity from her.

She went to Langley High School in Fairfax County, Virginia where she was a good student and always focused on work.

Ashley has  graduated from it in 2006 and then she went to James Madison University for Media Arts and Design located in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Iaconetti earned her masters degree in Broadcasting and Digital Journalism from S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at the Syracuse University in New York.

After she graduted from Newhouse School she was an intern at NewsChannel 9 WSYR which was her first serious encounter with journalism.

Career development

From 2017 to 2018 Ashley dated The Bachelor Winter Games star Kevin Wendt.

In April the same year (2018) she started dating another reality TV star, Jared Haibon from Bachelor in Paradise. After only two months, the couple got engaged which surprised the fans of the show.

Ashley Iaconetti appeared in a show The Bachelor for the first time in 2015. She was on the 19th season of the show. There, she competed for the attention of Chris Soules.

She got the nickname „Ashley I“ because another contestant was also called Ashley, and they didn’t want to have the same name. This nickname was used in all of her Bachelor series and also in real life, too. She was called Ashley I on one of her podcasts.

Ashley was also in the second and third season of Bachelor in Paradise because she was well noticed by the fans and the producers decided that she is good for the series.

In Bachelor in Paradise, couples were isolated in remote exotic and tropical destinations. In the second season Ashley quit in 5th week and in the third season she got to the sixth week.

Although she was dating Wells Adams in the third season of the show, she didn’t leave the show in a relationship.

Ashley was on The Bachelor Winter Games in 2018. She was in the first season and was also a first winner of The Bachelor Winter Games along with Kevin Wendt.

Ashley is a correspondent for Clevver TV and Access Hollywood and hopes that she will become a successfull journalist or TV host one day. She is also a contributor for a known women magazine named Cosmopolitan.

Iaconetti is also frequently co-hosting a podcast called „The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast“ with another star who rose from The Bachelor series  Ben Higgins.

She is one of the hosts of a podcast named “I Don’t Get It” which she runs with her sister, Lauren Iaconetti and Naz Perez. They also host the show alongside her.

She has a profile page on ABC website that says she’s a football fan and a nanny.

Shortly after she finished her education she was working as a freelance journalist and a sport reporter. She stopped doing those jobs after she joined the Bachelor.

On the reality show, she was known for crying too much and being over-sensitive about every little thing. She also claimed to be a virgin who never had a boyfriend or was involved in a relationship with someone.

This side of her character put the viewers in two different groups: one group of viewers thought that she was faking it and that she was too emotional on the show, and the other group defended her sensibility and considered her different from modern girls who outraged them.

Although she was getting a lot of attention, she didn’t win the contest. But it helped her to become more recognizable and better known.

Her attention seeking got her to another called Bachelor in Paradise. She was very entertaining to the audience.

Ashley is very active on her social media accounts. She has a following of 1 million people on her Instagram. She often posts pictures with her current boyfriend Jared Haibon. The two are currently engaged.

Ashley is also a CEO of the E & S Media Creations. This company makes films for weddings, corporate occasions and also sports.

She was an assistant for Yoshitoshi Recordings and Entertainment Industries Council, too.

She is very active on her blog where she posts thoughts on the newest Bachelor episodes. She also gives her readers dating tips, shows her skincare and gives them advice about make-up and a lot of other things on the blog.

She always incourages her readers to express their true feeling and not to be ashamed of them and seeming vulnerable because of them.

She started a lot of controversy when she published a Cosmopolitan article in which she spoke about the awful ABC network editing techniques they use on their reality TV show “Bachelor in Paradise”.

She says that in one episode, where she allegedly had an argument with one of the contestants Caila Quinn, their „argument“ was edited so it looked like they were in a fight rather than them having a normal conversation.

Unfortunately, after she released the article she had to edit it due to her contract with ABC Network that didn’t let her publish such an article. The screenshot of the original post was, however, leaked on the internet and her message about this issue was spread.

Personal life

Ashley is currently living in Wayne, New Jersey, United States. She works there as a freelance journalist for Cosmopolitan. She writes articles about the Bachelor in Paradise there.

Ashley has a very interesting nickname which she gained in the show. She looks alike to Kim Kardashian so people started to call her “Kardashely”.

This bothered her at first but she decided to come to peace with it after a while.

After she has realized that she was often compared to Kim, she started putting make up in the way Kim does, to attract more attention.

Early years

Full name: Ashley Iaconetti

Date of birth: March 6th, 1988

Birthplace: Great Falls, Virginia, United States

Age: 30

Profession: TV star, journalist, blogger, host

Height: 1,68 m

Weight: 56 kgs

Net Worth: $800,000

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