Andi Dorfman Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height

This article will be about a popular American TV personality whose name is Andi Dorfman. At the beginning of this article it is important to say that she is not only a TV personality, but she is also an author and a former assistant of a district attorney in Georgia. People usually know Andi Dorfman from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, popular American television shows.

Actually, The Bachelor is some kind of a reality show related to dating and relationships, while The Bachelorette is actually a spin-off of this show. She was taking part at the 18th season of The Bachelor and also on the 10th season of The Bachelorette.

However, it is interesting to know that she is not popular only because of these shows, but there are also many other things related to her career. Today she is undoubtedly one of the most popular television personalities.

If you read this article about Andi Dorfman, you are going to find out all about her life and career. We will start from her early years and after that we will tell you the most important things related to her career.

In this article you will have the opportunity to find out a lot about the personal life of Andi Dorfman as well. Many interesting things are expecting you in today’s article and if you like Andi Dorfman and her work, you will certainly have a good time by reading this article about her.

So, let’s see now something about her early years.

Early Years

Before we tell you something about Andi’s childhood and early years, you have to know her full name. She was born as Andi Janette Dorfman, but the public knows her as Andi Dorfman. This popular television star was born on April 3, 1987, so it means that she is now 32 years old.

Her birth place is Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. The name of her father is Hy Lewis Dorfman and the name of her mother is Patti Smith Dorfman. When it comes to the siblings of Andi Dorfman, we have to say that she has an elder sister whose name is Rachel Dorfman.

Now we have to tell you something about her education as well. Andi Dorfman attended Louisiana State University and she got a degree in the year 2009. After that she attended Wake Forest University School of Law as well, where she got the Juris Doctor Degree in the year 2012.

Now you will see what the current profession of Andi Dorfman is and how she became so popular. You will see the most important things from her career.


When it comes to the career of Andi Dorfman, we have already said that she was a district attorney. Actually, she passed the bar exam in the year 2012, which helped her become the assistant of a district attorney for a county in Georgia called Fulton County.

However, it is interesting to say that she left her job for a while when she decided to be a part of The Bachelorette show. She was in the 10th season of The Bachelorette and she chose Josh Murray to be her boyfriend. In the following chapter you will find out what happened later with their relationship.

We have to mention some other things from the career of Andi Dorfman as well. In February 2017 she appeared again in The Bachelor and it was a big surprise for her fans.

Apart from being a star of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman is also an author and she has written It’s Not Okay that became the bestseller of an American newspaper New York Times. Another of her books was Single State of Mind that was also a bestseller of New York Times.

Now you will see a couple of the most important facts from the personal life of this popular TV star. It is not a secret that she had a lot of affairs, so we will tell you the names of her ex boyfriends.

Personal Life

The personal life of Andi Dorfman is more than interesting, especially when it comes to her affairs. We have already told you who the members of her family are and now you will see a couple of things about her love life.

As we have already said, while she was in The Bachelorette show, Andi Dorfman chose Josh Murray as her emotional partner and they became very popular as a couple. They were in a relationship for some time and their engagement was in May, 2014. However, in January 2015 they ended their engagement and Andi Dorfman was single again.

Also, we have to say that in the past she was in a relationship with a famous American football player whose name is John Busing. They were together almost 5 years, actually from 2009 until 2013. It is interesting to say that there were rumours about the relationship between Andi Dorfman and Juan Pablo Galavis in his show The Bachelor.

When it comes to love life of Andi Dorfman, we have to say that she is talking about that very often and she doesn’t have a problem to share some details from her relationships with her fans.

In 2015 there were rumours that she was in a relationship with a singer Sam Hunt, but she didn’t confirm this relationship. If you are wondering whether Andi Dorfman is single or in a relationship right now, then we cannot give you a concrete answer. However, we know that she is not married and she doesn’t have children.

It is interesting to mention that in summer 2014 there were speculations about the pregnancy of Andi Dorfman, but she denied all of them. We hope that Andi Dorfman will meet her perfect partner very soon.


Full name: Andi Janette Dorfman

Nickname: Andi Dorfman

Date of Birth: April 3, 1987

Age: 32

Birth-sign: Aries

Birth place: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.

Residence: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.

Education: Louisiana State University, Louisiana, U.S.

Wake Forest University School of Law, North Carolina, U.S.

Occupation: TV personality, author, former attorney

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: North American

Ethnicity: White

Father: Hy Lewis Dorfman

Mother: Patti Smith Dorfman

Siblings: Sister Rachel Dorfman

Marital status: Not married

Children: /

Hobbies: Tennis, golf, shopping, going out with her friends

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 165 cm (5 ft 5 in)

Weight: 54 kg (119 pounds)

Body: curved, fit

Body Measurements: 91.5 – 63.5 – 89 cm (36 – 25- 35 in)

Bra Size: 32D

Dress Size: 38 (EU) or 6 (US)

Shoe Size:  38.5 (EU) or 8 (US)

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Light brown

Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth: $3 million

It is believed that the current net worth of Andi Dorfman is 3 million dollars. In the previous two years her net worth was about 300 000 dollars, but it has grown rapidly. She has earned a lot of money in the shows that we have mentioned – The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

It is interesting to know that she earned 50 000 dollars for her appearance in The Bachelorette. Other sources of her earnings are working as an attorney and writing books.

Social Networks

Social networks are also something that Andi Dorfman likes and she is active on them as much as she can. If you want to join her on the social networks, the following links will be useful for you.

Instagram: (1m followers)

Twitter: (363K followers)



Quick Summary

Andi Dorfman is a television star from the United States who became famous in the shows The Bachelor 18th season and The Bachelorette 10th season. Also, Andi Dorfman was working as an assistant of a district attorney for Fulton County and she is also an author.

Both of her books became the bestsellers of New York Times and their names are It’s Not Okay and Single State of Mind.

When it comes to her personal life, we have mentioned that Andi Dorfman had a couple of affairs. Some of her ex boyfriends are John Busing, Josh Murray, Juan Pablo Galavis, Sam Hunt, etc. Andi Dorfman is not married and she doesn’t have children.

If you want to find out more facts about the career and personal life of Andi Dorfman, you can find her on social networks. She is active on Tweeter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, so you can join her and become one of her fans. This way you will get the opportunity to find out a lot of interesting things about this popular TV star.

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