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Rudy Mancuso is a popular actor and producer from America who is known for his great skills as a comedian, musician and an entertainer.

Although he is a very versatile person he’s mostly focused to his work in comedy so he became known through his YouTube comedy videos which brought him a wide attention and approval.

Most of his work are comedy sketches followed by music and they are produced by Shots Studios and his manager from the same studio is John Shahidi.

He has over 4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and the number is growing on a daily basis.

Early years

He was born as Rudy Mancuso on February 27, 1992 in New Jersey in United States and he’s of Italian and Brazilian descent because his father is from Italy and his mother is from Brazil.

As a kid he went to both of his parent’s homelands but he liked Brazil more. He was always very connected to his roots.

He knows how to speak fluent Portuguese language because he lived in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil when he was just a little kid and when he came there with his mum and they lived with her side of the family.

His mother got him enrolled into piano lessons when he was just five years old because she was convinced that he has a great music talent. He was a really fast lerner and never had problems getting into new music related things.

He was a student at Glen Ridge High School in his hometown New Jersey. He wasn’t a bad student but he didn’t show any special interest in science and maths but only in music.

Career development

Before he started his YouTube career he became known throughout Vine. He started posting at Vine after he learned music and video production in his school and got interested in social media.

He often laughs about his first 6 seconds Vine video where he and his friends sing a song from the animated movie called “The Lion King”.

The main characters of his Vine videos were Isaac and Juan. These two Hispanic men were the main show alongside a Spanish Batman and s Spanish Superman. Because of his Italian descent through his father’s side he also invented Tony, an Italian.

He has launched his YouTube channel in 2016 and gathered million of subscribers in the two years his online.

He became so popular that he was invited to act in a TV series called “Drunk History” which was aired on Comedy Central and also in a series called “Outpost” which was aired on HBO.

His first acting role was in a movie “Tough Love” from 2012, followed by “SHFTY: Super Happy Fun Time, YAY!” from 2014.

In 2016 he starred in “Petting Scorpions’”, a 15-minutes short movie produced by Raffi Adlan.

He was one of the stars in “Keys of Christmas” which was aired on YouTube and his co-stars were DJ Khaled and Mariah Carey. Thisis was a musical comedy and it became really popular.

Since he is very creative,  he also created a puppet series called “Awkward Puppets” and he is the main host of the show. The show is released on YouTube.

Mancuso was so famous that he was even an opening act for 2017 Justin Bieber tour titled “Purpose World Tour” and he acted at the concerts which were held in Brazil during his tour.

A very famous fashion duo called “Dolce & Gabbana” hired him as a model at Men’s Fashion Week in Milan in 2017.

He wasn’t a stranger to Mexico too,  because he was invited to present and perform at 2017 MTV Millennial Awards which were held there. He gained popularity since the audience wanted to get to know him.

He was also invited as one of the performers at the biggest Brazilian Music Fest called “Villa Mix” which was held for 2 days in a row.

He released his first song under the name “Black and White” in 2017 and it was produced and written by a Grammy award artist Poo Bear. This is why it became really popular.

His second single came in 2018 under the name “Magic” and it was a collaborative song with Maia Mitchell. This was a good opportunity for him to become more famous since he gained popularity from her fans too.

He still hasn’t released any album or a tape but he often performs at music festivals and other events and he was so good at it that he was called to open for many known singer’s such as Justin Bieber. He made it a long way since he started.

Personal life

He has an older sister called Mariana Mancuso with whom he is very close. We don’t have many informations about her or his parents other then we gathered through his Vine videos from the beginning of his career when he posted videos of family dinners and similar occasions.

As for his love life it is known that he started dating Maia Mitchell in 2015 and the two of them went out together very frequently.

Maia is mostly known as an actress who played the character of Brittany Flune in the TV series “Mortified”, which was an Australian TV series.

The two of them split up in the summer of 2016 but there are always some rumours of reconciliation. The media is always all about this and they tend to look for small info from their lives.

Their relationship seems to last because  the next year because at the beginning of 2017 she commented through her social media account that they were together from the beginning and she wished him a happy birthday through Instagram.

As for his free time it is known that he is a great fan of traveling and he always goes somewhere on holidays. He especially likes going to Brazil, to his mother’s hometown. Rudy was never ashamed of who he was or where he was from and therefore he celebrates his ancestry.

Quick summary

Full name: Rudy Mancuso

Date of birth: February 27, 1992

Birthplace:  New Jersey, United States

Age: 26

Profession: actor, singer, producer

Height: 1, 70 m


Net Worth:

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