Martha Hunt Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height

There are many models at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016, and it’s really hard to follow them all. But, some of them simply stand out, and one of those is Martha Hunt, a gorgeous blonde angel.

Today, we will tell you more about how her modeling career began, as well as some spicy things about her private life.

Early Years

You may find it hard to believe that Marta Hunt is only 27 years old, but believe it is true. She was born April 27, 1989, in Wilson, North Carolina, USA.

She was actually born as Marta Seifert but changed her last name. Martha belongs to white ethnicity, and according to nationality she is an American.

Hunt finished high school at Ibstock Place School in Roehampton.

She also went to the classes with speech therapists because she had a problem with stuttering since she was 8 years old.

On one occasion, the teacher asked her to show one of the characters they have been working on.

One sentence: “I believe in you” was the trigger for Martha to start speaking more fluently, and, at the end of the classes – she was speaking with no obstructions.

You see, this sentence gave Martha the confidence she lacked, and her speech problems disappeared completely very soon. Since then, her interest in acting has appeared.

This young and blonde Victoria Secret’s Angel, traveled the world several times a week, which is more than most people do for the rest of their lives!

Passport of this blonde was full of seals, and there were no longer pages for further authentication.

At one point, a photographer from North Carolina noticed Martha and decided to present her to several agencies, involving a couple of modeling agencies in New York as well.

She then decided to move to a jungle on concrete, so Martha signed a contract with IMG Models Agency and became one of their models.

Career Development

Martha Hunt appeared for the first time on the runway during the Paris Fashion Show in 2007.

This was her first stroll on the runway, where she gained sympathies of many people at the event.

Some of her first engagements included walking for J. Mendel, Rebecca Tailor, and Wayne.

Since then, she has appeared so far in numerous magazines, was a cover face of many labels, and has gone to more than 180 fashion shows.

The famous magazines such as Harper Bazaar, Glamour, and Vogue China featured her images, which gave Martha even more publicity.

From that moment on, numerous worldwide fashion brands and labels such as Balmain, Dolce Gabbana, Prada, Versace, Herve Leger, Channel, Oscar de la Renta, Rag & Bone, Givenchy, Tory Burch, Lois Vuitton, and many more wanted to collaborate with Martha, which she eagerly accepted.

There were Hugo Boss, Via Spiga, Giorgio Armani, Jason Vu, Miu Miu, and BCBG Azria, one the list of brands who were excited to have Martha working for them.

During 2010 and 2011, right before her second big show, Martha collaborated with Marie Claire, Allure, and Hugo Boss.

Martha’s second time with Victoria Secret was a catwalk at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Magazine, in France at Grand Palais in Paris.

On that Wednesday evening, Marta carried several glamorous models, but the one most watched was the feminine underwear set she wore with frozen angel wings.

This beauty also wore red high heels, and black and silver jewelry, whose length covered Martha’s whole body.

The second time she signed a contract for IMG Models was in 2012. The same year, Martha walked for Penny black and Jason Vu.

One of her biggest accomplishments was being on the cover page of Elle, the prestigious magazine.

This gave an impulse to LOVE magazine, as they hired Martha to do their 2012 video calendar.

The next year, 2013, was also a very productive and successful year for Martha.

She worked on a couple of commercials for Ralph Lauren, Prada, Juicy Couture, Miu Miu, Mac & Co (along with Frida Gustavsson).

Martha appeared either on cover pages or the main ones of magazines Wonderland, Vogue, 25, Numero.

An innovative brand, Free People, was launched in 2013.

They had Martha in mind when thinking of a person who would represent their campaign, and she said yes right away.

The year 2014 Martha collaborated with Rebecca Minkoff, a luxurious brand, and walked for Herve Legere, Carolina Herrera, Jeremy Scott, and Tommy.

In 2015, Martha Hunt became the part of Victoria’s Secret Swim Special collection and became a Victoria Angel officially.

And if you’re wondering, Marta Hunt currently has a net worth of amazing $3 million!

But, with all the work that is expected to work in the future, it’s quite realistic that this amount is significantly higher! Her fortune includes her luxury home and a car as well.

With the help of modeling, she earns about $166,000 a month, while her annual salary that involves many contracts with modeling agencies overcomes two million of dollars.

Martha is always wearing the most versatile clothes, designer brands, but also designed one of her dresses by herself.

This dress is a pure personification of wealth.

Personal Life

Marta Hunt is currently single. She has been in the past in connection with Jason McDonald, a photographer who made most of her pictures.

There were some rumors Martha and Jason were getting married, but it turned out later that they were fake news.

She is currently doing great living by herself in New York.

Probably many of you do not know that Taylor Swift, a teenage pop icon, Martha’s best friend.

This is true because the model and Taylor are both 27, and they are spending much time together.

Taylor and Martha made the epic Mannequin Challenge during the Thanksgiving holiday on the beach. These girls truly know how to have fun.

Martha appears in Taylor’s song Bad Blood, where they are performing a home slice scene.

However, no matter of the name of the song, there is no way these two will ever get in a fight, as they have been best friends for years now.

Martha Hunt tries to keep in touch with her fans through all social media and has Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook account.

Her Instagram account has more than 2.6 million followers, Facebook page counts about 70,000 likes, and her Twitter account has the same number of followers.

She is very active social media-wise and posts pictures and stories often so her fans always know what she is doing and if there is something interesting Martha is doing for the first time.

In 2014, Martha published two very interesting videos about Coachella Music Festival and another major event Vanity Fair (in the United Kingdom), and everybody loved it.

According to measurements, Martha is tall 1.7 m and has 55 kg, which means she has almost a perfect body.

Yet, she is fully aware no beach body can be obtained while eating in McDonald’s.

Martha is on a strict diet and is exercising four to five times a week.

We know it looks like she is shaped to be a model, but it all takes a lot of self-restraint, persistence, and motivation.

However, no matter of her physical appearance, Martha is very sexy, hot, harmonious, and spreads lovely energy, which is a major bonus.

Martha Hunt is a living proof of the well-known sentence we all should love and accept ourselves the way we are. Did you know she was diagnosed with scoliosis?

Hunt even had a surgery, which left her with scars on her back and abdomen. Yet, she spoke about them openly and said they are representing her triumph.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Martha Hunt (Seifert)

Date of Birth: April 27, 1989

Birthplace: Wilson, North Carolina, United States

Age: 30

Profession: Model and Actress

Height: 1.7 m

Weight: 55 kg

Net Worth: $2 million

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